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Bloodmask's Sony Fanboy Community Spotlight Vol 1

BIoodmask | 2443d ago
User blog

Hello N4G and welcome to my second blog post. Today's piece is a journey into the twisted mind of the typical Sony fanboy who frequents N4G.

The first step that is necessary is to inform all of you how the monthly contest works on N4G. It is based on the cumulative "submission points" for the month. The amount of submission points you have is dependent on the "amount" of stories you post for that month. Heat points are referred to as "bonus points" and have no contribution at all to the monthly total of points that determines the top ten contributors for each month. So, in conclusion, a story posted that reaches a heat index of ten points is no different than one that reaches one thousand degrees. All that matters is the "total" amount of stories you post for that given month.

Now it is time to move on to the main focus of this blog. Today's community spotlight is on the N4G member known as Gun Senshi. He seems to hate every 360 fan there is on N4G which can be witnessed on this article.

His comment was reported as SPAM(which I thank the N4G community for) but luckily for you I took a screen grab for your viewing pleasure which can be viewed here.

Here is the synopsis of Gun Senshi's comment.

"Fartmask does NOT deserve it. All he does is post flamebait articles and "news" that does not make it to N4G standard and use multiple accounts to approve it."

Comments such as Gun Senshi's are a typical example of what is fundamentally wrong with N4G. It isn't even a community of gamers any more. It is pretty obvious that Gun Senshi doesn't even know the facts of what it takes to be contributor to N4G. His innept hatred of everything Xbox and 360 enthusiasts in general blinds him to everything. Am I offended? Nope. I expect this kind of irrational behavior form the "community" that makes up N4G.

Well I thank you for your positive input that you brought to the contributors of the month contest thread Gun Senshi. And I look forward to more of your comments in the future because I will obviously need more material for volume two.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and have a nice day. Happy Gaming.

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ChickeyCantor  +   2443d ago
Give yourself 1000 bloodmask it now.
Snake Raiser  +   2443d ago
I agree that Bloodmask makes good points. But this applies to many people on both sides. They are just kids. I am happy for his sake that bloodmask doesn't take this seriously. I really don't see how the comment in this story was sony-fanboy related. It was just anti-bloodmask. The best point in this blog was that the community is bad.
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ChickeyCantor  +   2443d ago
" But this applies to many people on both sides"

Yep thats why zhuk(below) is wrong.
Jamegohanssj5  +   2443d ago
Funny blog Blood. Can you do one on me next?

Jinxstar  +   2443d ago
Does this kind of stuff really bug you Blood?

There's Fanboys on all sides. To each his own man. I remember when I was a kid and I got into and argument about "Boys vs Girls" at school. I told my dad how annoyed I was and angry. You know what he told me "Are you a baby?" I said "huh, no" Then he replied "Then let the babies have their bottles. If your not a baby you don't need it"... Get where I'm going with this? If people wanna cry then ignore them because they are just being babies. This applies to all fanboys not just some guy your referring to. I will admit I get the occasional out burst but overall It's not worth it at least console wise. Arguing games is always fun though so long as it isn't"X sony/MS exclusive is lame because it belongs to that company"... Anyway game on guys.
jadenkorri  +   2442d ago
bIoodmask making fun of ps3 fanboys, but every article he posts is negative towards ps3 most of the time...I suggest looking in a mirror when you point at someone and calling a fanboy...when was the last time he commented, months ago, cause if he did the ps3 fanboys and regular user would disagree with him so much and try to shut him up with the negative button... on the argument of him approving articles and has multiple accounts to get his anti ps3 article approved, let him, all hes doing is ruining a site that used to be very popular. And i would feel sorry for someone who spends their whole day on this site logging in and out of account after account to approve crap stories...
fishd  +   2442d ago
Dear BIoodmask
You won't give up hating Sony fanboyz!!!111!!!,eh?
Just because some of them were laughing at you when Sega...I mean 'teh devil Sony' killed the Dreamcast?Let it go kid... I mean man
syanara  +   2441d ago
first off
YOU REALIZE THIS NOW??????????????????

N4G has had a fanboy broblem ever since it was first put online, and its not just sony fanboys its fanboys in general, lots of people dont visit the site cause of xbox fanboys, lots of people dont visit the site cause of ps3 fanboys and this has been universally known for years.

IMO this whole blogs post is almost pointless. infact the only thing n4g IS GOOD for is A rumors and B gamng sites getting their name out. lol. no offense bloodmask but you gotta admit this article is stating the obvious. even if ur trying to pin it on different reasons.
FlameBaitGod  +   2441d ago
Bloods a joke, the guy talks like this but he submits how many blogs of flame bait about the PS3. Bro plz, i dk how the hell u had the nerve to write this. Your the best example of a fanboy. ill write something about you really good l8r, cant right now cus im in college. Bull ill show how much a fanboy you really are.
TheDude2dot0  +   2436d ago
Dude this isn't funny at all. This is just you taking pictures of stupid comments that aren't humorous in the least.
Zhuk   2443d ago | Spam
KEVERS  +   2443d ago
lol, I'm liking these blogs, Bioodmask. I actually make an effort to check to see if you've made a new one.
GreatTeacherOnizuka  +   2442d ago
kewlkat007  +   2443d ago
Funny I remember when blood just got on this site
asking me about the bubble

Well yeah this site has changed a lot since then....

I wonder what happened to that feralphoenix guy, he was kewl.
heyheyhey  +   2443d ago
oh-oh... do me next... DO ME NEXT!!!!

informative blog btw, now i understand why you post stories you know will never reach above 100 degrees
Snake Raiser  +   2443d ago
I like the last comment for that story.
"So, bloodmask makes $500 a month?"
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   2443d ago
Is this the same BIoodmask...
...who had those silly photos of a Crocodile eating Sack-boys Head on this once??? ;-D

Maybe you should read xBox 360 Fans comments on this to??? Just a thought;)

+ I HATE everything Micro$oft!!! ;-D Nothing wrong with that??? I can like and dislike what i want;)

+ "It isn't even a community of gamers any more"
Hmm...was it ever???
i.e you mean xBox 360 Fans can't get away with slag'in off the PS3 anymore without a PS3 Fans defending the PS3??? Then yeah, it's not the same.
AWW...never mind!!! ;-D

Thank you for taking the time to read my comment and have a nice day. Happy Gaming.
(Pass me a Bucket!!!) ;-D
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DelbertGrady  +   2443d ago
Who let you out of the open zone?! Wardens! Quickly, we have a code red on our hands!
NickIni  +   2440d ago
Three exclamation marks? The sign of an insane mind.
Silly gameAr  +   2443d ago
Same applies for both sides right? A fanboy is a fanboy. Interesting read though.
Silly gameAr  +   2442d ago
It's not an interesting read? I thought it was pretty entertaining. You guys disagree? Hmmm.
ultimolu  +   2443d ago
Fanboys are fanboys. It doesn't matter who you call out.

I learned my lesson. It doesn't pay to be one.

Happy Gaming to you as well.
mastiffchild  +   2443d ago
Yep, it's stating the bleedin' obvious that this cuts both ways though and 360 fanboys are equally delusional to their Sony or Nintendo counterparts.
Best just to ignore(and without the button cos we're civilised)anyone you feel has any odd agenda and lately, imo anyway, there's been more of a movement back to actually talking about gaming issues rather than constant sabre rattling. Certainly we know there are those on either side of the fanboy divide that can't let it go but there's always a few dolts wherever you are so lets keep it about what we all started for shall we?
F'rinstance I can always count on Sidar above to give a fair hearing to what I say and he's by no means alone. N4G should be a better resource for us all than it currently is but with this attitude more than prominent aren't there now more of us right minded folk here?
Preference is fine, and natural, but it takes an effort to be a fanboy and I don't see quite as many trying as I did a few months back.
rawd  +   2443d ago
LOL to the gameless bored bots. I guess you have to fill in your free time somehow right. It's not like theres any games to play on the 180, blog on lamecore
butterfinger  +   2443d ago
Nice blog, BIoodmask...
I truly enjoy reading these little pieces, and you are usually spot on. I thought you posted nothing but flamebait originally, but then I looked at your profile and discovered that you put a lot of effort into getting any and all gaming news onto the site. Without contributors like yourself, we would be full of flamebait articles and no real news.
Gun_Senshi  +   2442d ago
You should be banned for personal assault.

I don't even post anything or give approvals to anything. And yes I know N4G standards. Like an unnamed blog posting flamebait with not even 1 proof on what he is saying. Just an opinion of a fanboy that no one knows on an unknown site is against the rules. Posting flamebait to fuel wars on articales that are just opinion with no proof or links for back up to what they are saying is against n4g rules. Its the same as you pulling out sales numbers out of your arse without any proof.

You are an example of whats wrong with n4g comunity. You are not a gamer, just a fanboy. If you even have a brain, you can see the most unbiased people like MK_Red (Where did he go I loved the guy) find you and your hypocript fanboyism annoying. Its not only "Sony Fans", where you just label people Sony Fans without knowing anything, just because they did not agree with your biased opinion.

So when of your fans like Icewake says something like

"I find your slandering of Bloodmask to be offensive, reported.

Congratulations to all the winners, except Cyrus365 & Lord Anubis. "

Its ok to diss other legit contributers, but its not ok to diss an arse that posts flamebait only, fuels this site fanboy wars and uses multiple accoutns to approve.

You are the biggest hypocript and douchebag ever. Get a life. Stupid blogs won't change anything. Its useless to post some "good" PS3 news and 10000 flamebaits to get clicks for money, most of them just from blogs and shouldn't even be approved. We in the past you only posted flamebait and was the number one fanboy. People do not change, you still are the number one fanboy, difference is that you now post a little good ps3 articles and still post alot of blogs that are flamebait that shouldn't be approved. You are now a hypocript fanboy not just a fanboy.

Mods won't ban you because everyone with half brain can see mods here are useless.

Finally, Its funny putting me in list of fanboys, when I definitly play more games and enjoy gaming more then you ever can. You are full of pre juices. To top that, you also just stay here looking for flamebait blogs to post or even make them yourself. I just came online right now to see if any news popped up, but nothing intresting. Useless charts (Unless you are a stock holder, which I am not). Article about Americal Creuitly in COD:WaW, article whining that Big Sisters is Nemesis Rip off (wtf give me Bioshock 2 real news not this) and a whining thread of the #1 Hypocript Fanboy on this site. He's probably turning emo, its why he is making these blogs.

Looking foward to Volume 2, to laugh at your pre-juices and talk like you are god and know everything. Why don't you proclaim yourself a god while at it? I'm sure people like Icewake will worship you.

Well i'm out doing what being a gamer means, back to RE5 I'm trying to unlock all costumes.

Peace to Gamers, Hate on to fanboys.
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GreatTeacherOnizuka  +   2442d ago
This guy is asking for it.
xlx-russ_92  +   2442d ago
Gun_Senshi  +   2442d ago

The problem on n4g is not Sony Fanboys, they just comment in comments and that its. Maybe they fight a little sometimes to get banned to gamer zone

The problem on n4g is not X360 Fanboys, they just comment in comments and that its. Maybe they fight a little sometimes to get banned to gamer zone too.

Problem on n4g are "contriubters" that fuel the fanboys. One of them is here whining on "Sony Fanboy", when he himself is a fanboy, and uses flamebait articles to fuel wars and use fanboys for his own gain, the monthly price.

To GreatTeacherOnizuka, you are a known fanboy. Still banned from gamerzone?

To make n4g a better comunity, we need to start by removing the price money monthly for posting. People go to extremes to post that use multiple accoutns and again, unnamed blogs of flaimbait with not even one link for proof to get the price money.
#13.3 (Edited 2442d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
GreatTeacherOnizuka  +   2442d ago
am cry
#13.4 (Edited 2442d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
darkpower  +   2442d ago
Don't worry about it. You got under their skin enough to have someone say something about you. This is what happens to anyone whose comments they don't have any civil answer to on the site. They resort to the labeling and the character assassination. It's really sad how much fanboyism runs on this site sometimes, and how much power those fanboys have on this site.

Now granted, you shouldn't have resorted to calling him "fartmask" in the Gamer Zone (you should've done that in the Open Zone. So many people, me included, have made that fatal error). I think that was why you're post got removed, but that should've been the end of it. Bloodmask is only prolonging the issue by bringing it up again. Now he's provoked it further, and thus, you respond to it in kind. You shouldn't have called him that, but he should've moved on with life after that. This seems more like a personal feud that he has with you that he's disguising as him calling out a "fanboy" because of what you called him. Don't know why he felt the need to prolong this further, but I think the best way to combat this, if he's going to keep doing this tit-for-tat thing with you is to just ignore the next firing of the gun, and move on from the comment yourself. That way, the flames don't get fanned, and you can't be blamed for being the other party. No ammunition, no way to fire. If you don't answer, they get mad that they can't get to you, and then move on to another target. It's just as simple as that.

By the way:

"Its the same as you pulling out sales numbers out of your arse without any proof."

We already have something like that gracing N4G. It's called VGChartz.
n to the b  +   2441d ago
wtf 'pre juices'??
NickIni  +   2440d ago
Wow. Being called a fanboy really cut you deep.
TheBand1t  +   2442d ago

Oh wow. This article and the comments are winrar.
darkpower  +   2442d ago
Here's the gist of why this blog fails
Like always, the people that b!tch about fanboys are calling out ONLY Sony fanboys, while never calling out any 360 fanboys on their BS. Why is it that the immaturity of 360 fanboys fall on the deaf ears of those that continue to call out Sony fans for even the littlest of things? And also, sometimes they will take a non-fanboyish comment and spin it to make it sound like it was fanboyish.

This is the main problem here. The fanboy wars are tiresome in of itself, but then we see the calling out of one side's fanboys when the other side is doing the same thing and they seem to get all the free passes from those that continuously call out the one side. It's rather unfair to see happen.

Blood, you should call out some of the 360 fanboys next for their comments. Hopefully you will.

EDIT@II Necroplasm II: I shouldn't have to name names here for you, because you KNOW a lot of the usuals that come on here to defend the 360 and hang on Aaron Greenberg's every word. There may not be as many in the numbers, but if you look closely, they seem to be able to get the most attention because they say something so over the top that you HAVE to respond to them.

You're probably not reading the same comments I am, or maybe you're one of them giving the 360 fanboys the break for the comments that you never let Sony fans off the hook for.

You see, gamers sometimes use fanboyish comments to counter a fanboyish comment because they know it's going to piss the other off if their little world is crumbled by facts. However, those counter comments get called out while the OP gets off scot free. That's what I'm saying here. You have to consider both sides of the equation, and saying that "well, one side does it more, so we won't worry about the other side" is nothing more than an excuse to let the other side get a free pass.
#15 (Edited 2442d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
II Necroplasm II  +   2442d ago
But this site isn't spammed by 360 fanboys like the other side.
Major_Tom  +   2442d ago
Seems like Necroplasm is just cherry picking what he sees then.
II Necroplasm II  +   2442d ago
No. Most 360 fans just go to other sites.
Gue1  +   2442d ago
You people are taking all this sh1t about video games to a whole new personal level... Making blogs to accused other members of being fanboys. Win contests because of your hard work at submitting articles. Seriously this is pathetic!

Just take a deep breath, think and say: "These are just fuk1ng toys!". Now go back to playing a game. That's not as pathetic as accusing or fighting like little kids.
#16 (Edited 2442d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2442d ago
Bloodmask...I hate you...but him saying "fartmask" was possibly the most retarded thing I've ever heard!
Major_Tom  +   2442d ago
I see you're doing your job antagonizing people as usual Bloodmask. Please spare us your overwhelming knowledge of what is fundamentally wrong with this website when you contribute so much.

Whining about Sony fanboys in your blog isn't going to help your image. In fact you seem like the rest of the opinionated journalists out there with no integrity. Grow up.

Good day, - Tom
#18 (Edited 2442d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
solidjun5  +   2442d ago
"Whining about Sony fanboys in your blog isn't going to help your image. In fact you seem like the rest of the opinionated journalists out the...
Quoted for truth my friend.
TheColbertinator  +   2442d ago
Gun Senshi got owned :)

I can't wait for the next one
CoxMulder  +   2441d ago
All I see is:

fanboy calling out fanboy

You sure you didn't bump your head??
PS3thedestroyer   2442d ago | Spam
DarthTigra  +   2442d ago
Lol keep em coming Bioodmask ;)
smokeymicpot  +   2442d ago
PS3thedestroyer you proved what he is saying in your comment.
iceice123  +   2442d ago
Why do you only have 2 bubbles? You're a wonderful person.
Kratos19  +   2442d ago
Wow, a Microsoft fanboy whining about Sony fanboys. If PS3 fans on the internet upset you so much that you feel the need to write blogs about them, you are an extremly sad, weak, inferior little person.

Grow up, turn off your computer and maybe go outside.
goflyakite  +   2442d ago
Nicely put Kratos. Have a bubble.
LeGenDx  +   2442d ago
goflyakite  +   2442d ago
Wait a minute, who's crying?

The picture is a little misleading Blood. ;)
#24 (Edited 2442d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Enigma_2099  +   2441d ago
I love how you point out this glaring problem... really explains a lot...
... I especially LOVE how you completely absolve yourself and others like you from having anything to do with the "problem" here on N4G as well.

You guys are saints.

Okay, back to being serious. And I seriously can't believe that you have so many people blindly following your every word. What is this, a cult?!?!?

You may now spam me with disagrees... not like I give a care.
cactuschef  +   2441d ago
Why are you people raving about a blog post thats only about someone calling Bloodmask "Fartmask"?
Enigma_2099  +   2440d ago
... one guy insulted him, and he's basically blaming ALL of us.
Cocksmokingclerk  +   2441d ago
He has a point. People that are commenting here that are not agreeing with this go look at the comments. Try to say something bad about the ps3.
DrPirate  +   2441d ago
Bloodmask, you know you have family in us.

And by "Us" you know who "we" are.
ezcex  +   2441d ago
family what family you all have a little bit of ezcex in you muahahahahaa
Anon1974  +   2441d ago
Yeah, I'm a little confused by this.
So, Gun Senshi looks to be a kid and a Sony fanboy....
And that's somehow supposed to be a reflection on N4G in general?
How do you figure? There are tonnes of fanboys lurking about. It's called the "internet". I don't see why one in particular should be singled out. I could easily do the same thing about Bloodmask himself. They guy's a one man XDF. I'm not sure if he's even a gamer, based on some of the comments about and yet I wouldn't dream of singling him out in a blog post.

Or would I? He's given some pretty good ammunition.
I wonder....
jaseo  +   2441d ago
bloodmask is inciting more division and prejudice on n4g
as a major contributor, bloodmask should not post these immature blogs. it brings him no respect or integrity to himself or this website.

sure, there are fanboys, but they can easily be ignored. they are buried in their own ignorant world of generic comments and fear. (like sony fanboys that constantly fill comments with exclusives they are looking forward to - not bad in itself, but they're obviously trying to make themselves feel superior).. it's very similar to racism. the entire agree/disagree system is a joke now as this opinion system seems mainly used by blind fanboys.

to me, it looks like bloodmask is happy to be the xbox360's post'er boy. (or should I say, the leader of the xbox supremacist movement ;))

i must say i do find it amusing though. this is the internet and a free world. i can see how someone can like the xbox, but i am not sure how anyone could love MS :) it's an interesting generation we live in!
#30 (Edited 2441d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
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