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Bloodmask Presents: Instant Sony Fanboy Relief

BIoodmask | 1909d ago
User blog

Hello N4G community and welcome to my new blog. Throughout my various features I have introduced you to the typical mindset and behavior of the Sony fanboy that can be found lurking throughout the N4G threads. Today I would like to introduce you to a product I have stumbled across that seems to very effective at deterring Sony fanboy activity.

The name of this product is none other than Droid-Be-Gone. It is a a bottled spray that contains secret ingredients some of which I have deciphered personally. Some of the key ingredients seem to be extracts of brain cells, growth hormone, and ritalin. Note that these ingredients that I have uncovered seem to promote mental growth and stability as well as concentration and rational thought. These chemicals seem to be almost toxic to Sony fanboys. Perhaps it is because the Sony fanboy genetic makeup is severely lacking in these substances.

Now that I have presented you with some of the active ingredients it is time to move on to Droid-Be-Gone's method of use.

1) Make sure that the fanboy you are trying to purge is of a Sony nature
2) Shake canister vigorously before using
3) When applying the product aim for the head(the area of least activity)
4) Apply Droid-Be-Gone in an even stream for appproxiamtely 20 seconds
5) Allow 5-10 seconds for Droid-Be-Gone to start taking effect
6) Always keep Droid-Be-Gone stored at room temperature

Now that you have been made aware of the method of use it is time to move on to instances that you should consider using Droid-Be-Gone.

1) You leave sensible comments in threads and bubbles seem to disappear
2) You have amassed a large number of tracks on N4G and  bubbles decrease
3) You find yourself surrounded by Sony fanboys in threads
4) You are in threads and none of the comments seem to make any sense
5) You can also spray yourself with Droid-Be-Gone to be used as a repellent

I would like to remind anyone who is reading this blog that the terms for using this product are just basic guidelines. Droid-Be-Gone can obviously be used in various other scenarios. Just be weary my friend and make sure not to run out. You never know what bumps in the road you may come across while browsing the N4G threads. Don't get caught with your guard down and lack the proper protection when it is readily available.

I would like to take a moment to thank all the people who took the time out of their day to read my blog and as always happy gaming!

Shnazzyone  +   1909d ago
I want it!!!
what a fantastic product.. does it work for wii based news stories as well? Still sony is incredible and awesome.... like the best syetm ever and stuff... INCREDIBLE BLOG MAD PHAT ILLLLL!
BrotherNick  +   1909d ago
Yeah, we need it for wii forums so Tempist doesn't keep sharting out of his mouth.
darkride66  +   1907d ago
So now he's not even trying.
Wow. So now Bloodmask's blogs are just going to be point and insult?


How does the schoolyard manage without you when you're blogging?
PROFIT  +   1750d ago
im more interested in a rrod repeller
i can just ignore the dumasses on this site.

the rrod cant be IGNORED
Catdeerduck  +   1909d ago
I want it
its a fantastic item. Nice blog bloodmask! Keep up the good work!
silverchode  +   1909d ago
is there a microsoft and nintendo version in the works?
II Necroplasm II  +   1909d ago
for N4G ... no

there is no need for a spray to fight Nintendo and MSFT fanboys‎.
Gue1  +   1908d ago
Well I seriously need one for the multiple personalities of PP, Patchstation, panasonic23, killzone2flop, FPSJunkie, POG, squall2099, Jenzo, TheMART at Xboxkings, jack who, sonyps3sucks, labwarrior... Oh man, Labwarrior's so pathetic that when White Knight Chronicles came out in japan "eseg" was doing a broadcast of it in justintv and that guy, Labwarrior kept bashing the PS3 like all day like if MS was paying him to do it or something.

These are just the ones that I have on my ignore list and if you read their comments they are as bad as the ones of any sony fanboy.

The problem is that you're a fanboy "II Necroplasm II" and only pull the robe to your side.
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ThatCanadianGuy  +   1909d ago
Wow, at first i thought Bloodmask was just joking around with these blogs.

But i see now that he has some deep, deluded sense of hate for an electronic box.A truly sad life you must live Bloodmask.

I honestly feel bad for you.
II Necroplasm II  +   1909d ago
Oh but if he was a pro Sony Xbox basher he would be a internet GOD!

Wouldn't he?
SpoonyRedMage  +   1909d ago
Well I don't know if Bloodmask hates the actual PS3 but he certainly hates it's fanboys.
II Necroplasm II  +   1909d ago
Hates the fanboys. Last few blogs has been only about calling the sony fanboys out.

I own a PS3 and have been a PS fan since the PSX/PS2 days. but i hate how the fanbase is but I think Nintendo and Xbox fans know why they are the way they are...
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littletad  +   1909d ago
Thanks Canadianguy
You provided a perfect example to use the repellent now.
Snake Raiser  +   1908d ago
I think bloodmask is a fanboy. Why is he so obsessed with bashing sony fanboys each week? Could you please blog about something else? At least bash ALL fanboys. Prove that you are the gamer we hope you are. This is getting boring. You can write a good blog, now write about a good topic.
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Snake Raiser  +   1908d ago
Do the two people who disagree with me think that only SONY fanboys need bashing? Or do they think BM is not a fanboy? If you read my comment then you will see that I hope BM is not a fanboy, I just want him to crusade against all fanboys, not just one type.
FlameBaitGod  +   1908d ago
Yeh bloodmask needs a real life
Mwaan  +   1909d ago
If you'll notice Canadianguy
Bloodmask isn't really attacking the PS3 or the Sony fans. He's trying to make a certain group of people realize how pathetic they're acting. This should be a site for gamers. Not just for the ones who sleep with a PS3 cradled under their arm every night.
II Necroplasm II  +   1909d ago
Comment of the month right there.
dktxx2  +   1909d ago
Ya cause we all know only Sony Fanboys are annoying. Everything bad that happens on N4g is all purely Sony fanboys fault.

Have you guys looked around this site?
n4gno  +   1908d ago
But when you are a well known xbot, worst than any sony fanboyz on n4G, you can't use have to treat you first.
Spike47  +   1909d ago
What a bunch of hypocrites.
You bash PS3 fanboys for being pathetic, yet you have the time to write these long but useless and immature blogs, and you have a Crank of 122.
For his supporters, you are as pathetic as the big bad PS3 fanboys you speak of.

Seriously, I find xbox360 fanboys extremely annoying, their tendency to focus on sales now because the PS3 finally has quality games. Should I write a blog about how you guys are hypocrites?
torreyjs  +   1908d ago
i was wondering when youd troll this, reported
Breakfast  +   1908d ago
Halo Wars outsold Killzone 2 :)
Please-do make that blog of yours. Us hypocrites need to be put in our places.
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Spike47  +   1909d ago
All of a sudden have we forgotten how in 2006 and 2007 the xbox360 fans were everywhere?
Or have you guys flipped the script like you always do in your favor?
II Necroplasm II  +   1908d ago
you really don't get it do you?
Breakfast  +   1908d ago
I cant believe that the 5 xbox guys on this site, made that much of an impression on you...
...i guess we're doin our jobs.

TheColbertinator  +   1908d ago
lol breakfast
n to the b  +   1908d ago
uh, I was here in 07 if not 06. I seem to remember the same kind of hater comments from several members of the sonyfan majority that I still see now.
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II Necroplasm II  +   1908d ago
^^ like?... Metal Gear Solid judgement day. mUwahahahaha!!!
TheColbertinator  +   1908d ago
I tried Droid-be-gone on Nasim and it doesn't work.He is more like the unstoppable demon of N4G.There is no 360 fan that is the equivalent of Nasim.
Gue1  +   1908d ago
Well man, you're commenting on his blog right now... Isn't Bloodmask like the biggest fanboy in this site? Because I don't see Nasim around making stupid blogs like this one... But yeah, whatever you say Colbot.

BTW I been banned like 2 times for using the word Bot and now I come and read a freaking blog calling people Droids? Double standards much?

I think I will go look for old comments of Bloodmask to start taking his bubbles. lol
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FlameBaitGod  +   1908d ago
W!! maniac some moderators are a joke here on n4g, i have been banned fro suppose trolling for saying 360 had no games which i was jk if you had read the post b4. Some mods in here are 360 fan boys
Spike47  +   1908d ago
IS Nasim the PS3 fanboy that raped you when you were little or is he the one that lives under your bed?
Breakfast, Halo Wars outsold Killzone 2. And? How does that change that most xbox360 fans calling ps3 fans pathetic are indeed hypocrites.

Do you guys want to keep acting like you are a superior group or faction? As if an xbox360 fan is smarter than a PS3 fan?
iceice123  +   1908d ago
Give up, you suck.
d0nT wOrrY  +   1908d ago
completely agree,

bloodmask has no life to right this wall of text just to bash PS3 fans. go f*ck yourself and don't try to be funny.

don't think your special with all that points you're NERD ok? keep that in your little mind. NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERD

no go back to ur mommy.
Spike47  +   1908d ago
You are right, I give up
I could never be as pathetic as you people.
II Necroplasm II  +   1908d ago
JackBauerIsHIGH  +   1908d ago
They always seem to come out of the woods for these blogs...

creamydingle  +   1908d ago
Bloodmask i love your blog posts they are hilarious do you do stand up anywere? If you do let us no you really are funny.
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Gun_Senshi  +   1908d ago
Hypocript at his finest.

You should use an Instant MS Fanboy Relief for yourself.
You'll also need Instant Douchebag relief, Hypocript relief, annoying arsehole relief and finally and msot important, Get a Life Relief.
Shnazzyone  +   1908d ago
hyposcript relief... like he couldnt have used prevous posts to learn how to spell it right. I blame the schools.
Major_Tom  +   1908d ago
This is pretty lame :/.
xlx-russ_92  +   1908d ago
this guy has no life, hes always whining about ps3 fanboys, but hes a fanboy himself lol.
kornbeaner  +   1908d ago
A blog written about fanboys by a fanboy.

Let me give you some points Bloodmask.

1.Fanboys exist in all forms. Droids, bots and whatever the hell you call nintendo fanboys.

2. The Droids only exist because the bots were deeming the end of Sony since before 11.17.07 (date sound fimilar?) and even to this day they keep on with BS about how Sony is always failing, but again this does go both ways.

3. You have no life and need N4G to make yourself feel important.
You seem to be no better then HipHopGamer. While i have no prejudice towards any of you personally given to the fact that I don't personally know either of you. Both of you seem to think that N4G somehow reflects the real world. So a word of advice, stop being a loser, go out and have a life and always remember that the score and role you have here in N4G don't mean s*it. It won't help you get a better job or into college or even score you a girl you gotta do that yourself without N4G, I know scary thought but give it a try you'll soon find out how great life can be without N4G.
FPShooter  +   1908d ago
WOW! bubbles. That truth has got to hurt.
TheColbertinator  +   1908d ago

Nintendo fanboys are usually called Ninten-drones.
d0nT wOrrY  +   1908d ago
couldn't agree more. bubble for speaking the truth and blood got owned lol hahaha
bjornbear  +   1872d ago

I think the 3 people that disagreed with you got quite affected by your comment...i think you ruined their life =( - u r evil xD

Oh and someone's disagreeing (and probably - bubbling) everyone on this reply chain...could it be blood? =O...*TUM TUM TUUUUMMM*
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Says you  +   1907d ago
I win was right this guy is fixated on PS3 fans
Then anything else You're a Loser! you talk about PS3 fans and yet don't talk about the delusional XBox 360 fans and there stupid comments that I've seen from them! do you see any PS3 fans fixated on the XBox 360 fans No! or talk about them all the time when they make a blog! No! this is about the 3rd time you talked about PS3 fans just get over yourself you dimwit maybe I should just paste the delusional statements that the XBox 360 fans have been saying for the past 4 years.
andron666  +   1907d ago
But everyone knows the only way to get ride of trolls is not to feed them. Ignore them and let them stew in their own little world...
Rice  +   1906d ago
Socomer 1979  +   1905d ago
I like to fight xbots with PS3 exclusives .
that works well.
Socomer 1979  +   1905d ago
oh boy.
N4G is a small community. a very small community. you think anybody but us read our bullcrap? nope, were the only ones that understand eachother. if anyone did ever read our crap they would feel stupider after each sentence.

N4G could be cooler if the kids didnt have poor parents.
Captain Tuttle  +   1902d ago
Another good one
bjornbear  +   1872d ago
He who bashes a fanboy himself...
Watch out, a repellant coming for you soon =D
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Nihilism  +   1803d ago
a good read and an informative review, i heard you get a discount through, check it out!

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