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Bloodmask's In-Depth Guide to Identifying A Sony Fanboy

Hello N4G community and welcome to my fourth blog. Today's journey will be an in-depth tour in gaining a fundamental understanding of the mindset of a Sony fanboy and you will also learn to become more adept to identifying one who may be trying to remain camouflaged from your sight. So without further ado let's move on to the fundamentals.

1) Game Description:
They will not refer to video games simply as games. The games will either fall under the categories of exclusive or multi-platform. Games exclusive to the PS3 platform are always weighted as being of far more value.

2) Price Analysis:
Often times articles are posted on N4G about current sales trends. They are usually from NPD or Chart Track. If the PS3 is not first in sales it is because the PS3 has a price disadvantage because it is more expensive than the consoles that Microsoft and Nintendo offer. But if an the article is posted about the PS3 pricing itself, these very same people will claim the PS3 is actually the cheapest out of the three consoles available because of available features. Usually the Sony fanboy will bring up features out of box such as Wii-fi, Bluray...etc. This is a tricky one so be aware.

3) Comparative Analysis:
Websites such as GameTrailers, Eurogamer, or Lens of Truth sometimes do in-depth analysis of cross platform games. If the PS3 version of the game is found to have a lower framerate or lower texture detail etc, the equipment used to do the video capture has been corrupted. The people that analyze these games everyday for a living are not the experts...the fanboys are.

4)Media Bias:
If games exclusive to the PS3 platform do not receive AAA ratings from any given website it is obvious that they are biased against Sony or the PS3. Games that are excusive to the PS3 platform all deserve a rating of nine or higher. The fact that these game outlets have been reviewing games for years is irrelevant. They all of a sudden have no credibility.

5: Developer Laziness:
If a game turns out subpar in any way, shape or form on the PS3 it is soley due to developer laziness. A good example of this is Valve. Since Valve sometimes opts to make games eclusive to the 360 or PC platforms it is because they are lazy. And also since they outsourced there development material for the PS3 version of the Orange Box to EA. Never mind the fact that Valve is a very small development team with limited funds that has no experience with PS3 development. On the other end of the spectrum, developers who make PS3 exclusive games such as Insomniac, Sucker Punch...etc are never lazy. They are the cream of the crop of the development community.

6: Every PS3 Gamer is a Hardcore PC Gamer:
Many 360 games are released on both the 360 and PC. PS3 fanboys always stress the point that they will be buying the PC version of the game in every PC/Xbox 360 thread. It is ovious that every person on N4G that owns a PS3 and no Xbox 360 also owns a very high end PC rig. A game that is released on both the 360 and PC is not a console exclusive. Keep in mind that the PC is a console also. This will be posted in five to ten of their comments on most Xbox 360/PC threads. Whether the game is actually good or not is secondary. The only thing that matters is whether the game is a "true" exclusive or not.

7: DVD-9:
If the PS3 version of a game underperforms in any way shape or form than a rival console version of the game it is never the PS3's fault. It is because the game had to be dumbed down because of the limitations of the Xbox 360. Usually this point is stressed or blamed on the limitations of DVD-9. DVD-9 is usually the scapegoat for various other problems also. Usually you will see at least one comment in any thread no matter what the topic is about the problems with DVD-9.

8: The PS3 Exclusives List:
The PS3 eclusives list is the holy grail of any Sony fanboy. It can put an end to any debate and is considered the ultimate of rebuttals. You have to realize there is no countering the sacred list.

9: PS3 is more Powerful than a PC:
The PS3 is more powerful than a high end gaming PC because of the Cell processor. Never mind the fact that the PC may have a high end processor and a quad-SLI GPU setup. Any PC technology is inferior to the hardware found in the PS3.

10) A Game is a Flop Until it Comes to the PS3:
Recently the game Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 was announced for the PS3. Some of the reviews for the original Xbox 360 version were less than stellar. This game was consodered a flop until it was recently announced for the PS3. The same could be said for Bioshock.

11) Red Ring of Death:
If a Sony fanboy is cornered with no valid rebuttal there is always red ring of death. Red ring of death is very similar to the PS3 exclusives list. It is the be-all end-all of all arguments. Once you have been on the receiving end of a RRoD statement your argument is considered case closed.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog as much as I enjoyed writing it. Hopefully this was a great educational feature for the N4G gaming community. And as always happy gaming!

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SpoonyRedMage3313d ago

The list is correct but you're cornering PS3 fanboys here, may be you should do a PC gamer, 360 and Wii blog as well.

n to the b3313d ago

now that would be something, to see bloodmask do the same for 360 fans.

no matter, at least he's capable of coming up with a clever blog in the 1st place. most PS3 fans just try to make a point with... well, see 1-11 above.

Snake Raiser3313d ago

No one is cornered. All fanboys do all (or almost all) of these things. only they do it supporting their console.

ChickeyCantor3313d ago

And that is one list of all fanboys on this website.
Good points and true in manyways!

I lold, do more.

smokeymicpot3313d ago

Very nice blog sir. Let see how they defend this. Most likely by doing personal attacks on you.

Anon19743311d ago

Not a PS3 fanboy here, but most of these are a bit of a stretch.
Take his RROD argument. Yes, Sony fans do often bring up RROD, as do 360 fans. The reason? Being unable to play your console is a pretty big deal, wouldn't you think? When people ask me if I like my PS3 or 360 better, it doesn't require much thought. "Well, I've had 4 360 consoles, so I'm going to have to go with the unit that has reliable hardware." What should the answer be?

Point 3 is interesting because the vast majority of professional reviewers will comment on differences between the PS3 and 360 versions of games and almost always come to the conclusion that the version are identical or the differences are too minor to even note. Even a cursory glance at various reviews on Metacritic back this up.

On price, you don't have to be a mental giant to get that the more full featured PS3 at twice the price doesn't sell as much as the cheaper consoles. Hi-End tv's don't sell as many units as low-end TV's too. Why would you even question this?

As for games being dumbed down because of the lowest common denominator factor, I don't think we've really seen this happen yet but certainly we've heard developers voice their concerns over restrictions they've had to make due to the 360's hardware. Just google it and you can find evidence of this. Lazy developers and bad ports? If a game's bad on the 360, chances are it's worse on the PS3. That's just a rule of thumb. If they couldn't be bothered to make it right on one console, why would they do it on the port. Sad, but it happens.

Really, this whole blog is just Bloodmask living in some sort of fantasy world. For his PS3 vs PC quote, I see researching networking PS3's together so there's obviously something there, although I wouldn't make the PS3 vs PC argument because they obviously aren't the same thing. The "It's a flop until it's ported to the PS3." What? No one's saying that. Are you on glue?

Seriously, what's this guy's problem with people liking the PS3? It's a game system. People like it. Why the obsession with trying to take away from that?

socomnick3313d ago

Yea you should do a xbox 360 fanboy one too. Describe how we are intellectually superior, physically powerful, and have dashing good looks.

ChickeyCantor3313d ago

Then why do you hide behind a mask/helmet?

Spike473313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

yes that would be nice.

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The story is too old to be commented.