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What is the Best Website for Less Bias Reviews?

BenCrazy424 | 2313d ago
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             Lately, I have seen more and more bias reviews from websites trying to either get people to go to their website or favoring one console or the other. I and many others are frustrated from these reviews because we all just want to know if the game is good or bad.
            So recently, I have been searching through the websites and trying to find the website that is least bias than the others.
            One was Though they show a little bit more bias for the 360 in terms of scores, they generally give great reasons why or why not to by a game for all the games. They also have user scores and reviews to see if they gave the game the right score.
           Another one would be a little known website called For some history, The Game  Room was the first site to have video reviews on the internet in 1999. Because it was before DSL, it was impossible to see the videos. Nearly a year later, they went bust. Now, they are back and posting reviews again. Classic Game Room is not bias to any console and focuses more on gameplay then anything else. Though they do not post a score, they give you a ton of information on the gameplay.
          If you disagree with me, please post it on the comments below to help everyone including me to find a better website for reviews.

knifefight  +   2313d ago
Am I ironically biased for saying I think most of my own reviews are mostly unbiased? XD
Anyway, when I review stuff at, my point is to convey my opinion of a game based on how it plays, overall. The system, to me, doesn't matter, the series name or developer doesn't matter; it's all about the game in question. We might remove "scores" some day because sometimes all people do is look at a number and not read the text. That's disappointing, because then your site gets labeled as "biased" unfairly by people who don't read WHY a reviewer feels the way he/she does.

So anyway, there's that.
ABizzel1  +   2284d ago

No because a review is nothing but someone's personal opinion. Therefore, your review holds just as much weight as any game journalist. Now with that being said you can't get an honest answer from one site if you don't play the game and judge it for yourself. I have a system and it usually works pretty well for me.

Step 1. Go to metacritic or gameranking and get the review score from IGN, Gamespot, 1up, and Game Informer.

Step 2. Add them and get an average score for the game.

That way I get 4 different opinions, which usually is close to the score I give the game after I beat it.

IGN- Usually fair, depends on the writer.

Gamestop- Always seems to rank games lower than the other sites, but it balance out reviews/

GI- Usually fair, have their days sometimes.

1up- I haven't had a problem with their review yet.
Tony P  +   2313d ago
First off, this whole "unbiased review" thing is not even worth it. That's an argument for people who compare scores, not people interested in the game itself. It behooves those truly looking to purchase to read the review and learn to read between the lines.

Remember how some called Killzone 2 "too grey"? Now, I don't like shooters much. And I don't own the game and I don't want to own it. But I know "too grey" isn't something that would put me off purchase. As long as the review presents worthwhile information, even a terrible write up may sway you toward the game if you can pick out the facts.
randomwiz  +   2313d ago
The only part of being bias in a review is the score. otherwise, if you actually read the review, it helps.

The score is to just give you a general idea
8-8.9 BUY
7-7.9 take a look, buy it if you like it
6-6.9 rent
anything below a 6 shouldn't be given, unless the game is utter crap
HolyOrangeCows  +   2312d ago
Gameinformer reviews are good.
I've never read a GI review and felt that it contained bias.
N2NOther  +   2312d ago
Completely agree. They have always seemed fair and more often than not I agree with their thoughts.
Anon1974  +   2309d ago
SMGamers had a nice article with 15 exclusives for each console and charts examining bias against metacritic scores.

It certainly surprised me. There's some sites that everyone has screamed were biased that really don't appear to be, where sites like IGN actually showed a clear PS3/Wii bias compared to the 360. Check it out.
Halo3 MLG Pro  +   2312d ago
You are correct about sites that are a lil fishy. Especially the unknown sites that give a controversial review just to get hits. Halo ODST is a perfect example. All the respected and major sites have given this game a 9 or up while at the bottom of the list is a bunch of weird ass sites I never heard of giving it 7 and under. I just read a site called TheGo giving it a 5. :p

Game Informer are usually spot on with all their reviews. That's all I really pay attention too.
hoo_mook  +   2312d ago
giant bomb isn't bad either. one of the site's founders was fired from his old job because he being honest about a game...
DDGW_Ronin  +   2312d ago
Actually read online reviews and look past the score.
There are over 100,000 sources for game reviews online if you count blogs, commercial websites and magazines. Every site owner has a reason why his/her site provides game reviews. Even aggregate sites like metacritic carry a basic level of industry driven bias.

Ultimately, one needs to actually read the text of a review to find out what the accolades and shortcomings of any title are. The writers will always have a bias based on their motivation to write the review in the first place. Loving or hating a game is a source of inspiration in review writing and, likewise, a source of bias in the review score.

Internet readers are a notoriously lazy bunch, choosing to take note of a large bold number score rather than scrolling down the page to read a big block of text. (much like this comment...)

If you are reading reviews to help you with a game purchase, visit more than one site and be sure to include smaller independents like or
Digitaldude  +   2311d ago
Scores are too widely used, rating a game down to a decimal place is impossible, the numbers are an overall indication and thats where we went wrong. I think sites should review games at least to a whole number and have an extensive text.
alphakennybody  +   2311d ago no other site just can't compare to them they define honest when reviewing
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ubiquitious  +   2311d ago
Some of the less popular websites have a little more dramatic scores for obvious reasons (don't get your opinion from But bias? It is called a difference of opinion.

Ironically, Gamespot is the only website that you can legitimately claim any sort of bias against. Just because you don't agree with a score does not make it biased. Those who think that...need to grow up.

I typically enjoy reading Gamespot reviews the best. Eurogamer is also quite good. And of course there are those times when I'm feeling lazy and will go to which ever site has a video review:)
Sickr  +   2310d ago
Edge and Eurogamer would be my two choices.
lh_swe  +   2310d ago
I'm gonna stick with my NoobToob.
Great show, check it out on Youtube, they are funny and honest.(btw it's not my show if you think I'm just some lame-ass who's trying to get hits) I think these guys are better than most reviewer out there + they have an awesome community.
Lord Shuhei Yoshida  +   2304d ago is truly unbiased

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