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Bloodmask Presents: What Say You Sony Fanboy?

BIoodmask | 2499d ago
User blog

Hello N4G community and welcome to my new blog. Throughout my previous features I have exposed you to the typical mindset and behavioral patterns of the typical Sony fanboy that can be found roaming freely throughout the N4G community. Now it is time to test the cumulative knowledge that you have gained from the various analysis and information I was generous enough to share. In this feature you will be presented with a series of various scenarios and it will be up to you determine how a Sony fanboy would respond based on the data given.

The correct answers will be given at a later date. By all means feel free to discuss your opinions as to what the correct answers are and also why.

1) A review has just been posted for Killzone 2 on N4G from Edge and they have offered a rating of 7/10.

A) That seems like a low score but everyone is entitled to their own opinion
B) I really enjoyed the game and feel that it deserves much higher
C) Edge is run by Xbots and should be banned from N4G
D) Bloodmask lives in his Mom's basement

2) An article from Eurogamer has just posted on N4G offering a cross-platform PS3 vs Xbox 360 comparative analysis. It showcases that the 360 version of most of the games have a slight edge.

A) I'll just purchase the version that I have more friends available on my friend's list
B) They didn't turn on RGB full
C) Eurogamer is biased and not a reliable source
D) Report as SPAM

3) Valve has just announced a new game that will be made available on both the Xbox 360 and PC. They will not be offering a PS3 version.

A) Wow, this game looks fairly interesting
B) Valve is PoS, lazy developer who has no talent
C) Killzone 2
D) I will get the superior version on PC

4) IGN has just posted a preview for Halo: ODST praising it. They said that it is going to be  one of the best first person shooters that is going to be available in 2009.

A) Killzone 2
B) Killzone 2
C) Killzone 2
D) Killzone 2

5) The NPD from chart track has been posted on N4G placing the Xbox 360 sales higher than those of the PS3.

A) American isn’t the world
B) Just wait until the PS3 price drop
C) RROD...people buy more consoles because of that
D) Killzone 2

6) An article has been posted on N4G by Bloodmask on N4G from the reputable IGN website. It is a top ten list as to why the PS3 is in third place for worldwide console sales.

A) I can understand some of the points that IGN is trying to reference
B) IGN has just lost all of its credibility
C) Bloodmask has no life
D) All Bloodmask posts is ant-PS3 news…he should be banned from N4G

7) Square-Enix has stated in an interview that they are using 100% of the PS3s capabilities for Final Fantasy XIII.

A) It is nice to know that Square-Enix is really trying to make a quality game
B) You can’t use all the power of the has potential
C) This is impossible because the PS3 is futureproof
D) I call BS because FF XIII had to be dumbed down because of the 360 version

8) Volition has stated that they are really pushing the power of the Xbox 360 to the max in their upcoming shooter Red Faction: Guerrilla.

A) Lol at DVD-9
B) The Xbox 360 was maxed out with Gears of War 1
C) Killzone 2
D) Hahahahahahahahhahahahahaah!!!!

9) Many developers have issued press releases that in their opinion the PS3 needs a price cut.
A) Well if Sony dropped the price they would no doubt sell more consoles
B) Stop saying the PS3 is too expensive. You get what you pay for…quality > quantity
C) Killzone 2
D) These developers have been paid off by Microsoft

10) An engineer from IBM who has worked on both the Xbox 360s processor and the Cell inside the PS3 has issued a statement stating that although the two processors work completely differently that they will issue basically the same end results for game development.

A) That is interesting I never knew that before
C) Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid 4. Killzone 2
D) Click negative feedback on all the responses that agree with the article

11) A programmer from Infinity Ward has issued a press release that the PS3 will be the lead platform for Modern Warfare 2 and that the PS3 version of the game will have slightly better visuals and performance than its PC counterpart.

A) I believe it if they can maximize the power of the Cell
B) No console game can compete with the PC when it comes to visuals
C) After seeing Killzone 2 I wouldn’t doubt it
D) PS3 FTW!!!!!

12) A producer from Square-Enix for the Last Remnant has stated that he really enjoyed working on the Xbox 360 platform and that it is much easier than the PS3. He has stated that he hopes that the next game he works on will be for the Xbox 360.

A) Square-Enix has no skill…they should take notes from Insomniac
B) Well everybody is entitled to their opinion/preference
C) SE games have all been garbage this generation because of the 360s limitations
D) Killzone 2

In conclusion I hope that everyone enjoys reading this blog. It has been crafted with precision and care. I hope that the information I have offered can be of great value to the N4G community and as always happy gaming!

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Ldubbz  +   2499d ago
That was good reading my friend.
Anon1974  +   2496d ago
Ugh - Here we go again...
I can't help but notice the correct answers are the ones missing. Perhaps I can help.

1) (F) Based on the Edge review itself, what they say in the review isn't backed up by the score they gave, especially when you consider scores given to recent games in this genre. That's odd.

2) (F) Although some titles look better on the 360, some look better on the PS3. In the end, even a quick glance at metacritic reviews will probably indicate both versions to be damn near identical, and you'll find that with the majority of professional reviews because that's what developers are striving for. If you have a choice of which system to play on, how about the one with reliable hardware that doesn't charge you extra to play a game you just spent $60 on?

3) (F) No surprise here. Gabe Newell and crew all made their millions with Microsoft and it's not the first time they halfassed support for a competitors product (see Nvidia). However, they do make good games. Hopefully EA will port it, otherwise get it on the PC. Again, reliable hardware, don't have to pay extra to play.

4) (F) Fantastic! Halo is a good series. Bungie does good work. Let's just hope this expansion pack has some length and depth to it and isn't just a rehash of Halo 3.

5) (F) Not surprising. The 360 is a good system and a great deal at $200. It's not uncommon for the more expensive, more full featured devices to sell slower than the cheaper devices. No different from how Low-end TV's sell more than Hi-end TV's.

6) (F) While Bloodmask does need to get a life, what are the reasons stated in the IGN article? Perhaps they make some good points. This one is really a combination of A & C.

7) (F) Wait? Who said this? The producer? How on earth would he know? It would be cool, but I'd believe this comment more if it actually came from someone a little more involved on the tech side of things.

8) (F) Interesting comment. Games really haven't made much of a leap on the 360 since Gears came out back in 2006. I hope they deliver as I really don't have anything to play on my 360. Oh, it's coming out on the PS3? Well, I'll play it on the reliable console that doesn't charge me extra to play a game I just bought. Nevermind then.

9) (F) Well, no kidding. Of course they want the PS3 to sell more. Most of them are making almost the exact same revenue on the PS3 than on the 360 despite the 360 having almost 30% more units out there. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to know who'll be paying most of the bills in the future.

10) (F) If that's true, how come we're seeing such a quality gap develop between exclusives on each system. There must be more to the story because the real world evidence certainly doesn't seem to support that statement.

11) (F) Not surprising. Analysts said right from the start that once the PS3 grew in install base and developers started leading with the PS3 the 360 would start to show the limitations due to the lack of a standard harddrive and DVD, among other factors. Now it's happening. Either way, I'm sure both versions will do very well.

12) (F) Is this the same producer that said he wanted to go on and make erotic games now? Anyway, it's no secret the 360 is easier to develop for. Anyway, sorry your game wasn't very well received and hasn't been selling. You'll do better next time, I'm sure.

In conclusion, all his answers were incorrect. The correct answer for each of those is actually "F", which is interesting because it's also the grade I'd give Bloodmask on this pointless blog. Again trying to fan the console wars and paint all Sony fans with the same brush, rather than concede that some of them just might have a point every now and then. We are all gamers, aren't we? You should try actually debating the issues with a Sony fan sometime instead of continuing to support this ridiculous divide between some gamers.
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Homicide  +   2499d ago
LOL...Brilliant Blog!
1) C.

2) C.

3) B.

4) A.

5) B.

6) D. (tricky answer choices)

7) D.

8) A.

9) B.

10) C.

11) D.

12) C.
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Sonyslave3  +   2499d ago
lol Bloodmask your blog rocks lol

7 a

Blood i want to know my grade lol.
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faisdotal  +   2499d ago
Is there a mental test version of this?
N4PS3G  +   2499d ago
fuking funny! hahahahaha
DarthTigra  +   2499d ago
1 C)
II Necroplasm II  +   2499d ago
I'm almost about done just having trouble with #4.
DelbertGrady  +   2499d ago
My answer to all of them is: Killzone 2.
II Necroplasm II  +   2499d ago
Ladies and gerbilmen I believe we have a winner! Mr.Popinsky sounds most correct.
heyheyhey  +   2499d ago

although i have a sneaking suspicion that the answer to all them IS in fact Killzone 2
II Necroplasm II  +   2499d ago
Now since you have most likely choose the correct answers... does it show you that this bitter fanbase is very lame and simple minded?
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II Necroplasm II  +   2498d ago
jkhan and DeathroW22 and few others that comment are very awesome people you should lean more towards them.
heyheyhey  +   2498d ago
yeah i do when im in the gamer zone and the forums... but as with most people (even your butt buddy Soda Popinsky, and... YOU!!!) i go all troll when im banned to the open zone

also.. i really don't need you telling me how to act or behave while i'm on the internet (or more insultingly, telling me who to BE more like, i am myself thank you very much and i don't plan on changing that just because you like those guys more than me).. or telling me to go outdoors (ironically you made that comment while i was out clubbing).. or telling me to go play my games, just get off my nuts period!

and i'm fully aware of some of the retarded things SOME of the PS3 fanbase say (and please don't put me in same category as Nasim or Nelson M), i don't need you informing me of anything... seriously have you appointed yourself my N4G nanny or something?

i gave those answer in a light-hearted way, and not in any was as an acknowledgment of the things i personally say... so it's kinda funny that you'd jump at this "opportunity" to "educate" me or something
#9.3 (Edited 2498d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
II Necroplasm II  +   2498d ago
Me and Soda went to school together we party alot we get high and play games, listen to music and stuff.

and piss on droids
#9.4 (Edited 2498d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
heyheyhey  +   2498d ago
wow!!! you listen to music!?! play games too!??!?! get high!?!?!?!

OMG that's amazing... and you do all this stuff with the legendary Soda?????

mind-blowing stuff
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Johnny Cullen  +   2499d ago
Nice one, Bloodmask!

Brillant humor, my friend! :D
Cajun Chicken  +   2498d ago
1. B (Especially technologically)
2. B
3. A+D (Bear in mind the online is free on PC and modding is widely accepted, still. Valve should make games for PS3 due to being against consoles in the past and making games for XBOX and 360 makes them nothing but hypocrites)
4. All answers and the fact, I like Halo SP campaigns anyway, isn't ODST an expansion pack for H3 and uses the same engine anyway?
5. A+B
6. A
7. D (Naughty Dog will do this first, as usual)
8. B (Because it hasn't made any real leaps with any games since then)
9. A+B
10. B (Must of been SOME reason the hardware was rushed to production)
11. B (Lets be realistic here, however, PS3 is cheaper than upgrading hardware every three months)
12. A, except replace 'Insomniac' with 'Naughty Dog'

Entertaining blog! Thanks for going easier on this one. Keep up the day job! (Posting interesting news)
OmarJA  +   2498d ago
I guess you really lives in your Mom's basement after all...
Snoozer282  +   2498d ago
Awesome, how I lol'd.
Mwaan  +   2498d ago
4.ODST is not a game it's DLC
Eiffel  +   2498d ago
ODST is a retail product check again.
Jinxstar  +   2498d ago
I am one of the biggest PS3 fanboys on here and I'll answer honestly but not by multiple choice unless thats the right answer

1) The game pushed more then any other console game. It's not perfect but far from broken. I feel the individual reviewer is biased. Not Edge


B) They didn't turn on RGB full. Unless tehy post the exact Tv's and all the info regarding how the system was set it's up for debate period. I do believe most of the 360 games may have a slight edge but it's nothing you'll ever be able to see without a microscope and the PS3 exclusives make up for it.

3) The Source engine, along with the quake engine, give me a crushing headache but if I were to get it I would on PC because my PC can handle it and it would be cheaper(PC games are 50 and 360 are 60 on average)

4) don't really care. Not a halo fan for many many reasons...i wont comment on this post unless someone says "Looks better then K2" or something blatantly dumb

C) RROD...people buy more consoles because of that. I have seen many people on this site alone say that. Also I want to see the Shipped vs sold numbers. They count shipped as sold which is wrong imo.

6) top 10 lists aren't news. Reported as spam

D) I call BS because FF XIII had to be dumbed down because of the 360 version. Basically I feel the 360 is not as powerful as the PS3 and unless FF13 stomps K2, Uncharted and GOW3 in the Graphics and numbers dept then I do call BS... Just like Red Faction said in Qore...

B) The Xbox 360 was maxed out with Gears of War 1

B) Stop saying the PS3 is too expensive. You get what you pay for…quality > quantity. Also in the end the PS3 is cheaper.

10) Prove it or I call BS. I can say I walk on mars every night and come back to earth every morning. Doesn't make it true. Would you believe me?

11) That was a BS article I even reported. Being a fan boy doesn't make me blind. IW wouldn't announce that.

12) I would agree with c but not due to limitations... They have just disappointed a lot... I stick with Atlus or other Dev's anymore... Hopefully 13 or versus makes a good show. They will sell no matter what but will they be good?

By the way Blood I enjoyed this article. Good job. bubs.
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TenSteps  +   2498d ago
1. B
2. A
3. D
4. None I'm part of the minority who preferred the Resistance series over the Halo or Killzone 2 therefore my answer would be Resistance 2
5. A this goes vice-versa between the 360 and Japan
6. A
7. D
8. D
9. B - Hey I'm an avid movie watcher so blu ray seals the deal for me
12.The last one here is pretty obvious, the Last Remnant dev says 360 is easier to develop for, the Last Remnant's main problems were it's technical quality, if the PS3 is harder to develop for then wouldn't problems present on the easier console be more than twice in the other console. I say f___ Hiroshi Takai and since SE has yet to prove me right or wrong with quality on my PS3 than to me they are in between like and dislike.
HighDefinition  +   2498d ago
You must have lots of time on your hands............
I guess this is what 360 lunatics do when there is nothing to play.

iceice123  +   2498d ago
How Sony fanboys do nothing but troll N4G because they have nothing to play.

socomnick  +   2498d ago
no they have mediocre games to play like kz 2, but they choose not to thats why it just barely sold 500k :)
Whoooop  +   2498d ago
haha spot on!!!

They really have nothing interesting to play... They are just beta-testing our games.

Dragunov  +   2498d ago
Choose randomly one of these for each answer

-Bloodmask lives in his mom's basement
-Killzone 2
-Master Chief=Power ranger
xlx-russ_92  +   2498d ago
this guy has no life, hes always whining about ps3 fanboys, but hes a fanboy himself lol.
lol at master thieve=power ranger.
xlx-russ_92  +   2498d ago
Bloodmask you are a perfect example of bot, who has no games to play, and that has no life at all!!! get a girlfriend dude.
smokeymicpot  +   2498d ago
None of the Above
None of the Above

Did I pass?
iceice123  +   2498d ago
Have a bubble.
TheColbertinator  +   2498d ago
Good quiz.I look forward to your next one XD
I Win  +   2498d ago
This guy is just plain sad he's more obsessive
With PS3 fans and jealous that Sony is kicking the crap out of Microsoft and nothing is going his way! and the fact that there are more repeat buyers that are inflating Microsoft's userbase and no exclusives and no studios and the fact Microsoft lied about the 1 million lead in Europe considering Sony showed they were at 8.5 million while Microsoft kept repeating the same thing saying there ahead by 1 million in Europe cause at that time they never did show the numbers only kept repeating the same thing and when they finally showed there numbers for Europe it was only 8 million that means at that time they were only at 7.9 million and Sony was at 8.5 million Sony is probably at 9 million now

and not to mention that Microsoft has made there ex-employees give back some of the money back because they were being to generous!

and HDMI is not needed 720p is the sweet spot Ninja Gaiden II Halo 3 Star Ocean IV cant even do that.
BrotherNick  +   2498d ago
U Lose, thanks for giving him more ammo, kthxbye.
paracardium  +   2498d ago
1.B & D
nice quiz what's my score? How come no tests for the betabox360?
acertainkid102  +   2498d ago
Killzone 2 xD
Breakfast  +   2498d ago
Halo 3

JuJuRMJ  +   2498d ago
Look at the legion of fellow x-box fans praise this delusional person bloodmask, the biggest fanboy here. Now a typical x-bot finds everything wrong with a *Sony* fanboy and what he praises but doesn't seem to understand that the same applies to himself and the dim wits like him. It's okay Sony is already Leading with GAMES now, so go ahead, keep at it just like before when the PS3 released. It's okay to be loyal to a console with it's lack of games and is technically inferior, continue worrying about Sony's games and it's fanbase while all you idiots will secretly own a PS3 and talk down to it because it isn't *cool* yet with you're teenage crew, lol. While Sony fans enjoy top quality games multiple times a year while the Cool X-box kids wait for the next iteration of halo...Then everyone go purchase it because that's the only game out and it sells 5 million because that just shows how limited in genre tastes the fanbase of 360 owners are, just fps players and mediocre at that. Play with the numbers 360 go-ers!!! Damn Sony, Damn damn Sony !!!!!
Szarky  +   2498d ago
Someone needs a girlfriend. Or to get laid.
Captain Tuttle  +   2497d ago
Looking at your reflection in the monitor?
Szarky  +   2497d ago
Really? That's your comeback! Wow. Good one. What are we, 14 years old? All I'm saying is people who get laid or have girlfriends don't have time to spend so much time on the internet.
dachiefsman  +   2493d ago
"What are we, 14 years old?" says the guy telling someone else to get laid.
Lookbehind  +   2498d ago
Tampax.:] 10- 4 out.
#27 (Edited 2498d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Lookbehind  +   2498d ago
btw Paracardium.
You never got a comment from the rest of the "Collective".
Captain Tuttle  +   2497d ago
Funny stuff Bloodmask...
Good blog...made me laugh.

PeeJee at Xboxkings  +   2496d ago
gheghe... Nice one, Bloodmask!
Spike47  +   2496d ago
Icewake and socomnick, I'm sorry that you lack "common sense". You can come across as somewhat of an idiot without it.
First of all, K2 is at a 92 on metacritic, check the reviews of Star Ocean 4 and Halo Wars, thats mediocre.

Second, its ironic that you are saying PS3 fanboys are trolling because they have nothing to play, because last time I checked you spend the energy and time to try and flame the PS3 and its fanbase.

Third, you worse than "teh big bad scary PS3 fanboys". STFU
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