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New directions for God of War

Many installments of God of War have come and gone in the PlayStation era. While it is a milked franchise, I do think it has a couple of legs left on it. I’d bet a decent amount of money that one or maybe two installments may be coming in the next couple of years. Santa Monica is a proven studio and will most likely finish off the series the right way. I have, what I think, are two great ideas to finish the series. The best part about it, is that owners of the new Sony systems would get the best of both worlds.

GoW has already seen two prequels: Ascension and Chain of Olympus. I think one more could be done. A pre-pre-prequel if you will. While I loved the game play of Ascension (the second half at least), I did not enjoy the story for the most part. It wasn’t exactly terrible, but it wasn’t the most fascinating of stories. It really under delivered on what I thought it could be. The super bowl commercial made it seem like something it was not. For people who have not seen the commercial, it basically showed an emotional Kratos and his hardship with going off to war. Ascension did show off an emotional side of Kratos, but it did not do it justice. If I were Santa Monica (or any developer handed the series), I would take the series even further back. Kind of like Xbox One’s Ryse, I think GoW could go to to that kind of style. Kratos could be a regular warrior without the crazy powers. The story could be all about his path to his pact with Ares. The beginning would be somewhat like the commercial I stated earlier. Kratos leaves Sparta to defend his home country in a 300esque way. The main story would have a focus on the major battles around Sparta with the Persians and have Kratos reflect on how much he wants to be with his family. The ending of the game would have Kratos form his pact with Ares. Kratos storms the battlefield with his new powers and demolishes the opponents. The ending could kind of be like Heavenly Sword with acquiring God like powers and destroying hundreds of enemies. The very last part distracts the last player from the surroundings and has you kill more soldiers with ease and forcing the player to make the mistake of killing Kratos’ family. That would be my ending scene of my pre-pre-prequel of God of War. They could touch more on Kratos’ sensitive side and build a really dramatic scene at the end of the game. I think this game could fit perfectly on the Vita. Not only would Vita get another AAA game, but it would also help Sony sell systems. It would be my perfect GoW game for the Vita.

My second idea is for the PS4. GoW 3 kind of left the series with room to go further. The best thing about it is that they could possibly implement co-op for this game. Having the PS4 can help bring the carnage to new scales. The story in my newest sequel would follow up the game right after *Spoiler Alert* Kratos kills himself. He would be sent to the underworld to meet his fate. Now if you played any GoW, you would know that Kratos can get out of the underworld and is pretty good at it. He wouldn’t settle for it again in this story. However, he also doesn’t want to do it alone. Kratos find his brother and they both go to break out of the underworld. Breaking out wouldn’t be to live again though. It would be so that Kratos and Deimos can get to heaven. The main story in this would be progressing through the underworld and having a much deeper universe down there. The underworld could have a bunch of different environments. The developers can take many different paths with the underworld. I’d personally like them to have an ending battle that involves most of Kratos’ old bosses with a new one mixed in. That part might not be the best of ideas, but that’s what developers get paid to do and can come up with something better. For the ending, I’d like Kratos’ ultimate goal is to get to heaven to see his family. After Kratos and Deimos have the last epic battle, they can walk into heaven. Kratos can then find his wife and daughter hold them tight. My ending would involve them holding hands walking off into a bright light. The series would end off on that note. It may not be perfect, but I do think it would be a fitting end to the series.

GoW may have some legs left in it, but will the developers get it right. I’m sure they will, but only time will tell. Do I hope my ideas happen? Absolutely. Do I think there could be better ideas? Sure do. I can only hope the series ends off the right way. I really want the series to continue, but I also want it to end with the next installments. Santa Monica and Sony are both creative and can focus on getting a new and more ambitious title out. What do you think?

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XboxFun1691d ago

I think the only direction for this to go is for him to actually fight new gods from another pantheon.

I know every says Norse, but that's too obvious. I say Egyptian, Indian or even Japanese. Regardless the story should be that the other pantheons see what Kratos did and they're scared that it might happen to them. So they take the initiative and try and hunt him down.

ABeastNamedTariq1690d ago

I actually agree with you.

While I'd like Norse, I think Egyptian would be great too.

I like the premise you suggested, too. As long as they keep Kratos (I don't know if I can imagine anyone else), I'm good.

shivvy241689d ago

honestly i think kratos story is over, i would love to see a new badass guy ! maybe egyptian, i read somewhere that theres lots of indian gods , like water,fire heaps of different elemental gods and theres like a god of destruction, sun/moon/earth gods etc

believeland61691d ago

Yeah I wouldn't mind other gods, but to be honest I don't want them to stray to far away from Greek mythology. It would be kind of weird to me if I saw Kratos in a a non Greek universe. It would be hard to justify it.