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SOCOM 4 thoughts

brockst4r | 1175d ago
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I’ve played through 50% of the SOCOM 4 single player at this point, and for the most part I’ve enjoyed it. The shooting is satisfying, controls are functional, and there have been points at which I was legitimately impressed by a detail or set piece. I like that often the levels allow for multiple approaches to any given situation. I could try one approach, and if it failed, I could try again from a different path, with completely different results.

The weapon system simultaneously encourages the player to try new weapons and rewards the player for using the same weapon often. New weapons are unlocked by picking them up from fallen enemies and finishing the level with them, and the game also issues “experience” for using individual guns, unlocking scopes and barrel attachments to improve stats for that gun.

Giving commands to team members is simple and usually works fine. It’s not terribly complex, but it does provide the ability to issue delayed orders – useful in setting up ambushes – and to give numbered orders that the team will fill in sequence. Squad AI will likely get you and themselves killed more than once, but for the most part they are competent.

I have a few minor complaints, mainly stemming from playing either definitely better (Uncharted 2) or possibly better (Army of Two: The 40th Day) 3rd-person shooters. Whether it’s a roll move, a slide, a roadie run, or whatever method, the ability to enter cover early is a small detail that makes a big difference. I shouldn’t have to crash into the barrier before I can press the cover button. I want to signal my intentions before I get there and transition into cover smoothly. Speaking of cover, a blindfire mechanic, while probably not strictly militarily accurate, would be appreciated in heavy firefights.

Lastly: do those concussion grenades I’m throwing actually do anything? Because I can’t tell.

Digitaldude  +   1175d ago
Doesn't sound too bad, most impressions seem to give off the vibe that its a pretty solid game but lacking the factor to be great.
Probably pick it up when it drops a bit in price personally.
Newtype  +   1175d ago
They need to fix the camera angle, IMO.
brockst4r  +   1175d ago
Or maybe some options to play with, or something. A button to swap shoulders (like in Army of Two: TFD) would be appreciated. too, like wanaraceu said.
wanaraceu  +   1175d ago
I thought it was a great game.The only thing i wish i could do is swap shoulders when shooting, but all in all I realy injoyed it. I cant understand why some sites gave it 3 out of 10. Man there are sooooo many worse games out there that have gotten 8s from the same reviewers.
-MoOkS-  +   1175d ago
Games that are in this condition shouldnt even be allowed to be released. It's a broken mess, online and offline. It's almost like a teenager sitting in him moms basement has designed and put together the coding - thats how bad it is.

Would car companies be allowed to sell brand new cars that are poorly put together and have missing pieces that are needed to make it work like it should? no, they aren't allowed. So why is it ok for $ony to sell this unfinished mess to the public? heck, they are already releasing a patch for crying out loud
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AntiHeroComplex  +   1175d ago
i have my own gripes with the game, but its funny to see someone bash on it who probably never played it.
afterMoth  +   1174d ago
Agreed, it is crystal clear Mooks doesn't have a clue as to what he is talking about. I've played through the campaign and while it isn't the great shooter ever it, it is fun and it isn't broken by any means.
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awiseman  +   1174d ago
its not broken its just lost its identity.
brockst4r  +   1174d ago
Yeah, not sure what the "broken" comment is about; granted I only played half the single-player, but I didn't run into a single glitch or bug. I never was able to take it online, though, so maybe that's where the issues are?
orange-skittle  +   1173d ago
Mooks you're an idiot. This game is far from broken and in fact,'s better looking than a lot of the games out there. The ingame cutscenes are good, the acting is better than expected, and the facial expressions are amazing. Not only in the cutscenes, watch the characters' faces when they die. As enemies fall on the ground still alive, when you walk up on them to finish them off, they wince and close their eyes. That little detail says a lot. When explosions go off, the character animations remind of you of uncharted. I love diving to prone and crawling in the grass for a better vantage point. The game is top notch. Thanx Zipper. I have to agree on one thing, Sony exclusives are by far amazing
orange-skittle  +   1173d ago
Mooks i dont give a rats ass if you disagree with me. This is N4G, dont you know by now that people disagree on here even if you say I LOVE YOU MOM
ExitToExisT  +   1174d ago
i am thinking of getting it just for sp when the price drops to $20 level on ebay :D
JackBNimble  +   1174d ago
"Lastly: do those concussion grenades I’m throwing actually do anything? Because I can’t tell".

Really, you can't tell? Throw one at a vehical and then come back and tell me that you can't tell.

EDIT: concussion grenades are very effective , and my favorite nades, partly because you get 4 of them. They will take the bad guys out with an accurate toss.
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brockst4r  +   1174d ago
Maybe I'm just not using them right. Thanks!
MidnytRain  +   1174d ago
As stated in this video:
Zipper did not include blind firing in SOCOM 4 because it's not something a Navy SEAL would really do. I see the cover system's low maximum proximity for initiation as a good way for getting players to think before they act. While it could be a little more responsive, we wouldn't want to be able to easily dive and slide out of trouble when things start getting a bit sticky. It would discourage tactical play if we knew we could quickly alleviate any mistakes.

As for concussion grenades, they can kill like a standard frag, but disorientate foes when when they land further away. I assume the drawback to using them is a decreased damage radius. Otherwise, concussion grenades would be better than frags in every way.
wanaraceu  +   1174d ago

Thanks man your right that makes sooo much sence. I understand now why there is no shoulder switch and the camera is closer to u. it makes it more tactical and in real life people dont normaly swap shoulders when shooting they think before moving in and go in from there stronger side. I guess i just got used to the uncharted game play. I must admit socom keept me on the edge of my seat and i had to be very carefull.
In uncharted i felt i could always get out of situations

Mooks: What the hell you talking about? How is SP broken? as for online i have not had a chance to play it enough as PSN went down when it came out so you have not givin it a fair go.

Oh thats right you cant tell me you only have 1 bubble so you cant comment. ha ha ha
MidnytRain  +   1173d ago
My first comment was directed at brockst4r, the author.

There may be an update when PSN goes live, or it could be that the camera distance from the player has only been adjusted for multiplayer modes. I remember near the end of the beta period, ZI released an update that pulled the camera back for a wider field of view, but when I started the campaign last week, the camera seemed to return to its original position.

Shoulder switching should be patched in at some point as well. Then, we could aim past objects that are on our right side without overexposure to enemy fire.

I hope I can play online soon. I loved the beta.
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wanaraceu  +   1173d ago
Hey did u read somewhere that they will be patching shoulder switch in?
KillerPwned  +   1174d ago
I just got this game and i am loving it. I would assume this game just matters to the player. But i think it looks really nice and gameplay seems very fresh. I could go back through the story mode multiple times.
TheHardware  +   1173d ago
when alll those issues get ironed out, im in....i was really disappointed in the beta.
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rob6021  +   1170d ago
I thought the game was pretty cool, Co op was great the one night I got to play it. I wish the camera was back where it was in Old Socom games. Also the Music is pretty poor in my opinion, I didn't like hearing that one 'oriental' them playing over and over. Solid game more like an 8-9 than a 6-7 like the games media would have you believe.

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