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PC Gaming Decline: The Unspoken Enemy

We've seen various news articles, editorials and blog posts throughout the HD generation of consoles citing the demise of PC gaming as a direct consequence of the efforts of Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.

We all know the reasons why this appears to be the case. Consoles offer a longer term, cheaper initial hardware investment and the bulk of the industry now caters towards making games for PS3, 360 and Wii as opposed to the unfairly neglected PC.

I believe however, a relative decline in PC gaming fortunes may also be due to another variable often overlooked in the debate. I'm talking of course, of Apple and Macs.

Yes, Apple has been the computing story of the last decade. While PCs still outsell Macs globally, with each iteration of the iMac and Macbook families, Apple's computer business is gobbling market share away from Windows based PC platforms. Apple is now the world's largest consumer electronics company, and has outstripped Microsoft in market capitalisation.

In fact, I'm typing this blog on a brand spanking new iMac, and long ago abandoned PCs for Macs way back in 2005.

The significance of this is that Apple computers are not traditionally gaming machines, and are in-fact poor gaming machines compared to PCs. I used to be a heavy PC game, but once I gave in to Mac-land, I literally stopped playing PC games, simply because I didn't have a computer capable of playing any of them.

Yes, a full two years before I bought my PS3 (my primary gaming machine), I was using a Mac that could not use games. So I turned in favour of consoles by default. I simply didn't own a computer that ran games, and my decision to get a PS3 had as much if not more to do with owning a Mac than it did with Sony's promises of next generation bliss.

I think of my friends, all at one time PC gamers, now Mac users all and all have PS3's and a few 360s. Macs are becoming, and are tipped to become, the dominant player in the home computer market, which PC gaming relies upon for survival.

So is it that the rise of Apple also has a direct link to, or at least a strong correlation with, the decline in PC gaming? I believe so. As more gamers turn to the gaming wasteland of Apple computing for whatever reason, they are also finding themselves looking for gaming solutions in a different machine, and thus the popularity of consoles.

I'd love to hear people's thoughts?

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LightofDarkness2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

Uhh, PC sales are up year over year. By a lot. There's no demise. It seems like PC gaming is slowly beginning to experience a renaissance.

Sales are mostly increasing the DD sector through private companies like Valve's Steam. These sales cannot be tracked externally and do not go through the normal retail channels, meaning you can't just log on to VGChartz and get an accurate representation.

You probably should've researched this a little before you wrote it.

kramun2628d ago

The death of pc gaming has been exaggerated for over a decade, it's simply not the case. Every year we have articles about pc gaming dying, and yet it's still here alive and kicking.

As for Apple, well, I'm not sure what you are trying to say really. Have a look at the store and see what games are available -

You can look on Steam as well if you want -


Now look at Steam and see what's available on pc -


There's tons of games available on pc, while on Mac there's a very limited selection. I think you're getting way ahead of yourself thinking that Apple are getting any kind of hold on home computer gaming.

thebudgetgamer2628d ago

well pc gaming has been around forever, were gaming on a mac is a relatively new concept that will continue to grow. thanks to steam. also the reason why pcs sell more than macs is apple is one company that competes against how many pc manufacturers?

kramun2628d ago

Eh? A reletively new concept? The Marathon series was made on Mac by Bungie over 16 years ago, it's not like they haven't been able to make games on a Mac. It just isn't a popular choice as a gaming system.

thebudgetgamer2628d ago

you're right, but now it's becoming a viable gaming platform. not buy a mac and luck out with a few games.

Thecraft19892627d ago

Mac are sold extremely high price with low specs. There also very limited in upgrading department.

They will never be mainstream for gaming.

thebudgetgamer2627d ago

i never said it would become mainstream, i just like that people have more options on playing video games.

Newtype2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

Yet Apple is worth more than Intel and Microsoft combined....

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bunfighterii2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

It seems to me many of you didn't understand the thrust of my post. Your point that Macs are not good gaming machines is understood and I totally agree. I'm in no way suggesting Apple are taking hold of home computer gaming- but they are taking hold of PC hardware sales.

My point is that Macs are eating into PC market share, which in turn is affecting PC gaming, because I dare say Macs sell slim to no games. So for every Mac that takes the place of a PC, that's one system where you will almost definitely not sell games to. There are like 5 games on Mac.

Not that every PC sold is a gaming machine either, but its far more likely to be the case that people game on a PC. It all basically means less PCs, less games sold, and less investment in PC gaming.

All this is just a hypothesis as well.

Abriael2627d ago

Apple isn't eating anything. That's a completely baseless claim.

Besides, apple most definitely isn't eating squat between PC *gamers* (which tend to be the ones that buy PC games, you know?).

If you did the nonsensical choice of moving from cost effective, powerful machines to power-lacking overpriced machines that make you pay for the brand, bad for you, but you aren't a statistic. Your tastes aren't a trend.

bunfighterii2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

It's not a baseless claim to say Mac is taking PC market share:

'And it's not just the sales growth of HP and Dell it's besting: the entire U.S. PC market during the third quarter grew just 3.8 percent from a year ago (even though it was forecast at 11 percent), meaning Apple shipments of Macs grew at eight times the rate of everyone else. It's fairly remarkable considering the lingering weakness in the economy and the company's computers having been saddled with the "too expensive" label--whether accurate or not.

Read more:

HydroCopper2628d ago

bunfighter that was the most EPIC FAIL post I have ever read. PC gaming is growing fast, not declining. Your a complete tool, seek professional help immediately.

Pillville2627d ago

For the graphic intensive, "core" games, I'd say it's not Mac-vs-PC that's killing it, it's Laptop-vs-Desktop.

When most people look for a computer these days, they look for a laptop. They just need a productivity/writing/internet machine, and they like to sit at the coffee shop and use it.

Hardly anyone wants a PC tower that has to sit on the same desk in the same room of the house, and that's what you'll need if decide you want to be serious about gaming.

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