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Bloodmask Presents: Cry for Me Sony Fanboy

BIoodmask | 2396d ago
User blog

Hello N4G community and welcome to my new blog. It is time once again to delve deep into the irrational thought process and behavioral patterns of the Sony fanboy that can be found lurking throughout N4G. Today you will be whisked away on a journey that will exhibit the hypocrisy that the Sony fanboy collective portrays on a daily basis.

First it is necessary to educate you on the basic N4G posting guidelines. This is a brief overview of the N4G posting guidelines sections that are pertinent to this this feature.

Posting negative news:  Even though negative news about a console can make the fans angry, it is still news and should be posted as any other story.

You can also post "articles" to N4G. Articles posted to N4G should be of interest to the gaming community and be professional and well written. Opinion pieces are also OK as long as they are written by well established websites or people who work in the game industry.

Now that you are familiar with the posting rules and guidelines it is time to move on to how they pertain to may story. I recently posted a story from the Motley Fool entitled "Will Activision Kill Sony." The Motley Fool is a renowned investment website and post articles that are well within the parameters of the above posting guidelines.

But the Sony fanboy hive mind tries to censor news or articles that say anything bad about Sony. It has nothing to do with posting rules. The reports are posted in  a retaliation that suits these Sony fanboy's agenda.

I present to you exhibit A:
Click the info button located underneath my name that is off to the right to take a trip down the Sony fanboy river of tears.

Before I move on I would like to go over some of my personal favorite highlights form the comments section of this article. They are as follows.

GWAVE: "Hahahahah! Didn't even give their site a click. What a funny joke. I can't say I'm surprised that it was Bloodmask who posted this."

Hellsvacancy: "Instead of that how about killin the source of these bullsh|t articles - BLOODMASK."

Mastiffchild: "I know.I honestly doubt he has time to EVER play a game as he's too caught up in a personal quest to find these know-nothing copy and paste "Sony iz teh doooomed!!" articles."

Jinxstar: "Report the story and user. It breaks the guidelines . We don't need anymore of this BS Bloodmask keeps submitting."

Darkride66: "Another Sony is doomed article...submitted by none other than bloodmask."

Solidjun5: "Another bloodmask article."

I present to you exhibit B:

Now, keep in mind that these articles are both posted from reputable websites...The Motley Fool and Industry Gamers yet they both have upwards of almost one hundred reports.

Exhibit C:

Exhibit C only has one report even though it is a forum post that is in fact written and posted by one of N4G's resident Sony fanboys TheDeadMetalhead.

Exhibit D:

Exhibit D is really a funny article. If you click the source link and scroll down to the bottom it is actually written and posted by a resident N4G Sony fanboy Darkride66. This article also only has a few reports posted on it.

Now that the evidence has been posted it is time to analyze the facts that have been presented. It seems that if the contributors of N4G post articles that in no way break the N4G guidelines the Sony fanboy collective will try to stop them from being posted at all costs.

But on the other end of the spectrum if the articles say only positive things about Sony the articles are OK to post no matter what the source material is. Keep in mind that both exhibits C and D were both in fact written by members of N4G themselves.

In conclusion I would like to thank the N4G members GWAVE, Hellsvancy. Mastiffchild, Jinxstar, Darkride66 and Solidjun5 for their kind comments in reference to me. As you can see the Sony fanboys themselves are guilty of breaking the posting rules themselves that they so adamantly claim that others and myself do. When in fact they don't. Their hypocrisy has been well documented here.

Take the Bloodmask challenge N4G community. If you see any type of article that has negative connotations towards Sony in any way shape or form click the info button. You too can experience the joy of swimming down the Sony fanboy river of tears. I would like to thank the members of N4G that have taken the time out of their day to read my blog. And as always happy gaming!

socomnick  +   2396d ago
Sony fanboy tears are truly an exquisite delight, their sweet, yet salty tears are the elixir of life and not only rejuvenate my body, but also my mind and spirit.

For we bots shall feast on their tears when the inevitable happens, when Sony Corp cancels the ps3. It's only a matter of time.
dktxx2  +   2396d ago
thats pathetic.
Anon1974  +   2396d ago
So, how many times is Bloodmask going to post the same "Sony Fanboys" crap?
18? 19 times?
We get it. You hate Sony, it's customers, the Japanese, everything that could possibly be related to hate. We get it.

"Even though negative news about a console can make the fans angry, it is still news and should be posted as any other story."
Yeah, that's why a recent well written piece on MS's recent PR spin, despite being 100% newsworthy and true died under a flood of "reports" from Xbox fanboys who didn't read the article. Happens all the time.

The motley fool article was, to anyone with an understanding of the business, laughable with no basis in reality. If you write water isn't wet, you're entitled to your opinion but it doesn't make it true and people will call you on it.

Compare that to the article submitted by yours truly regarding Metacritic scores. The article is 100% based on fact, factual evidence that can be easily verified by anyone with time and a spreadsheet. And the fact that he labels me a fanboy too...priceless. Anyone can view my posting history to see I play both the PS3 and 360 and regularly comment, criticize and compliment both systems and my gamertag is right there in plain view. recap Bloodmask's position: Factual stories aren't valid unless submitted by himself - and despite plenty of other authors who frequent this site - I'm not allowed to for some reason. Articles based on nothing - their ok because they're opinion!

What a hypocrite.
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DelbertGrady  +   2396d ago
Your story failed because it was a duplicate of this:

It was the same story but with a fanboy twist to make "M$" look bad. Not surprised it was posted by you.
Anon1974  +   2396d ago
@ Soda Popinsky. Didn't read it, did you?
Fanboy twist. There was no fanboy twist. The entire point of the article was examining Microsoft's spin in their obviously misleading response to the Obama quote, while wondering if Sony and Nintendo would respond.
The news post did that, simply posted the quotes. The article I posted examined the quotes and the implied meaning and potential impact. Not even close to the same thing - yet the Xbox mafia reported it like their life depended on it.
On of the original approvers of the article pulled his approval an apologized to me. He was worried that with the Xbox fanboys going ape on it he'd lose his approver status. Says a lot, doesn't it? People are afraid to approve anything that's not pro-Microsoft for fear of reprisals. For a "sony fanboys" website, just look at the articles that get approved. This week's top stories is anti-Sony after anti-Sony spin with not a lick of truth behind any of it. The inmates run the asylum.

But interestingly enough, there was a good article about Metacritic scores on PS3 versus 360 games that Bloodmask himself approved, despite it dispelling one of the 360 fanboy's favorite myths, that all multiplatform games are better on the 360. Perhaps he mistakingly thought that Metacritic would agree and approved the article based on that alone.

And the "not surprised it was posted by you," crack. Dude, have you even looked at my posting history? The articles I post are about as varied as they can possibly be.
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Applegate  +   2395d ago
Its not a secret for anyone, Sony fanboys are by far the most hardcore for several reasons: they are emotionally attached to Sony and they still cant fukcing believe that the 360 is actually stomping the PS3.

They came in this gen believing that it would be the PS2 all over again: the best games and record sales. Result? PS3 is behind the 360 in sales and in software.

Everything that's happening this gen is like a nightmare to them, they cant fukcing believe it.

They are hypocrites, hardcore, close minded and whatever you want. Probably one of the worst communities on the internet.

I'm a 360 fanboy and I'm not saying that we're angels but man you guys take fanboyism to another level.
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The Xbox Empire  +   2395d ago
AppleGate it is so true.
I seriously have NEVER met a more rabid/angry internet community in my entire life. I can't imagine them acting much more obsessive and controlling.

It's like they have these secret battle plans(lol for the "console wars") drawn out behind the scenes that only they know is to distort the true reality of this generation, at all costs, into the favor of PS3. Seeing them acting this way as a hivemind....completely defying logic and just acting bizarre/obsessed......It's honestly become embarrassing for me and has been for a while now. To everyone relegating within real reality....some of them truly sound completely in their own bubble and truly *obsessed* with this imaginary war....that the PS3 is never going to win.

I'm not talking about PS3 fans like Kleptic or Fishy Fingers for example...they are obviously just good, down to earth gamers who prefer Playstation...which is amazing and fine, everyone is different. I'm talking about the wacko's with an agenda that act as if their distortions will effect something in the grand scheme of acting like a clown on N4G. It just makes them look worse and crazy...people outside of their fake fanboy bubble already know the truth.
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PROFIT  +   2330d ago
haha, another anti sony blog fro a self proclaimed "non-xbot"
pretty funny, because all of your posts are pro microsoft and anti sony.

Instead of spending all your time writing these ridiculous articles to soothe your inner child, why not just grow up?

i doubt you can.


"I'm not talking about rrod fans like bleh and meh for example...they are obviously just good, down to earth gamers who prefer microsoft...which is amazing and fine, everyone is different. I'm talking about the wacko's with an agenda that act as if their distortions will effect something in the grand scheme of acting like a clown on N4G. It just makes them look worse and crazy...people outside of their fake fanboy bubble already know the truth."

open your eyes
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ChickeyCantor  +   2396d ago
Guess he got you guys good =D
brandynevils  +   2396d ago
"... Sony fanboy river of tears."

Ha ha ha ha ha ha, you are hilarious. Your blogs are great, dude.
PirateThom  +   2396d ago
Why is this guy always crying about Sony fanboys?

What a baby.
faisdotal  +   2396d ago
Lol thats what's i've been saying.

It's rather sad to make these blogs 'cause the fanboys don't see them, so they're not ashamed. We basically come in and say "HA! Good one BMASK!" then leave.

It's supposed to be just funny, i guess.
Major_Tom  +   2396d ago
Yup, basically the same tune since the beginning. He cries about Sony fanboys and how they hurt his feelings. Then makes blogs about it because he thinks people care :'(.
DelbertGrady  +   2396d ago
If you didn't act as he showed us you do he wouldn't question you. Stop abusing the report section everytime something not extremely positive is posted about Sony and he won't have a reason to write his blog.
Stevie Ray Vaughan   2396d ago | Spam
danthaman15  +   2387d ago
He cries about sony fanboys because they present a REASON to. When a 360 game is delayed, a bunch of sony fans rush to the comments and start giggiling in girlish delight. Articles announcing a new 360 feature (that say NOTHING bad about PS3) get horribly spammed with anti-Xbox idiots. When PS3 owners get a pro-Sony article, they don't metion how good sony is doing, they trash the competitors.

PS3 is a great console, but the fans...god, the fans.
SolidSnake93  +   2243d ago
What's funny is that his last 4 stories have the words "Sony fanboy" in them.
Catdeerduck  +   2396d ago
Good work
From an unbiased gamer!! Bloodmask=dah best contributor in n4g.
WaR_HaWk  +   2396d ago
you forgot to put /sarcasm at the end.
MIKEY1223  +   2396d ago
Nice blog Blood, you make a good point about the hypocrisy of some of the members here on N4G.
WaR_HaWk   2396d ago | Spam
The Xbox Empire  +   2396d ago
Sony fanboys = comedy gold
RockmanII7  +   2396d ago
I want to thank Bloodmask and apologies for the N4G community
People here are jerks. One I hate how people (@4.0 - 4.2) just complain about him. We should be thanking him for what he does. He is the number one user on here. His score is (at least) twice as big as anyone elses score besides Cyrus365. If he weren't here you would get a lot less news. We would lose some Flamebait stories, sure, but by reading the comment section, you guys seem to like to fight (Side Note, If you see the story 'PS3 will not live another 6 months', you don't have to comment or read. YOU are making that story become popular by commenting on it). We would also lose stories like 'GameBrit: Fight Night Round 4 Review', 'MLB 09: The Show Midseason Report', and 'Tech2: Lost Planet 2 Hands-On'. He has posted 69 stories in the past day. Not all of them are going to be perfect.
#9 (Edited 2396d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ChickeyCantor  +   2396d ago
What is this?
A man fighting for the image of N4G?
My god, quick doctor get the tranqualizers!!!!!
RockmanII7  +   2396d ago
Oh fuke not again
*runs to Canada*
Zhuk  +   2396d ago
The average Sony fandroid undoubtedly has the cranial capacity of a small bird and as such they enjoy bright and shiny things. This is what appeals them to the PS3 with its polished finishes, but because of their low intelligence they fail to understand that they have fallen into a trap.

The Sony fandroid is like an abused housewife, Sony has mistreated them for years on end abusing their wallets with high prices and inferior looking and playing titles to the Xbox 360. They got abused with all the lies and cheating throughout the PS2 years and they loved it so much they came back for another course. Sony's PS3 is the epitomy of broken dreams, with Sony promising the world and failing to deliver on it, the fandroids not only lost $599 when they bought a PS3 but they also lost their respect, dignity and their souls. The mental damage that Sony has done to the fandroids is extensive, they are so broken and battered that the only way they can keep going is if they convince themselves that they are happy and that they don't deserve any better.

It is 2009 and Sony still hasn't caught up to where the Xbox 360 was in 2005. The Xbox 360 is such a forward thinking device and it is a testament to the geniuses who run the Xbox division that in 2009 the gap between the Xbox 360 and the inferior PS3 is bigger than ever.

The best looking and playing games are on Xbox 360, the biggest titles, the best library and the console with the most amount of award winning features can Only be found on the Xbox 360. Starting at $199, the Xbox 360 treats its consumers and fans right.
All Time Greatness  +   2396d ago
"The average Sony fandroid undoubtedly has the cranial capacity of a small bird and as such they enjoy bright and shiny things."
All Time Greatness  +   2396d ago
At least its shiny.
TheMART  +   2396d ago
Yes, we all know the Sony Defense Force has invaded N4G some time ago and the fanboys are reporting 360 positive stories & PS3 negative stories. They approve positive PS3 stories & negative 360 stories.

That has been for 1 to 2 years now. They team up, bubble up each other etc etc. Sad sad POS3 fandroids.

Just check it above, its easy:

Darkride666, PirateThom, Major_Tom

See the number of bubbles they have. That isn't because they make balanced, non fanboy intelligent comments. Its because they please the Sony Defense Force and bubble up the PS3 tard commenters.
#11 (Edited 2396d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Gue1  +   2396d ago
And who is bubble you up then Mart? You have been ignored by almost 400 hundred users, you're always trolling like if you were really sick on the head on every PS3 article and considering how many droids are on the site taking your bubbles, how that heck you still have 5?

The xbox Defense Force is giving you bubbles? or it is your followers from Xboxkings? Maybe it is a miracle...
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ------

Now anybody get my point? It is like

PirateThom says
- 1 hour ago
12 -

It's funny how all the 360 fanboys will lap this up, without realising they do exactly the same thing.

----------------------------- -----------------------------
Yep, Mart's comment is an example of what hypocrisy is.
#11.1 (Edited 2396d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
TheMART   2396d ago | Spam
Major_Tom  +   2395d ago
I'm not even a droid you door stump I'm making fun of how pathetic console fanboys are and you being at the top of that list.

Not to mention he keeps making blogs that's just /cry about Sony Fanboys and thinks he's witty because he titles the blog 'Cry for Me Sony Fanboy'. As far the bubbles no you don't have to be a droid you generally have to be a level headed person who's persona is as far away from own as possible.

You and him should just hold hands and post on Gametrailers together you guys whine so much.
#11.3 (Edited 2395d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
Man_of_the_year  +   2395d ago
Ya you're a Droid. And one that talks BIG BS towards the 360. You say to check your history....Already did.

PS3 Droid....CONFIRMED!!!!
Major_Tom  +   2395d ago
Man of the Year
Lol don't be angry because you make yourself seem uneducated when posting.
potenquatro  +   2395d ago
Perfect example
[5 days 21 hours ago
The Cell has one processor.....
Assisted with SPE's. MS was tlking about "general purpose processors". xbox has three, ps3 has one.

I own a 60 gig since launch. If it weren't for the Sony bashing, Sony would've never done anything about anything. Sony fanboys said "we don't need this and we don't need that". It took putting Sony to shame in the media and constant bashing from gamers for Sony to pick up the slack. When the ps3 debuted it needed help and fast. All the blind fantards weren't calling Sony on it. When I started saying things about my ps3 and Sony I went down to two bubbles on this site. To this day you still can't say anything bad about ps3 here. I just stopped talking about ps3 all together.

Alot of ps3 owners were saying the ps3 had no games at first, BECAUSE IT HAD NO GAMES. Their online was nonexisting, and to this day it feels like an after thought. HOME would have been the biggest thing this gen, but it didn't deliver right away either. I mean right now you people claim ps3 has more then one "general purpose processor". If their own community turns a blind eye to their shortcomings kissing their a$$ for no reson, they're gonna get critics from the harsher side of the spectrum.

@DJ. I never said that an SPE couldn't do general purpuse processing. I wouldn't know anyway, I'm not a programmer. But an SPE that does general purpose processing is not a "processor". An SPE is not a processor, that's why it's called "SPE" and not "PROCESSOR". View]

.....It took me a long time to get back to five bubbles, and I lost two bubbles just for stating the above comment.
#11.6 (Edited 2395d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Man_of_the_year  +   2395d ago
Doesn't change that the FACT that your comment history CLEARLY shows your allegiance and Droidism.
Major_Tom  +   2395d ago
Droidism eh? Making up new words as you go along? I'm not a droid. Just a bystander who loves making fun of fanboys such as yourself, because you see in the end it's a machine. You get a hard on over a machine.

To me that's just pathetic.

Thanks for admitting you come off shallow and uneducated in your posts. I'm glad you find it hard to deny even coming from yourself.
#11.8 (Edited 2395d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Man_of_the_year  +   2395d ago
You can say what you like, it doesn't bother me. Unlike you. Droid. And as a typical Droid, you would rather attack people and their opinions rather than have a mature conversation. Typical Droid Trait.

"Just a bystander who loves making fun of fanboys such as yourself" - Funny how you make this quote yet looking at your history of comments, i have yet to read you rebuttal against any of the N4G Sony Fanboys on here. Funny how this site is plagued by them yet you love making fun at fanboys. LOL such a liar...and a DROID.
#11.9 (Edited 2395d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Major_Tom  +   2395d ago
Did you really just mention mature context. I'm pretty sure you haven't gone one paragraph in every post without calling me a droid. Pwned.

Also, no I don't call out Sony Fanboys as much because for the most part they aren't as nuts as Xbox Fanboys in comparison. Either way both parties are as smart as tree stumps.

Without having to mention my last point: fanboys just disagree and then log out onto their other accounts and disagree. It really has no effect.
#11.10 (Edited 2395d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
PirateThom  +   2396d ago
It's funny how all the 360 fanboys will lap this up, without realising they do exactly the same thing.

Have you idiots really deluded yourselves that you're in some way better than the Sony fanboys?
DelusionalSonyDroid  +   2396d ago
LOL PirateThom just let the M$ bots keep deluding themselves, this is a joke at best....
hahaha Dumb M$ bots.

All the best quality games are on PS3. Quality over quanity and thats ONLY on PS3. Fact.

PSN>>>>XBL(REAL TIME Dancing in Playstation Home...only on PS3)Xbox Live is filled with lag to the point of almost being unplayable. Lag doesn't exist on PSN because every PS3 game runs on CELL super tech powered dedicated servers. Lag = Last generation. Dedicated servers = 4D 1080P Cell powered PSN gaming.

PS3 has 300 more games than Firebox 180 available to choose from. ALL Burnbox 1.5 games are already on PC anyways. Alan Wake on my PC with better graphics and more PS3-ish gameplay on PC version. hahha Day one.

You want the better version of multiplatform games, you buy them on PS3 because of Bluray.(Only on PS3)

PS3's mandantory installation process is one of the many features only available on PS3. This can drastically reduce the load times and one of many reasons PS3 always gets the better versions of multiplatform titles. PS3 ftw

Trophies were first and therefore the best. The original. Xbox "accomplishments" are just trophy wanna-be's and a mere shadow of the fun you can be having with trophies on PSN. Soon there will be a FULL 50 GAMES with trophies on PS3. hahahahha poor M$ bots just can't keep up.

Project Natal = Poor man's eyetoy...hahahah M$ just cant keep up. Developers all keep talking about how pumped they are to work with Eyetoy while Natal is virtually ignored. Like always, M$ Robots cant stand the cold hard truth about Xbox 360.

Everyone wants Uncharted, Killzone, Infamous, God of War, MAG and Demon Souls and thats why they sell so well. Sales prove who wants a game and this proves PS3 has all the big games that every wants. Only on PS3 like Quantum Theory and Folklore.

You get the King Sony© Developer support treatment when owning Playstation 3. We get demo's first, more DLC, more updates and developer upgrades while the M$ bots sit and rot by their Filthbox which is a dust collector as best.

While the PS3 has a modern made, cutting edge gaming controller....forged from the bowels of Heaven by the hands of Lord Ken Kutaragi himself.....while poor M$ bots are forced to play with the EXACT SAME CONTROLLER DESIGN from the previous 2 Xbox's.....but just with the little Xbox button in the center now, because they copied Sony who put that button there first for in-game XMB...hahahahha M$ always steals everything because their dumb while Sony innovates everything.

hahahhaah There are so many reasons I didn't even name.

It's time to wake up M$ bots, like Pirate Thommy and I have and

B 3 Y O N D

hahahahah M$ is finished

Soon King Sony© will have the throne again.
#12.1 (Edited 2396d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
DelbertGrady  +   2396d ago
Look who's crying now. ;)
PirateThom  +   2396d ago
I'm not crying at all, just completely dumbfounded. But hey, when I write an essay about it, then I guess "crying" would be relevent. I just find it funny that someone lets reported articles upset them so much, they have to blog about it. Is this not amusing to anyone but me?
Gue1  +   2396d ago
I think that because of replays like this one is why PirateThom has so many bubbles...

And about the sarcastic comment of DelusionalSonyDroid, it is a little bit too ironic because more than half of his mock it's actually true. =)

-Quality over quantity = True
-Lag doesn't exist on PSN = True
-ALL Burnbox 1.5 games are already on PC anyways = True
-PS3's mandantory installs is one of the many features only available on PS3. This can drastically reduce the load times = True
-M$ always steals everything because their dumb = True
They copied:
A) Sony's Singstar
B) Sony's dual analog controller scheme
C) Sony's internal rumble feature
D) Nintendo's Mii
E) Sony's DVD based console
F) Online play from Dreamcast
G) Sony's vertical console stand

I mean, what more?

-the little Xbox button in the center because they copied Sony who put that button there first for in-game XMB = True

Actually that button have been there since the PSX but it didn't have that much purpose...

Look at it closely:

-You want the better version of multiplatform games, you buy them on PS3 because of Bluray = True

Who has the playable Joker on the new Batman Game? Which system has games that are on more than 3 discs? Man having three discs is really annoying. You scratch one or lose one then you're ******. just look how annoyed are the developers of "Rage" just because of the crappy DVD9 on the X360.

Yep, Xbox fanatics really have a brilliant mind! /this is sarcasm, just letting know to the retards.

If Bloodmask were so against the Sony fanboys as he really says, he won't be posting crap like this. He just wants to annoy us to make us leave hate based comments to then use us as the living prove of his statements about us. You really are one sad little person Bloodmask... A fanboy whining about fanboys. Look at the comments of your fellow X360 fans on your own blog and then read your blog again. Don't you find anything strange? =/

But don't mind my opinion. I do like a lot this flame wars. =)
#12.4 (Edited 2396d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(16) | Report | Reply
The Master Chief  +   2396d ago
I think I sharted a little, that was soo funny.

"Xbox Live is filled with lag to the point of almost being unplayable. Lag doesn't exist on PSN because every PS3 game runs on CELL super tech powered dedicated servers. Lag = Last generation. Dedicated servers = 4D 1080P Cell powered PSN gaming."

"Trophies were first and therefore the best. The original. Xbox "accomplishments" are just trophy wanna-be's and a mere shadow of the fun you can be having with trophies on PSN. Soon there will be a FULL 50 GAMES with trophies on PS3."

hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahh ahahahahahahahahahhhahahahaaha h

And then a moronic droid goes and types some dumb BS right after "SonyDroid" completely proving his point making it that much more funny. ROFL

Bubbles SonyDroid. You have made me laugh a couple times now, but this time... I dunno if its my mood or what but I was almost crying laughing, its so ironic and hilarious....

....also probably that much more funny because you owned Pirate Thom(aka 4-star General of the delusional Droids)of all people, in the process. lmao Good times
#12.5 (Edited 2396d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
DelbertGrady  +   2396d ago
That kind of delusion usually rewards you with more bubbles here on N4G. I'm sure you will be at PirateThom's level in no time if you can keep it on that level a bit longer.
TheMART   2396d ago | Spam
silvacrest  +   2395d ago
does anyone else see the hypocrisy here?
i dont keep up with Bmasks blogs but according to some posters here he has done this type of article around 19 times? really, who is crying?

and atleast be honest and say "xbox fanboys are just as bad" the comments on this blog alone prove that
Major_Tom  +   2395d ago
Lol like it matters Piratethom, BIoodmask is just propagating his own hypocrisy with this childish blog. Let himself look like a fool and his other slow unwitting followers (e.g. Soda, theMart, etc.)
#12.9 (Edited 2395d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
Coolrah  +   2396d ago
There may be some fanboy comments in here but its not like 360 fanboys are any better. Seriously this is like saying Japanese people are better than Chinese people....No one is better than the other get over yourself and go on with your life. And seriously reported post? Both sides do it. Its as if you 360 fans see yourself as the way to salvation and that sony fans are the way to ruin. No sides is better than the other so why can't we all just play our respective systems...
Catdeerduck  +   2396d ago
I wasn't being sarcastic d=]
TheColbertinator  +   2395d ago
Congratulations bloodmask on another excellent blog.I look forward to the next one :D

As for the N4G guidelines,I think they are absolutely broken and should be restructured to have a stronger filter.When I realized that the news was suffocated by flamebait articles and Hiphopgarbage,I decided to submit some real news to change the news/garbage ratio.Or at least I try to.
Major_Tom  +   2395d ago
Funny. You don't seem to realize his hypocrisy.
Homicide  +   2395d ago
Reported as spam :P

Brilliant blog BIoodmask. I love it when many PS3 fans say 'this site gone to hell' when a negative PS3 article or news gets approved. They never say the same thing when it's about the 360.
Halo3 MLG Pro  +   2394d ago
Great Blog. It's true that the rabid sony fanboys are king on this site. They're crying and complaining makes for some fun reading.
Cyrus365  +   2394d ago
I doubt I'll get a response, but i think it works both ways Blood mask:

Take a look at that, this is legit website, no more than any others, the article was approved, but take alook at the reports...Sure it's a playstation site writing about 360, but it's not like i haven't seen a 360 site writing about Sony (and bashing it) it before (And i'm sure that was met with 100 reports too).

I think it swings both ways, every system has their fanboys.
Halo3 MLG Pro  +   2393d ago
That article you posted just proves Bloodmask's point. A ps3 website complaining about the games on the 360??? How does that work? Yes I'm sure 360 fanboys can be just as bad but at least in this site, the ps3 fanboys outnumbers the 360 fanboy 20:1
JonnyBigBoss  +   2391d ago
You're pitiful man. How can you think that fans of Sony products are different than fans of Microsoft products? Both are stupid, and you fail to realize that you're an Xbox 360 fanboy, and spend upward of 10 hours a day on this site. Come on now.
JackBNimble  +   2390d ago
Hypocrisy on N4G....never!
This site is full of hypocrisy but if you think that it's only on the PS3 side then you really need to open your eye's.

The 360 fanboys are just as bad or worse on this site.I agree that the fanboys are running rampant on both sides but I find it very odd that you point the finger at the ps3ers.You should really be pointing your finger at yourself!!

Way to many of the articals that I see on this site should never have been approved in the first place.So much of what I see is not news or even rumors for that matter, it's nothing but console waring and flamebait.Negative news is one thing ,but half the time I'm reading someones opinion about one console or another.A blog that trashes the ps3 or the 360 shouldn't be on this site.

Your blog is nothing but FLAMEBAIT and is full of HYPOCRISY in it self,so why don't you start with yourself and cut the sht?
#20 (Edited 2390d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
mastiffchild  +   2389d ago
The fact that you buy into all this , I guess, shouldn't shock anyone who visits N4G on a regular basis as it's clear how often you contribute and what your feelings are.

However, to paint people as deluded fanboys yet only admit to N4G housing one kind is kind of telling, isn't it? It's easily possible to see the same list of people approving the everyday "PS3 is doomed" articles as it is those reporting them.

If you weren't so one eyed and biased over this yourself and admitted the part that all fanboys play in this self perpetating circle then you might have sounded reasonable Bloodmask-but as it is you not only provide much of the fuel for and fan the flames of this "war" but also squarely align yourself, with no hint of irony, to one of the sides!

And anyway-why does any of this bother you so much? IF someone is DELUDED over their platform of choice why would you waste time writing blogs to beat them over the head? You often find deluded people open to changes of heart?
ZuperAmazingCooKie  +   2385d ago
Xbox fanboys and their group fellatio
I just summed up this whole thread

All fanboys are equally bad, you have to be a fanboy to think otherwise
Mo0eY  +   2375d ago
Lulzies at Botmask. This guy has to post a 5,000 word blog to rant about Sony fanboys. I mean, honestly, was it worth your time? Do you have no other calling other than to sit here post 100 stories a day and then write a blog about PS3 droids?

#23 (Edited 2375d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
d0nT wOrrY  +   2272d ago
get a life

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