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Bloodmask's Hate Mail of the Day 3/10/09

Hello N4G community and welcome to my first blog. I just wanted to invite you to partake in a glimpse of what it is like to be a contributor to N4G. Today will be my first in a series known as "Bloodmask's Hate Mail of the Day."

These Emails were received in response to this article that I posted: "Top 10 Reasons the PS3 is failing."

This first piece is from an N4G member known as Graphics Whore.

Graphics Whore:

Enough is Enough. You are well aware of your history and contributor details and what those entail. If you keep submitting low quality articles to N4G I'll see to it that your contributor status is permanently removed. You are a repeat offender and it takes a click just to see your history.

You're also defacing N4G's image which I'm sure the websites owner also cares about. This isn't a personal agenda, you are a repeat offender of low quality submissions, you know you are.

Good day Bloodmask.

The second piece is from an N4G member known as NJShadow.

I'm just curious, why do you think the PS3 is failing? I'm just wondering if these articles actually reflect your own beliefs in gaming.

I just want to make it clear that I don't write any of the news pieces I find and post on N4G. I find this behavior amusing to say the least. If you don't like an article don't read it. It is as simple as that. What articles heat up is directly in the communities hand, not the contributors.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I look forward to future updates. Thank you and have a nice day. Happy gaming.

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JackBauerIsHIGH3328d ago

Sorry "Bloodmask", but Sony will forever be a winner. The weakling Xbox 360 has nor will ever stand a chance against the mighty PS3. It's funny that you are resorting to posting these articles in order to get a rise out of us. Well...we will rise, and we will fight! We will end this war once and for all! Sony's exclusives are no match for the challenges thrown at it by mere mortals such as Halo Wars, Star Ocean 4, match at all! It began with KZ2...and it ends in the 360's death.

I bathe in its blood.

GWAVE3327d ago

Bloodmask, your response to those e-mails was weak. Okay, so you don't write the articles you submit. So what? Do you work for Fox News or the National Enquirer or something? I'm sure they don't invent the news they report, but anyone with half a brain knows that those media outlets CHOOSE to report news clips that support their agenda.

In the same way, you seem to conveniently approve articles that follow a certain agenda. Sure, you didn't personally write those articles, but taking action to put them on the site makes you responsible.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3323d ago

It seems that most N4G users are retarded and that bubbles aren't directly proportional to someone's impartiality or intelligence. There are way too many dumbasses with lots of bubbles. I also see a lot of hypocrisy.

I see one side of the argument acusing the other side of being stupid. Hilarious. This particular blog is sickening because it is overrun by a particular brand of fanboys, but I'm sure there are other blogs that are overrun by other brands of fanboys that are just as retarded.

It just makes me puke to see the fanboy ass-poking fest like in this blog post. Check out when each of the fanboys say to each other "Have bubbles", hahaha.

Anon19743313d ago

I'd lodge a human rights complaint or something here. Those messages were verging on hate speech.

Oh wait. No they aren't. That article you posted was of terribly low quality. It didn't actually have a single point that couldn't be disproved in...I'm going to go out on a limb and say..3 seconds by someone who understands the gaming industry.

You think this is hate mail? You'd wet yourself if you saw some of the trash that comes to me from the 360 crowd...and I'm a 360 fan! I just don't bow once a day in the direction of MS HQ, but that seems to be enough to set people off.

TrevorPhillips3328d ago

eric u dumbass ahahahahah love this guy bro that best

Pain3327d ago

What a good Avatar eh?

Man i pick em good.

Chat~ ftw

Whoooop3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

You are the microscopic bacteria that infected this whole site with biased/childish scum articles...

I condemn you for everything you've caused and you are the solely reason this site is rotten to the point that I can taste the rot.


Man_of_the_year3326d ago

"You are the microscopic bacteria that infected this whole site with biased/childish scum articles... "

No actually its the Sony Fanboys that try to censor anything and everything that remotley has anything negative about the PS3 and anything and everything that is remotely positive about the xbox360.

You have given a great example

memots3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

Its not about censor. Its about being feed up. I own a 360 and ps3 and gaming pc.

And i cant believe the number of article bashing anything related to Sony.
God even the article about them having to layoff 5000 people got heat to 1000 degree.

Absolutely everything get some kinda hate on here. It has become so ridiculous. Article or blog about every and nothing. The controller, Home , Any exclusive , Sku , frame rate count , sales , pixel ect ..

It seem like every other article is about bashing Sony. I am expecting any minutes now another article about lair or about killzone2 is a flop because it sold "only 2m" on first week.

butterfinger3325d ago

Man of the Year has only been on the site since last July which explains why he believes Sony Fanboys ruined this site.

Man_of_the_year3324d ago

I have been reading articles on this site longer than July...i just got so annoyed by some of the ignorance from Sony fanboys that i had to make an account.

Also - don't pull that [email protected] that all the articles are anti-sony...There are more than enough articles about RROD, DISC scratching, Paying for LIVE, DVD9 etc. So don't even try that anti-sony argument.

The last month all i have seen on this site is KZ2 HYPE. Your post is a great example of double standards on this site. You ignore the FACT that there is just as many anti-360 articles on this site as there is PS3. Yet its only the PS3 articles that you seem to have an issue about...Where is your complaint about the 360 articles? HUH? where are they?

Ya cause you don't have a problem with them.

butterfinger3324d ago

"I have been reading articles on this site longer than July...i just got so annoyed by some of the ignorance from Sony fanboys that i had to make an account."

Of course you have, you just weren't reading articles on this site in 2007 when it was the EXACT opposite. I guess you wouldn't make an account back then, because your own kind don't annoy you. I'd also like to add that (I don't think you were directing most of your comment at me, but anyways) I don't like any of the articles blasting any of the consoles unless it is a real, significant, NEW problem. RROD and disc scratching are REAL problems that people have everyday, and almost all of us know someone that has experienced them. However, they are old topics, and we don't need any more information on them, we get it already. PS3/blu ray failure articles are not REAL problems for ANY of us (unless you have stock in Sony), because they are all written on pure speculation and sales figures and let's be honest, we all know there will probably be a PS4. If the contributors on the site would care more about the content of which they contribute and less about the degree it garners, this site would be a better place for fans of all systems. We all know BIoodmask is a hardcore 360 supporter, but for all the articles he contributes, about 1% of them are PS3=suxxorz articles. The people that everyone should be up in arms about are the ones that submit flamebait exclusively (basically anyone from and many others).

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