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E3 2013 Predictions

E3 predictions that aren't too absurd (like Jak IV and a new Syphon Filter, Versus 13, and Agent)
Shows much needed support for PS Vita, including always welcomed console ports along with some fresh new IP's that I believe will change peoples minds. I think they will update the firmware with some handy new features as well. On the PS3 side of things, they will give Ubisoft some more show time like most years in recent memory, Ubisoft has shown they really prefer PS3 for game development. As per usual they will always talk a few minutes about sales statistics worldwide, maybe a shout out to PS2. I think it's entirely possible to see Kojima or his company on the show to formally reveal Phantom Pain, with footage for Ground Zeroes regardless of them both being on Xbox 360. I can definitely see more news on Beyond: Two Souls, and I believe they will enjoy a moment of success for Last of Us. Seeing as how late in the game it is, I actually (finally), believe we MAY see a new console, but I think it will be revealed before E3 and shows formally when it comes in June (specs, price, release date)

I do think they will come storming out of the gate this year with awesome WiiU news, or at least I really hope so. I don't think it's too crazy to think they will reveal Zelda and the next Mario journey (beside New Super Mario again), like the game after Galaxy 2. I don't THINK we will see Smash Bros. 4 just yet, but I won't complain if we do either. I definitely see them grabbing WAYYY more 3rd party support this year, and boy is it needed. The Wii had the smallest attach rate margins from this gen, they need to change that for the WiiU to be successful. Wii was the most sold, yes, and even sold more games. However people didn't spend NEARLY as much time on those games as PS3 and Xbox 360. Simpler put, people bought games, then collected dust. They can change this if they get that important 3rd party support. They have amazing first party games that sell like a dream, but it's not everything. For 3DS, nothing really needs to be said. As great a system as the Vita is, nothing could ever take down Nintendo in the handheld department, they have some type of magic drug in the retail boxes of their systems.

I'll be honest here, if they don't show a new console, screw them. I am SICK of seeing Call of Duty either open or close the show. I am SICK of seeing Kinect for 45 minutes with little kid actors pretending to have fun. I do not know what else to say about them, it's been the same show for 4 years or so. They will talk about how Xbox Live is growing and growing with more features for GOLD and only GOLD. Things you can access for free elsewhere, before paying their own fee (netflix, music programs, ESPN etc..) They will go into more detail about Smart Glass and how it's similar to what the WiiU controller does. They will talk about more 3rd party DLC coming first to Xbox 360. They will talk about how well the 360 is doing in America, and mainly America. They may show a new Forza and Halo 5 (if you didn't know, Halo 4 was already confirmed to be a new trilogy, so I can easily see Halo 5 being announced). I don't think Gears of War Judgement will actually do so well, so I don't think it will be mentioned unless they talk about DLC for it. Other than that, I don't expect anything different. Even if they do show a new console, they won't abandon the 360 like they did with Xbox, because they 360 is somehow still doing well while the Xbox was doing god awful.

So, what do the people think of all that? Spot on, far fetched? Discuss below! And don't be rude!

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GalacticEmpire1930d ago

Sounds about right, I would approve if I could.

There's this weird assumtion that MS will definitely have a new console announced and released before christmas this year but for some reason Sony may not. I believe it's probably to do with the delays in getting the PS3 out the door but can you really see the same issues happening again by chance to Sony? Why can't they release close to the nextbox? Considering there's little to no information on either console these kind of assumptions are a bit ridiculous.

Welshy1930d ago

Yeah i don't get this vibe that Microsoft are ready and Sony aren't either.

If anything Sony need to be MORE ready, they've done a near impossible looking job by closing the gap to 2 million or thereabouts, but they absolutely 100% cannot afford Microsoft a head start with the Nextbox/720.

From Sony: i expect more Vita support too, it was the main complaint of last year and they will want to address that, more Last Of Us, BEYOND: Two Souls and potentially another couple of exclusives from Sony Santamonicas second branch and maybe Sucker Punch.

Microsoft: More COD, more DLC, more Xbox live and more Kinect games. More on Gear Of War 2 and probably a teaser for the next full Forza and perhaps Halo.

Nintendo: I won't pretend to be well versed in Nintendo these days, i loved their previous stuff but haven't really bought into Ninty this gen. But judging by the Wii U's similar looking performance to PS360, i'm gonna lay a decent bet on most of their iconic 1st party games making HD débuts and probably a 3DS pokemon (For the record, if they announce a 3DS pokemon, i'm buying a 3DS... Haven't properly played since Gameboy Advance SP!)

That's my thoughts at least. whether new consoles will have a blow out or just flash a badge and tease more info later in the year... we shall see.

ssb31731930d ago

They have already announced a 3ds pokemon called pokemon X and Y. Check out the trailer, it looks pretty great so far, cant wait for the final build.

BitbyDeath1929d ago

Think they're just being hopeful so it gets a big headstart again like the 360 did. But i think both will release quite close to one another.

Blastoise1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Spot on about Microsoft. Their E3 shows are generally appalling, and they seem to get a free pass because people go "look! a new Halo". Well whatever, each to their own about that. But I AM looking forward to seeing what their new console will be like.

For Sony I hope they show more stuff for Vita, more Soul Sacrifice (with a release date) and more JRPG's or something. So many awesome PS3 exclusives coming it's tough to think about which ones they'll show. I reckon they'll show more God of war, because it's one of Sony's biggest sellers, but like you say hopefully we'll see more of The last of us & Beyond. Leave the 3rd party stuff to Microsoft. Also, PS4!

As for Nintendo, I reckon they'll pull something big out of the bag. Everyone was expecting something spectacular (a new HD Zelda, Metroid, F-Zero ect) last year and we got none of that. I reckon they'll give people a reason to buy a Wii U this time. That isn't just Mario. As for the 3DS, maybe a bit of footage of Fire Emblem & maybe we'll FINALLY get a Animal Crossing New Leaf release date. Maybe a bit more details on the new 3DS Pokemon, and how they'll utilising the 3DS online features (Streetpass ect).

Definitely the biggest E3 in years. Looking forward to it.

BitbyDeath1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Beyond should hopefully be out before E3 as it was scheduled for February at one point then went quiet.

Overall the predictions look pretty good to me, Ninty will be firing to steal as much spotlight as possible among new hardware announcements.

rainslacker1929d ago

You know...Nintendo and Sony were pretty well thought out...but then a complete 180 on the 360. I think you may be right, since that's how a lot of their conferences have been, but wow.

If they show a new console it will be the primary focus, as no one else will care about the 360, or sales figures, or "features" of Live. If they show a new console expect very little time for 360. Smart glass and sales figures will still be in the show though, along with Kinect(possibly Kinect 2) and why we should care about it.

As far as games...well for the most part they've been rather lackluster on that for the past couple years IMO.

Orionsangel1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Regarding Next-Gen consoles (720,PS4) If they are announced. My main concern is what few gamers ever talk about, how the hell do we keep our stuff? All the games we bought, achievements, trophies? DLC? I have so many questions. How do we transfer it to the new systems? Some of us have 250gb of content. How big will storage space be for the Next-Gen consoles? What if they're 250gb and all the stuff I transferred to the 720 from the 360. Leaves me with little to no storage space on the 720? I assume the new consoles will have at least 750gb or 1tb? This is the first gen where this is an issue. Previous Gens you moved on, unless the new system had backwards compatibility. Which opens up the question. Will 720 play 360 games? I assume it will since I'm transferring my 360 stuff to the 720? I have a headache.

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