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Which Zelda Should Be Remade?

Ayer99 | 1526d ago
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Ocarina of Time was remade earlier this year, but which Zelda will be brought back to life next? Join me as I meander through some of the possibilities.

Majora's Mask- Since OoT looked so dang good on the 3DS, one might think that Nintendo would just remake the other Nintendo 64 Zelda as well. While this game wasn't really my favorite Zelda (probably one of my least favorite), it still deserves a make over sooner or later. Possible improvements could be a better save system, more masks, and of course, beautiful graphics.

A Link to the Past- Probably the one I want to see redone the most. The original Legend of Zelda often steals the glory from this game, which is a real shame. The game hasn't really seen many retail releases on newer consoles since the GBA, so I haven't gotten the chance to play it. But the third entry in this epic franchise could make for an amazing experience on the 3DS. Especially if it came with a graphical upgrade and 3D!

The Legend of Zelda- It was the first, so shouldn't it have been the first to be remade? Just picture a game with Phantom Hourglass type graphics, with the map of the original and the dungeons of the original. Doesn't the man in that cave deserve to give away that sword one more time? (Maybe in 3D?).

Wind Waker- This one would probably be better represented on the Wii U. What better way to get the new console started than with a remake of the most underrated (and over hated) Zeldas? With a more full sea and some HD graphics, this would be a winner for sure. Even if you hate the artsy graphics, this would be one of the most epic 3D Zelda experiences ever.

Twilight Princess- Oh, it makes me sad when I hear so many people hating on this game. It did so much right, but people seem to get stuck on the small things it did wrong. If anyone else read the latest Game Informer (a magazine that I usuallyhate, but hey, they did like a 20 page section on Zelda, so I figured I would cut them some slack.), one writers haled Twilight Princess as the best entry in the Zelda franchise. I might not call it that, but I have to admit that it is the best looking Link has ever looked. And if you thought the Wii game looked good, just picture what it would look like in HD. The game would play silky smooth, and look simply amazing. Hyrule Field would be as beautiful as it ever has, and the Fairy Springs would look astonishing. The Wii did the game justice, but the Wii U could do more than that. Possible improvements could be better sword controls, more fluid horse riding, and maybe more extras such as fish, bugs, and armor. And for those of you that are sitting their thinking the game would be no fun without motion controls, don't forget that the Wii U can use the Wii Remote and Motion Plus. Even just the game in HD with Motion Plus compatibility would be enough to make me pay 50 dollars for the game.

Well, you have heard my opinion, but what do you want? We all have our own unique opinions and views about Zelda, so share yours in the comment section below

-MD-  +   1526d ago
I want a real Ocarina of Time remake. No handheld stuff.
Gray-Fox-Type0  +   1522d ago
why a remake why not news ones?....the old ones had there time no point rehasing them again when you still can play the old ones.
DragonKnight  +   1525d ago
None, considering they pretty much rehash the game over and over with few exceptions. Why play a remake of an older game when a newer game fits the description almost perfectly?

That being said, if I was forced to choose, I'd choose A Link to the Past. Although that's pretty much already been done, what with Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess.
Peaceful_Jelly  +   1525d ago
I was going to say the same think. Nintendo is not known for new experiences because they always improve on what they have already created. The only exception would be the Prime series and that was basically made from scratch by a western developer.

Why ask for an Ocarina of Time remake when there's Zelda TP? Why as for a Mario 64 remake when you have Galaxy? I mean, they just changed the floating platforms for small planets but still the same concept! And I'm talking about "remakes" here not some re-lease with touched up graphics like OoT 3D...
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mamotte  +   1524d ago
Well, same can be said about Uncharted, with little to none important gameplay changes between 1, 2, and probably 3, COD, wich has no changes between versions (sad, but true), God of War wich is a hack' slash from the beggining, Disgaea has the bases of the gameplay untouched since the first game, and yet they got better... it's the same everywhere.

But for some reason, it looks like it's a problem when is Nintendo the one doing it.
DragonKnight  +   1524d ago
No, the same can't be said about any of the games you said. Why? Because unlike those games, the Legend of Zelda games not only use the same gameplay, but a rehashed story as well. How many times can a "new" Princess Zelda be kidnapped by Ganon or in some way need help from the "Hero of Hyrule" named Link (don't care about the B.S. that you can name it whatever you want so that it's "you", the hero always looks the same and fights the same) over and over and over?

Nintendo pretty much guaranteed that they'll never need to make a new premise for LoZ when they mad LoZ Link's Awakening and *SPOILER* had the King of Hyrule decree that every princess be named Zelda. Why can't Ganon be truly killed? Why does the Hero of Hyrule always look the same and fight with the same weapons? Why the rehash over and over and over? Same with Mario. How many times can one Italian Plumber rescue one dumbass blond princess from a Dragon Turtle? Over and over and over it's the same story, same gameplay with minor tweaks, and a different world.

Uncharted may have the same main characters, same basic core gameplay, but the stories of each one are NOT the same. Same with God of War. CoD is probably the only legitimate one you mentioned, and even that has more differences than LoZ when you consider it's a shooter with no real necessity for story. Different modes are what make shooters different. Legend of Zelda is the same stuff over and over. It's gotten to the point where you can pretty much predict how a LoZ game is going to be, right down to the typical "Water Temple" level that's harder than most of the others.
wingman32x  +   1524d ago
That's partly why I'm excited for Skyward Sword. From what I've seen, the gameplay is nothing like we've seen in a Zelda game before. Yeah, it has the same basic format, but how you progress through the game is different. There won't be the typical new item every dungeon format either due to emphasis on upgrading. As far as the story goes, Hyrule doesn't exist yet. That alone should put an end to typical Zelda cliches. Skyward Sword is a pretty big departure IMO.

I agree with your opinion at a basic level. There has been repetiton issues. But I still think that the Zelda series has one of the deeper stories in all of gaming. They aren't standalone entries in a long running series, like Mario. Each game, while building its own narrative, also expands upon the story and lore of previous entries. You always learn something new. The picture you have of the previous entries become just a little more complete. That's what keeps me coming back each time.
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Gray-Fox-Type0  +   1522d ago
you sir are fail Zelda & mario games probably destroy all your games you play combined. Innovative gameplay my friend even with the same premise, Zelda and Mario games gives originality and innovation that pushes the gaming industry and makes you look at other games and how pathetic they are. Play your clones games..while your missing out on some groundbreaking material.
DragonKnight  +   1522d ago
Oh yes, because jumping on turtles, shooting hookshots, going down pipes, and getting the Master Sword 8945142347239048712473 times is "teh innovashun" that pushes the industry. *rolls eyes*
TopDudeMan  +   1525d ago
A lot of people are saying a link to the past, I'm not bothered which one, I'll buy it.
maniacmayhem  +   1525d ago
The CDi versions!
El_Colombiano  +   1525d ago
e-p-ayeaH  +   1525d ago
youtube poop HD
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Combo  +   1525d ago
I just wonder what ganon's up to
aPerson  +   1525d ago
New game. Remakes of OLD games aren't going to make me buy a NEW console.
RockmanII7  +   1525d ago
I would like to see LttP remade with the Skyward Sword engine for the WiiU.
mamotte  +   1524d ago
I'd like to see A link to the Past, with Wind Waker graphics in HD.
wingman32x  +   1524d ago
I would like to see a Windwaker remake that fixes the gameplay flaws the original had. It could have been one of the best Zelda games ever created IMO if it weren't for the flawed gameplay. I loved the story and thought it easily outclassed most contemporary Zelda plots.
Ulf  +   1522d ago
Am I the only one who thinks that Nintendo classics don't need to be remade?

Zelda 64, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess -- I played them all (again) on the Wii. They were solid gold, just like the first time. Remakes... not needed. Ever.

Also, @ the above post: WW was THE best Zelda game ever made. Flawed gameplay... humph! ;)
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noporcru623  +   1520d ago
I agree a link to the past was my second zelda game but my first one completed and is still my favorite of all time so this one for sure or four swords as that was really fun

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