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Bloodmask Exclusive Analysis: N4G Bubble System

BIoodmask | 2508d ago
User blog

Hello N4G and welcome to my third blog. Today's journey is a trip through the basic fundamentals of the bubble system on N4G. It will list how according to the guidelines it is supposed to function and how it does on the site. Thus, bringing this feature full circle for a good comparative analysis.

So the first order of the day is to make everyone aware of what the guidelines actually state about posting comments on the main site threads. So without further ado.

All new members are given 5 speech bubble containers that will be visible on all posts. A member with 5 speech bubble containers is allowed to post a maximum of 5 comments per news article. As comments are made the speech bubbles will turn yellow, representing how many comments a member has made per news post. Members who post comments of low quality or ignore the forum rules will risk having their comment limit reduced, while members who receive positive feedback from other members and makes useful and interesting comments will be granted more speech bubble containers.

Things that will raise your comment limit:
- Provide relevant and useful info related to the news posts
- Give constructive and intelligent feedback/criticism/comments to the news post
- Debate with other members in a mature and tasteful manner
- A good sense of humor

Things that will lower your comment limit:
- Offensive language, name calling and personal attacks on other members
- Pointless comments like the classic "I am first" post
- Extreme Fanboyism
- Bad sense of humor
- Immature language
- Immature screen names
- Extensive use of forum language like LOL and ROTFL and similar.
- Making up "funny" names for consoles like PayStation 3 and CrapBox 360
- Posting lies and made up facts
- Posting with all CAPS or using more than one exclamation mark per sentence
- Using Avatars with nudity
- Having more than one active user account

Members who follow these guidelines and contribute to the site in a positive way will most likely get their comment limit raised, while members who ignore them risk getting their number of speech bubble container reduced. However any upgrade or downgrade is not permanent. Members who break away from their bad posting habits may regain the lost speech bubble containers, and vice versa.

The amount of speech bubbles you get is decided by the number of positive and negative votes you get from other members.

Now that the rules have been set in place it is time to move on to my exclusive comparative analysis. I have selected three candidates for comparison. Here are the basics of them.

Exhibit A: Tudors

I have read his comment history and there seems to be no trace of fanboyism in his comments yet he has only three bubbles.

Exhibit B: Green

I have read his comment history and it doesn't seem to be of a fanboy nature either and he has four bubbles.

Now what you have to keep in mind is that both exhibits A and B seem to be Xbox 360 gamers in general.

Exhibit C: N4GRROD360

Obviously with a screen name such as N4GRROD360 one can only assume that this member would make on topic quality comments that adhere to the guidelines and offer positive input to the given topics hence the obvious reason for the seven bubbles.

This concludes my comparative analysis and I look to the community to explain to me how the bubble system works. I seem to be a bit confused by the mandate issued by the guidelines and how things work. Perhaps I am just a novice when it comes to such things. Any feedback or input you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

As always, thanks for reading my blog and happy gaming.

smokeymicpot  +   2508d ago
Another good blog. Every time I make a comment that says something negative about the ps3 i get disagrees. But if i post something bad about the 360 people say lol. That is not good for a bias system. This needs to change and give everyone a equal chance not give dumbass people 10 bubbles like most ps3 fanboys.
panasonic23  +   2508d ago
man you speak the truth i hate seeing ps3fanboys with 10 bubbles and all they do is post bs and have like 20 agrees like wtf but if you say something bad about sony they would take all your bubbles.
Anon1974  +   2508d ago
I think the problem is a bit overstated.
Sure there seem to be more PS3 faithful about N4G, but I don't think it's a problem.
I have to admit - Tudor's comments seem to be fairly well thought out and non-fanboyish. I can't say what happened in the past but he does seem to be a bit of a devil's advocate. That could explain the bubble drop. I haven't seen any posting history for Green.
N4GRROD360 looks to be a SPAM account and I have no doubt that he's using multiple accounts to up his bubbles. There have recently been a rash of "clone" accounts where the user has been making user names similar to existing users then taking either both a strong pro-Sony or a strong pro-Microsoft slant. It's probably the same guy but the mods recently seem to be cracking down on this.
The bubble system seems to work very well from what I've seen. I feel N4G's forums are quite a bit more balanced than what I've seen from sites like Gamespot over the last couple of years.

Edit: Just look at the two above me for evidence of the bubble system working. One loves to comment bashing the most popular games, the other makes gay jokes regarding fans of other systems. I think the bubble system works to a large extent but it's not perfect.
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DarthTigra  +   2508d ago
Lol like you said as long as something is not pro ps3 you'll get bombarded with disagrees. I and others said we were getting Bioshock 2 on 360 and we got 20 something disagrees. While other people said they were getting it on ps3 and they got 30 plus agrees
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Snake Raiser  +   2508d ago
WAIT A MINUTE!!! Bloodmask, why do you have 7 bubbles then?

I don't have 10 bubbles, only 8. But perhaps that is because I try (maybe not successfully) to be a PS3 fan before a PS3 fanboy.
I agree with BM that the bubble system is somewhat screwed up here. But in the end that is democracy, normally it will give you the best there is, but you will definitely not always agree with it.
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Gue1  +   2508d ago
The bubble system seems to work very well from what I've seen. I feel N4G's forums are quite a bit more balanced than what I've seen from sites lik...
That statement it's completely ridiculous!

If you care to explain...?

-The bubble system of this site it's broken! Multiple account, biased people, constant rants and fighting is what makes this system so irrelevant in a site like this.

-The forums of gamespot are like one of the best in the entire internet because it's heavily moderated...

*Why I am here then? Cuz of the madness! ;-)
Seriously, this site is pure crazyness. LoL
There aren't any other sites that are as wild as N4G.
GreatTeacherOnizuka  +   2507d ago
why the hell do you have 2 bubbles?

You should have been exhibit D
RememberThe357  +   2507d ago
"The bubble system of this site it's broken!"
Coming from the guy with three bubbles. lol.

I don't really have a problem with the bubble system. It's not as good as it could be but neither am I, so I can relate to it.
TheDude2dot0  +   2503d ago
That's funny because BIoodmask has 7 bubbles, but he never contributes anything but fanboyish comments.
Major_Tom  +   2508d ago
Panasonic actually should have way lower bubbles, but that's fine. In due time.
II Necroplasm II  +   2508d ago
I really don't see why you have 8 maybe being biased as you are
that's a guess.
silverchode  +   2508d ago
how do you have 6?
Major_Tom  +   2507d ago
How am I biased? Necroplasm, I wouldn't be talking about bias when you don't have a clean track record either, staying impartial is hard but having a clear conscious is better.

Looking at your track record 3 deleted posts by mods in a row doesn't strike me some one who bites their tongue.
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OneShotThrill  +   2508d ago
I agree with Darkride
i have been reading posts on this website for some time now but just recently decided to start contributing.A good amount of these guys that have very few bubbles dont really have anything worth truly reading. Its just mostly blind immature bashing of other gaming platforms.
Jinxstar   2508d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(7)
Gun_Senshi  +   2508d ago
Bubble system is broken. YOU are the proof. You should have 1 bubble.
cactuschef  +   2507d ago
Lol, didn't blood make an entire blog post cause you called him fartmask? That still makes me laugh. Sounds like hes taking things a little to seriously here on a GAME site.
TheColbertinator  +   2508d ago
There are very few people who should have 1 bubble on n4g.

That racist fella Lukkke Skywalker and that other racist kid,Lawman108.

Other than that,everyone is entitled to speak as much as they want
Breakfast  +   2508d ago
Racist people??
Is that what the open zone has become?

Gun_Senshi  +   2508d ago
You are another example that should have 1 bubble. Multiple account user. Its impossible for a normal person that spams crap out of his mouth like you to have so much bubbles
Mwaan  +   2508d ago
Breakfast has 1 bubble!
N4G has gone to far!
n to the b  +   2508d ago
actually I have another hypothesis regarding Stephen Colbert's bubbles count. 1st, he prob gets bubbles because, like the real Stephen Colbert, he's funny! but 2nd and more importantly, he cuts on 360 as much or more as he does sony.

sorry, bloodmask is right. in fact he hit the nail right on the head. some of u claim the 360 fans are getting their own foul treatment back; but I've been visiting n4g for a few years now and it has always seemed like the sony majority have been unfairly disagreeing and de-bubbling the 360 minority.
TheColbertinator  +   2508d ago
What? I ask all true gamers to give bubbles to breakfast at once!
JackBauerIsHIGH  +   2508d ago
Jinxstar, seriously...

I'm not even going to say anything else.
ezcex  +   2508d ago
ima take your bubble for watching 24.
socomnick  +   2507d ago
You spin me right round , like a record player , right round.
Gun_Senshi  +   2508d ago
Do you remember?
Once theMART said that he, BIoodmask, POG and his gang keep giving bubbles to each other over and over.

Now one of the people that abuses bubble system is complaining its broken?

ultimolu  +   2508d ago
Or slam the disagree buttons and track people just to do that because they don't have the guts to stand up to your comments.

360 fanboys who are complaining about this do the exact same thing to PS3 fanboys.
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TheBand1t  +   2508d ago
I always enjoy reading these blogs, but moreso the comments.
duhduhduh  +   2508d ago
Bloodmask is the worst ****ing type of gamer out there. Bloodmask is the exact type of gamer that is ruining this generation of consoles. Instead of just enjoying the games, here he is blogging about how unfair people who comment on the 360 have less bubbles. Seriously?

Bloodmask, do us all a favor, go outside, stop worrying about how many bubbles you have and whether your monthly income of $500, for having an RSS feed of all gaming stories attached to the back of your head, is going to come in or not.

You are a complete and utter douchebag.
Gue1  +   2508d ago
I am ashamed for giving props to this blog of one of the biggest fanboy on N4G but the true is the true, although it could be just half of it because I am a PS3 fanboy and still have only 3 bubbles... Could it be the nickname?

And I see there are a few jealous people around but that's the price of fame. lol

Who cares if he play games or not? Let the guy have his bias! lol
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ChickeyCantor  +   2508d ago
Well played sir Bmask.
Even though its not shocking, in the end its true.

I have noticed how the guys with lots of bubbles, in many cases, talk with pure fanboyism. But what can you expect...Its N4G afterall, many websites claim this place is full of bias. Bubble system is nonsensical, like in your seems people are acting trough bias rather from a rational point of view.
Its not handled with justice at all...

This place is great for news and such but the high tier fanboys are horrible.
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jaseo  +   2508d ago
another blog with veiled anti-sony sentiments
this does not help at all.

when i have time, i will write a blog on why fanboyism exists in the first place. it's up there with fascism and racism (blind prejudice resulting from fear and ignorance)

the problem i have is bloodmask portraying himself as the martyr of the xbox supremacist movement.

as i have said, this is the internet. a free world of thoughts and ideas and prejudices and bias. no forum is immune from inane comments.

no comment system works 100%. i can only think of a zero tolerance approach to any fanboyism. this would greatly improve the integrity of n4g which has an especially large amount of insecure comments. but no one likes heavy moderation. really, the open zone is where all the hate and insecurity and ignorance should go. (as it can still be fun to read if you don't take it seriously)

ps. i am at least happy this wasn't what i thought initially. ie. bloodmask's analysis of ps3 and xbox 360 exclusives :)
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Montrealien  +   2508d ago
Truth be told, if you chose a side in this so called retarded fanboy console war, you should not have bubbles at all on this site, but hey, it seems you have a right to your opinion, and I'm cool with that, but if you are extreme expect me to be in your face. However the idea of a site called news for Gamers would be for gamers to praises what they like, critic what they dont, discuss, an move to the next story, however sadly it has been invaded by the fantards so we must either ignore it, chose a side, or confront.

If you,

A-think a person who likes something you don't as being wrong in anyway shape or form.

B- Think that there should be only one console that leads the way and rules them all.

C-Actually think that outside, in the real world, people actually care about the console war.

you should not have any bubbles and stick to the open zone imho, especially if you cant accept that some people might like something you dont and you cant respect that.

I understand what you are saying Bloodmask, but it works both ways on this nut house we have chosen to come to on a daily basis. An I gotta say, your 3 examples are just plain horrible. They are clearly all one sided trolls, albight sometime polite, that are always rdy to piss or down talk a story of the console they do not appreciate and know how some people that come here will react. And Nasim? really? He invented bubble boosting here on N4G for crying out loud. You could of chosen some users with 10 bubbles and analized there comments and you would of noticed they are not instagators like your sorry examples.

I would think that someone with so much experience on this site would actually have understood this place a little more by now. Or are you so stuck on google finding stories that you lost focus of the community in the comments section here?
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silverchode  +   2508d ago
i think bIoomask needs this
butterfinger  +   2508d ago
Another good blog, Bloodmask...
I honestly believe that a major part of the problem with N4G as a whole is that people are taking themselves way too seriously on this site. As an example, I have received several PMs this week alone calling me names and insisting that I had no idea what I was talking about, when I wasn't even attacking a single individual. The Sony fanboys on this site are the absolute worst, and nobody will be able to convince me otherwise. I remember how bad the site was in 07, because I would browse the comments and see POG, TheMart, and 2 or 3 others constantly spreading FUD about the PS3 and making fun of other members that liked the PS3. Now, the tables have turned, but it is way more one-sided. Just about every single person on the site is a fanboy now, and most of those people are PS3 fanboys. Fanboys very rarely are able to calm down and listen to another's point of view, and they tend to personally attack one another. It's a miracle if you can have a decent debate or conversation in the Gamer Zone nowadays without being called some sort of name or being made fun of. The Gamer Zone is far from a haven for actual gamers. That's why I have begun focusing more on the forums.
jaseo  +   2508d ago
- Posting lies and made up facts
it brings a whole new meaning to the term 'fan fiction' :)
silverchode  +   2508d ago
the only way for this site to improve is having the rules being enforced more, there are to many comments in the gamerzone that shouldnt be there that create problems.
Pennywise  +   2507d ago
The whole gamer zone/openzone crap is stupid. There should be ONE zone with one set of rules.
Homicide  +   2507d ago
BIoodmask speaks the truth. The bubble system is flawed. I remember when Light Yagami had 8 bubbles when he was pro-sony, now he's back to 5 when he's pro-MS.
TheColbertinator  +   2507d ago
Yeah I noticed that too.Light Yagami just wanted some HD RPGs and he lost his bubbles for that
Magna Farta  +   2507d ago
This is a joke right?
This is the same bloodmask whose forum banner is an alligator eating a ps3.

Cry cry some more, that all your little friends don't have bubbles, and yes I'm being serious. To have a contributor score such as yours, you have to be on N4G at least 18 hours a day posting stories. Nice way to spend your life, maybe as you get older, you'll realize that "having the most contributor points on a gaming website" isn't gonna sound like a great accomplishment.

Your occupation states a medical/surgical assistant. Not a bad job if I could believe you actually had one, considering that being a surgical assistant requires more hours on the job than would allow you to be such a rampant contributor.
Speed-Racer  +   2507d ago
Another great post BM. Would like if you could do an analysis on the degrees least how you think it works. Cheers
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2507d ago
I've tried all three sides of this. The only time it worked was the month before Halo 3 came out. I changed my name to HaloIsTheBest. People loved me!

After that, nothing.

The only possible way to get bubbles on this site is to either add them yourself...or somehow find a way to please everybody. I've yet to find the solution.
Tony P  +   2507d ago
Personally, if a person has an unpopular viewpoint, that's what disagrees are for, not debubbling. If someone thinks Halo is the best FPS ever, I have to disagree. Strongly and often. But I won't shut them up because of that preference.

But if a user's only function is to knowingly misinform, troll, or otherwise intentionally disrupt or derail a good discussion I'm tempted to hit the big red obelus.
GreatTeacherOnizuka  +   2507d ago
It is really sad..
when you see the truth right in front of the N4G...
and yet...
People still and try and chip away at the messenger...

Thank you bloodmask for this great Blog.
Exhibit A & B are great users and provide insightful thoughts.
Exhibit C seems like a child.
Gun_Senshi  +   2507d ago
look you made a new account w/o spaces. got out of bubbles for trolling?
GreatTeacherOnizuka  +   2506d ago
you are a sad child.
please find my other user account..w/o spaces.
it seems you are becoming desperate because you've been exposed as an immature person who can't take it like a man.

Are you Nasim? because you have the same mentality as him

Edit: I'm sorry but I do not care for bubbles. Maybe you find it as a way of proving you have insightful thoughts, But really your comments are of a 5 year old. Making fun of peoples names with a poor sense of humor should be have 3 bubbles at most "fartmask". Anyways if you have checkout my previous posts, I do not troll nor do I act in a manner that is unexpectable.
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Says you  +   2507d ago
PlayStation fans have been gaming longer than you
XBox 360 fans and what I mean by that is ever since the PlayStation days and you guys act like you own the gaming industry or like your the defendant or the plaintiff which ever acts innocent but then again your both, acting like good cop bad cop you XBox 360 fans think your the innocent gamers but how can that be considering PS3 fans had to deal with the media and Microsoft and the propaganda that they were talking about the PS3 and not to mention the "Doom and gloom!" articles about the PS3 and there never is one for the XBox 360?!

considering you always bring up you're sales but of course the PS3 fans counterattack it by doing the same thing talking about sales the only reason they talk about sales sometimes is because you guys bring it up! not to mention since PS3 exclusives are better then XBox 360 exclusives you guys go to the multiplatform which one is better

and of course you XBox 360 fans would take out you're magnifying glass just to see the little difference in the game on PS3 or XBox 360 when it comes to multiplatform you guys brag and oh I don't hear you guys say the PS3 "doesn't have no games!" that card you guys always pull, or PSN sucks considering its getting better the PS3 has more pluses then minuses unlike the XBox 360 with RROD and the increasing Er74 and pedophiles and all the lies that Microsoft has said 1080p is not needed considering 1 exclusive and one former exclusive and 1 time exclusive like Halo 3 Ninja Gaiden II and Star Ocean IV 640p 540p 496p and no HDMI and they cant even make 3 of them 720p and I thought that 720p is the sweet spot like Microsoft said?!

and they said there leading in Europe by one million considering Sony showed there at 8.5 million at that time and Microsoft said they were ahead by one million that means they were actually at 7 million when Sony showed they were at 8.5 million at that time Microsoft was at 7 million about to reach 8 million but in the articles that they have been saying there ahead in Europe by Sony by one 1 million but didn't show the numbers they were just repeating the same crap but when they finally release the numbers that they are at only 8 million the claims that they had over Sony was a lie!.
#25 (Edited 2507d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
WengYong  +   2506d ago
You purposely used a spam account for the ps3 side. Lol. There was a time when 360 fans were posting all there clips on youtube and on gaming sites about how the 360 is better, doing comparisons of early games and all this garbage. And now that ps3 fanboys are fighting back because it is improving you have a cry about it ?? Come on dude. I havent been playing my 360 much, but I dont rubbish it. Whether you own a PS3 or not is up to you. But seriously, 360 fanboys started this stupid fanboy war. So reap what you sow.

And if you don't like all this crap going on at n4g then go post somewhere else dude. Seriously.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2506d ago
Did nobody even read my comment?

Fanboys are matter what side they are on.

While the PS3 fanboys have a lot more to be happy about this year and last, the 360 fanboys had more to be happy about in 2007.

What's so hard to understand about morons saying their system is better because they like taking sides? It's just human nature, people. We love battles!
Spike47  +   2506d ago
"WE LOVE BATTLES" I'm gonna go over there and kick your @ss and see how much you love battles then
LOL j/k, I couldn't resist.

Anyway, Bloomask is wrong...again. End of discussion.

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