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f**k 'reality'

todays graphics look amazing Crysis, Killzone 2, Uncharted 2 etc. So we're in the generation where graphics can only look better or probably not gonna get better it seems that game devs do want to go get realistic graphics but do they and us the players want reality in gaming ? GTA 4 is at the top of my reality games because this game is a dissapointing one you can go to internet cafes and watch boring tv and try to drive cars which i could never do. I dont want our lives in video games cause whats the point ? Making a life sim of us how boring are the lives of game devs have to be to make this piss ? Even more boring than ours. So I traded in that piss excuse for a game for Just Cause 2 and...... OMG ! I havent had that much fun with a sandbox game since GTA 3 thats right part 3 on the ps2 well it was because it was the first time i played a sandbox game, JC2 ties with reality is a middle finger pointed directly at all these other reality games that forgot that games are supposed to be fun not a mirror into our own boring brown lives. These reality games can really go eat their own asses. It seems the closer we're getting to virtual reality the more we want it I for one dont want it I want to have fucking fun i want to shoot zombies in the face with my big exploding nipples on the planet zyola 3 while falling at terminal velocity decapitating justin bieber cause shes always a trending toppic on twitter. This step into reality should really be taken backwards where games are fun and exciting cause isnt it right there in the fucking title ? video games ?

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Dont Panic2931d ago

You didn't even capitalize the first letter of your post?

toaster2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

lol Yeah a lot of mistakes throughout the whole post. And nobody cared to report it..

On topic: I always knew Justin Beiber is a she. Glad someone else can see it too.

RockmanII72930d ago

you want more realism, go outside. I enjoying being a geneticaly enginered super solder who fights an evil doctor in order to save a princess from a planet thats about to blow up.

Odin7772930d ago

I doubt games will go the way of becoming a virtual reality...of course there will be some games like that, but all of them? I don't think so. Future games may start to mirror reality in the graphics department but that doesn't mean they have to be realistic as in waking up, going to work, eating , breathing, etc.

rbrtchng2930d ago

I wrote a blog post on exactly the same topic. Anyways, love your enthusiasm.