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Bloodmask Exclusive Analysis: N4G Bubble System

Hello N4G and welcome to my third blog. Today's journey is a trip through the basic fundamentals of the bubble system on N4G. It will list how according to the guidelines it is supposed to function and how it does on the site. Thus, bringing this feature full circle for a good comparative analysis.

So the first order of the day is to make everyone aware of what the guidelines actually state about posting comments on the main site threads. So without further ado.

All new members are given 5 speech bubble containers that will be visible on all posts. A member with 5 speech bubble containers is allowed to post a maximum of 5 comments per news article. As comments are made the speech bubbles will turn yellow, representing how many comments a member has made per news post. Members who post comments of low quality or ignore the forum rules will risk having their comment limit reduced, while members who receive positive feedback from other members and makes useful and interesting comments will be granted more speech bubble containers.

Things that will raise your comment limit:
- Provide relevant and useful info related to the news posts
- Give constructive and intelligent feedback/criticism/comments to the news post
- Debate with other members in a mature and tasteful manner
- A good sense of humor

Things that will lower your comment limit:
- Offensive language, name calling and personal attacks on other members
- Pointless comments like the classic "I am first" post
- Extreme Fanboyism
- Bad sense of humor
- Immature language
- Immature screen names
- Extensive use of forum language like LOL and ROTFL and similar.
- Making up "funny" names for consoles like PayStation 3 and CrapBox 360
- Posting lies and made up facts
- Posting with all CAPS or using more than one exclamation mark per sentence
- Using Avatars with nudity
- Having more than one active user account

Members who follow these guidelines and contribute to the site in a positive way will most likely get their comment limit raised, while members who ignore them risk getting their number of speech bubble container reduced. However any upgrade or downgrade is not permanent. Members who break away from their bad posting habits may regain the lost speech bubble containers, and vice versa.

The amount of speech bubbles you get is decided by the number of positive and negative votes you get from other members.

Now that the rules have been set in place it is time to move on to my exclusive comparative analysis. I have selected three candidates for comparison. Here are the basics of them.

Exhibit A: Tudors

I have read his comment history and there seems to be no trace of fanboyism in his comments yet he has only three bubbles.

Exhibit B: Green

I have read his comment history and it doesn't seem to be of a fanboy nature either and he has four bubbles.

Now what you have to keep in mind is that both exhibits A and B seem to be Xbox 360 gamers in general.

Exhibit C: N4GRROD360

Obviously with a screen name such as N4GRROD360 one can only assume that this member would make on topic quality comments that adhere to the guidelines and offer positive input to the given topics hence the obvious reason for the seven bubbles.

This concludes my comparative analysis and I look to the community to explain to me how the bubble system works. I seem to be a bit confused by the mandate issued by the guidelines and how things work. Perhaps I am just a novice when it comes to such things. Any feedback or input you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

As always, thanks for reading my blog and happy gaming.

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smokeymicpot3314d ago

Another good blog. Every time I make a comment that says something negative about the ps3 i get disagrees. But if i post something bad about the 360 people say lol. That is not good for a bias system. This needs to change and give everyone a equal chance not give dumbass people 10 bubbles like most ps3 fanboys.

panasonic233314d ago

man you speak the truth i hate seeing ps3fanboys with 10 bubbles and all they do is post bs and have like 20 agrees like wtf but if you say something bad about sony they would take all your bubbles.

Anon19743314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

Sure there seem to be more PS3 faithful about N4G, but I don't think it's a problem.
I have to admit - Tudor's comments seem to be fairly well thought out and non-fanboyish. I can't say what happened in the past but he does seem to be a bit of a devil's advocate. That could explain the bubble drop. I haven't seen any posting history for Green.
N4GRROD360 looks to be a SPAM account and I have no doubt that he's using multiple accounts to up his bubbles. There have recently been a rash of "clone" accounts where the user has been making user names similar to existing users then taking either both a strong pro-Sony or a strong pro-Microsoft slant. It's probably the same guy but the mods recently seem to be cracking down on this.
The bubble system seems to work very well from what I've seen. I feel N4G's forums are quite a bit more balanced than what I've seen from sites like Gamespot over the last couple of years.

Edit: Just look at the two above me for evidence of the bubble system working. One loves to comment bashing the most popular games, the other makes gay jokes regarding fans of other systems. I think the bubble system works to a large extent but it's not perfect.

DarthTigra 3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

Lol like you said as long as something is not pro ps3 you'll get bombarded with disagrees. I and others said we were getting Bioshock 2 on 360 and we got 20 something disagrees. While other people said they were getting it on ps3 and they got 30 plus agrees

Snake Raiser3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

WAIT A MINUTE!!! Bloodmask, why do you have 7 bubbles then?

I don't have 10 bubbles, only 8. But perhaps that is because I try (maybe not successfully) to be a PS3 fan before a PS3 fanboy.
I agree with BM that the bubble system is somewhat screwed up here. But in the end that is democracy, normally it will give you the best there is, but you will definitely not always agree with it.

Gue13313d ago

That statement it's completely ridiculous!

If you care to explain...?

-The bubble system of this site it's broken! Multiple account, biased people, constant rants and fighting is what makes this system so irrelevant in a site like this.

-The forums of gamespot are like one of the best in the entire internet because it's heavily moderated...

*Why I am here then? Cuz of the madness! ;-)
Seriously, this site is pure crazyness. LoL
There aren't any other sites that are as wild as N4G.

GreatTeacherOnizuka3312d ago

why the hell do you have 2 bubbles?

You should have been exhibit D

RememberThe3573312d ago

Coming from the guy with three bubbles. lol.

I don't really have a problem with the bubble system. It's not as good as it could be but neither am I, so I can relate to it.

TheDude2dot03308d ago

That's funny because BIoodmask has 7 bubbles, but he never contributes anything but fanboyish comments.

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Major_Tom3313d ago

Panasonic actually should have way lower bubbles, but that's fine. In due time.

II Necroplasm II3313d ago

I really don't see why you have 8 maybe being biased as you are
that's a guess.

Major_Tom3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

How am I biased? Necroplasm, I wouldn't be talking about bias when you don't have a clean track record either, staying impartial is hard but having a clear conscious is better.

Looking at your track record 3 deleted posts by mods in a row doesn't strike me some one who bites their tongue.

OneShotThrill3313d ago

i have been reading posts on this website for some time now but just recently decided to start contributing.A good amount of these guys that have very few bubbles dont really have anything worth truly reading. Its just mostly blind immature bashing of other gaming platforms.

Jinxstar3313d ago ShowReplies(7)
Gun_Senshi3313d ago

Bubble system is broken. YOU are the proof. You should have 1 bubble.

cactuschef3312d ago

Lol, didn't blood make an entire blog post cause you called him fartmask? That still makes me laugh. Sounds like hes taking things a little to seriously here on a GAME site.

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