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Bloodmask's Sony Fanboy Community Spotlight Vol 1

Hello N4G and welcome to my second blog post. Today's piece is a journey into the twisted mind of the typical Sony fanboy who frequents N4G.

The first step that is necessary is to inform all of you how the monthly contest works on N4G. It is based on the cumulative "submission points" for the month. The amount of submission points you have is dependent on the "amount" of stories you post for that month. Heat points are referred to as "bonus points" and have no contribution at all to the monthly total of points that determines the top ten contributors for each month. So, in conclusion, a story posted that reaches a heat index of ten points is no different than one that reaches one thousand degrees. All that matters is the "total" amount of stories you post for that given month.

Now it is time to move on to the main focus of this blog. Today's community spotlight is on the N4G member known as Gun Senshi. He seems to hate every 360 fan there is on N4G which can be witnessed on this article.

His comment was reported as SPAM(which I thank the N4G community for) but luckily for you I took a screen grab for your viewing pleasure which can be viewed here.

Here is the synopsis of Gun Senshi's comment.

"Fartmask does NOT deserve it. All he does is post flamebait articles and "news" that does not make it to N4G standard and use multiple accounts to approve it."

Comments such as Gun Senshi's are a typical example of what is fundamentally wrong with N4G. It isn't even a community of gamers any more. It is pretty obvious that Gun Senshi doesn't even know the facts of what it takes to be contributor to N4G. His innept hatred of everything Xbox and 360 enthusiasts in general blinds him to everything. Am I offended? Nope. I expect this kind of irrational behavior form the "community" that makes up N4G.

Well I thank you for your positive input that you brought to the contributors of the month contest thread Gun Senshi. And I look forward to more of your comments in the future because I will obviously need more material for volume two.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and have a nice day. Happy Gaming.

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ChickeyCantor3348d ago

Give yourself 1000 bloodmask it now.

Snake Raiser3348d ago (Edited 3348d ago )

I agree that Bloodmask makes good points. But this applies to many people on both sides. They are just kids. I am happy for his sake that bloodmask doesn't take this seriously. I really don't see how the comment in this story was sony-fanboy related. It was just anti-bloodmask. The best point in this blog was that the community is bad.

ChickeyCantor3348d ago

" But this applies to many people on both sides"

Yep thats why zhuk(below) is wrong.

Jamegohanssj53348d ago

Funny blog Blood. Can you do one on me next?


Jinxstar3348d ago

Does this kind of stuff really bug you Blood?

There's Fanboys on all sides. To each his own man. I remember when I was a kid and I got into and argument about "Boys vs Girls" at school. I told my dad how annoyed I was and angry. You know what he told me "Are you a baby?" I said "huh, no" Then he replied "Then let the babies have their bottles. If your not a baby you don't need it"... Get where I'm going with this? If people wanna cry then ignore them because they are just being babies. This applies to all fanboys not just some guy your referring to. I will admit I get the occasional out burst but overall It's not worth it at least console wise. Arguing games is always fun though so long as it isn't"X sony/MS exclusive is lame because it belongs to that company"... Anyway game on guys.

jadenkorri3347d ago

bIoodmask making fun of ps3 fanboys, but every article he posts is negative towards ps3 most of the time...I suggest looking in a mirror when you point at someone and calling a fanboy...when was the last time he commented, months ago, cause if he did the ps3 fanboys and regular user would disagree with him so much and try to shut him up with the negative button... on the argument of him approving articles and has multiple accounts to get his anti ps3 article approved, let him, all hes doing is ruining a site that used to be very popular. And i would feel sorry for someone who spends their whole day on this site logging in and out of account after account to approve crap stories...

fishd3347d ago

You won't give up hating Sony fanboyz!!!111!!!,eh?
Just because some of them were laughing at you when Sega...I mean 'teh devil Sony' killed the Dreamcast?Let it go kid... I mean man

syanara3346d ago

YOU REALIZE THIS NOW??????????????????

N4G has had a fanboy broblem ever since it was first put online, and its not just sony fanboys its fanboys in general, lots of people dont visit the site cause of xbox fanboys, lots of people dont visit the site cause of ps3 fanboys and this has been universally known for years.

IMO this whole blogs post is almost pointless. infact the only thing n4g IS GOOD for is A rumors and B gamng sites getting their name out. lol. no offense bloodmask but you gotta admit this article is stating the obvious. even if ur trying to pin it on different reasons.

FlameBaitGod3346d ago

Bloods a joke, the guy talks like this but he submits how many blogs of flame bait about the PS3. Bro plz, i dk how the hell u had the nerve to write this. Your the best example of a fanboy. ill write something about you really good l8r, cant right now cus im in college. Bull ill show how much a fanboy you really are.

TheDude2dot03341d ago

Dude this isn't funny at all. This is just you taking pictures of stupid comments that aren't humorous in the least.

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KEVERS3348d ago

lol, I'm liking these blogs, Bioodmask. I actually make an effort to check to see if you've made a new one.

kewlkat0073348d ago

asking me about the bubble

Well yeah this site has changed a lot since then....

I wonder what happened to that feralphoenix guy, he was kewl.

heyheyhey3348d ago

oh-oh... do me next... DO ME NEXT!!!!

informative blog btw, now i understand why you post stories you know will never reach above 100 degrees

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