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Happy, but Concerned with the Gaming Industry

People have a right to complain, or be happy with what games they are buying, i'm both ways really. I love the games that are being made today, storytelling is probably at it's best in gaming history, because of the technological advances of voice acting, facial recognition, and powerful scores. We've come a long way from 8-bit characters with blurry text on the screen, though I have no doubt there are millions who still love that type of storytelling today, as do I, just not as much.

Anywho, I also have many complaints about the practices of many developers as well, that worry me about the future of the industry because i'm passionate about it.

The main thing is that developers and mostly publishers, are getting so money hungry, that they are giving us less game for our hard earned money in the form of DLC. DLC that is cut out from the game prior to release, and sold later on. Minor DLC like micro-transactions that can interrupt an experience, or not give you a complete one. Now, there are some forms of extra content that I highly praise. Such as GTA IV's expansions, Borderlands 1 and 2 large packs of extra story content, Red Dead Redemptions Zombie add-on, things that were so obviously made after release, with the intention of adding to an already amazing experience, not deducting from it.

Then there is the idea of making a sequel every 12 months with little, to no improvement over the last title. It's becoming ever popular with a lot of developers, because it minimizes the cost of the game using practically the same graphics and technology, while millions still buy them every year. This, in a way, stagnates a lot of series, which brings me to my next topic:

The shooting frenzy. Shooting has grown immensely in gaming this generation. The FPS has become the biggest cash earner, and is now leaking into a lot of games that were never really intended to be a fast paced shooter, with many adding unnecessary and tacked on multiplayer components just to be relevant. It has made a lot of series stale and old as well, trying to do the same thing or something similar to other popular games.

Releasing unfinished games, a VERY common practice today, by even the most respected developers. This is not a massive issue, but definitely an annoyance. When I buy my game, I don't want to run into problems that may be fixed in a few weeks or months, or maybe not at all. I want games to be fully developed before release, to have the best experience. Bugs are far too common this generation, and developers don't care about releasing games with problems because they can fix them over the internet now, they have gotten lazy.

Now, in defense of some developers, many are pushed by their publishers to get their games done by an extremely strict deadline that cannot be overdue no matter what. I can understand that, but that brings me back to publishers just being extremely greedy.

So there you have it, another opinion from a passionate gamer like yourself, I hope I kept you interested. I'd be happy to see comments regarding my thoughts and concerns!

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PopRocks3591861d ago

From what I understand, game development has very little actual fun involved. It's a grueling and difficult process with long work hours and very strict deadlines. Companies like Team Bondi were the epitome of this stereotype.

The problem is we need steady streams of content. If these devs took the amount of time absolutely necessary to properly polish and flesh out their games, we would see many release dates pushed back for years. It's a very challenging job for sure. It's why I hold more respect for developers than publishers a lot of the time. It's the developers doing the difficult grunt work. The publishers often just handle all the checks and the marketing.

Good blog.