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My E3 2011 Impressions - Microsoft

Let me just start by saying this is my first Blog post so please excuse me if there are grammar mistakes or other problems and feedback is appreciated :)

Okay guys let's start with Microsoft as they kicked off E3 this year, In my opinon, Microsoft's Conference was disappointing, admittedly I am a bit of a Playstation fanboy but I wanted Microsoft to show something that would make me want go to buy a preowned 360, but this didn't happen at at all...

They started the Conference with Some call of duty: Modern warfare 3 gameplay,The gameplay as always for a COD title looks smooth and the graphics look sharp, but it is still more of the same. I don't understand though why Microsoft keep treating this game as if it's an Xbox exclusive just because they have a one month exclusive DLC deal with them. They also showed some Gears of War 3 gameplay, arguably Gears has the best graphics on the system yet, this does look like it could be the best game on the Xbox 360 this year. I would love to see this on the PS3 at some point but of course it will never happen.

A big part of the conference like last year was Kinect, This time though the games were slightly more core than the games announced last year, these are a few of the games they showed; Fable:The journey which is a sort of rail shooter game where you cast magic at enemies, Ryse, a game made by crytek set in rome, where you use your hands as swords and shields.They also announced Minecraft for Kinect as well, now I'm a PC minecraft player so I don't like this idea, this game WORKS on PC, I think it will be clunky and won't be the same on xbox. Along with these Kinect games there is Disneyland adventures, star wars: Kinect,sesame street: Once a upon a monster, kinect fun labs, dance central 2 and kinect sports season 2.

Fear not though core gamers, there were some normal games, but nothing new, just existing IP's I'm afraid, They showed some Mass effect 3 gameplay, which of course looks great but is also on PS3. Also Ghost recon: future soldier was shown off which I believe is also on PS3 so nothing exclusive yet. Microsoft officially announced the Halo: combat evolved remake which should be good as I loved the original when I had the original Xbox, this was already known to gamers though but this wasn't.The new Halo trilogy starting with Halo 4 next year, so basically microsoft announced 4 Halo games this year, make of that what you will. I think they should of left Halo alone, it was a great trilogy of games but now it has the oppurtinuty to go downhill, especially now Bungie are no longer making the games. Of course with E3, there was Forza, forza 4 to be exact, they showed a trailer that was basically the same as every other racing game trailer out there, music,close up of cars, cars racing and the features in it such as community car clubs,Kinect head tracking and 16 player races online.I'm not a big racing game fan so no impressions here.

That was basically it for the games, all that's left is the new services for Xbox.Live tv,youtube,bing and live UFC paperview. Now these are all good services but I do just feel like Microsoft tried to hide the lack of exclusive games recently behind these services. So all in all, Microsoft showed their usual triple a games, kinect games and new services for the Xbox 360.

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Thecraft19892507d ago

I hated it.

A. starting conference with multiplatform game fail
B.showing decent games with just kinect in away saying every owner should have kinect.
C. saying kinect to many times
D. only 1 true core exclusive announced.

000000000000000000012507d ago

I can do the same with Sony, we sure need another stupid hand held. The only game that looks good was uncharted, but Tomb Raider looks better!
Unlike you I do own the other console and have uncharted pre-ordered!