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The First 48: Playstation Vita Edition!

The following events were written in real time, in a Windows notepad, and each segment was saved each night until this was finished today, November 26th, I began November 23rd. These are my first 48 hours with Playstation Vita.

Perhaps you noticed, I enjoy the show The First 48. It's a rather good show, I am a fan of crime shows in general. Now then, off to the things you care about.

It was Black Friday, year 2012. I had heard about an amazing deal on Amazon for a Playstation Vita bundle. It would come with a white model Vita, Assassin's Creed III Liberation, a 4gb memory card, a code to download Playstation All-Stars, 3 months of Playstation Plus Vita, and a 10 dollar off coupon for Assassin's Creed III console version. Typically, this would be 300 dollars, and WITHOUT those final 3 codes that I mentioned after the 4gb memory card. And this was selling for 179.99!! So to my amazement, I pulled some funds out of thin air (it's amazing how you THINK you cannot afford something, but end up buying into a deal because it's just too sweet) and actually bought it! So, because of the excitement I was feeling about finally owning my first handheld console since the Gameboy Advance SP!! I bought one day, Saturday shipping for just 8.99, not too bad at all I must say and it was well worth it!

Delivery day! First hour with my new Vita!
First thoughts...this thing is SEXY!! The white is perfect, the dual analog sticks feel so natural. I finally hold in my hands, my very own handheld console in close to 10 long years, and I am immediately satisfied!

The first 6
I have now spent a decent amount of time today with my Vita (still oh so sexy!) I have just downloaded a couple of demos from the store such as Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Unit 13, Super Stardust, and Dynasty Warriors (yea I have a really awesome 32mbps internet connection), and will proceed to play each of them shortly. At this point, I am extremely happy that the Plus for Vita will feature a number of free games right off the bat. Now I have finished the demos, and I liked each of them actually. I'm a big fan of Uncharted, so I will jump on that first. This Gravity Rush had a really fun demo, so I will check that out also, and the others are not currently available for free right now, but I may buy Dynasty Warriors since I am a big fan also (yes, feel free to let out a GASP!) I will be filming an unboxing video in a little bit for my Youtube channel, and mainly for my group on Facebook (Gamers Unleashed X).

The first 12
So I finished the demos earlier today, and after a nice leftover Thanksgiving meal and a nap, I have used my free digital copy of Playstation All-Stars from my physical PS3 version. I was actually very close to using the code from the Vita bundle, but luckily I remembered in time about the other free copy. So now I have a second digital copy of All-Stars, and i'm not sure what to do with it yet haha. I had already played All-Stars all week on my PS3 and love it so much, so I was extremely happy to play it on the go. Or rather, outside of my room for now as I haven't taken it on the go yet! But it's very satisfying right now to play it in the downstairs living room while still spending time with the family (currently watching Home Alone, and then AFV, i'm also on my laptop writing this).

The first 24
After a good sleep last night, I am finally ready to activate my Plus membership. At this point, I have played a bunch of demos, and tore up All-Stars all last night in bed, and am now ready for a new game. It was interesting, I checked my email to find out that the free "3 months" was actually 3 separate 1 month trial codes. So whatever, it's still 3 months. I just activated them, and now currently downloading (after deleting my precious demos however, since I only have 4gb) Uncharted! I also had to delete All-Stars, but not before transferring it to my PS3 first, for easy access later on. It's great that I will be able to easily transfer things over when I feel like playing them, though it may only be one game at a time depending on size. Uncharted appears to be 3gb alone, so I don' think I will play that on the go. I should be able to fit All-Stars and one other game on there at least. I will at some point get a 16gb card, the 32 is a bit expensive.

The first 48
It feels like I've been writing this for a year! So I started Uncharted yesterday, and I really like it. It doesn't feel quite as high budget as the console versions, but that was expected, still a lot of fun. After a long thinking session this morning of "it feels like something is missing"...I realized that I had completely forgot about Assassin's Creed III Liberation! So I will do that now, but since this is the end of my 48 hours I cannot give an impression unfortunately, I must apologize. I played All-Stars some more though, I am really enjoying that on Vita. I really like how I am earning the trophies for it twice! Double platinum! I also forgot to mention the other day, I did mess around with things like Near, Welcome Pak, and a few other things. Not really things I care about, but it's nice to have them. I'm an old school gamer, so I really only care about the games, i'm not so in to all the social stuff.

So that is my journey folks! I hope people followed me on this adventure, it was a pain to constantly have to remember to write every day but I got it done! I must say I am really enjoying the Vita, and I can't wait to really dive into Uncharted more, and start Gravity Rush as well. Now that I remembered Assassin's Creed, I will also start that soon. Below I will put my unboxing video, feel free to watch it if you'd like.

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Games4M - Rob2031d ago

Im really wanting to pick up a vita myself. With Uncharted and Gravity Rush for free on PS+ and and PSASBR being cross play then i would have 3 full priced games straight out of the box.

If it wasnt for the expense of xmas i would deffo be buying one.