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PS Vita's OLED Screen Not Just for Display

Lol on the people that think the Vita's O.L.E.D. touch screen is just for show and bragging rights.

The OLED screen is one very important & vital component of the PlayStation Vita that makes the PSVita ... the Vita.

Let me explain the five very important reasons why the PS Vita was designed to have the OLED screen.

1) Graphical & Technical Excellence.
Anyone in his right mind knows that OLED is the golden standard by which screens will be measured. Because of its natural characteristics, it displays images with natural colors that are easy on the naked eyes to behold. Its looking at nature itself or natural light that won't hurt your eyes or give you head aches.

2) Battery Life & Power Saving.
Because OLEDs are the source of the screen colors themselves, they don't need a separate layer of LEDs to back light them up like the 3DS have. When it comes to portable devices how long the battery lasts between charging is very crucial and the OLED answers that issue very well.

The PSVita will be the greenest gaming machine ever built.

3) Very Thin & Light Weight Build.
Another crucial criteria for making the ultimate pocket machine. Ever wondered why the Samsung Galaxy S2 is thinner & lighter than the iPhone 4? the answer is ........... OLED :)

4) Multi-Angular Viewing.
OLED just makes sense. If you have a portable gaming machine with six axis, accelerometer & gyroscope game play control mechanics you need a screen that displays the same colors in whatever angle you look at it during game play. The OLED does exactly this! No other current LCD screen technology can do this.

5) Future Proofing.
Anyone in his right mind knows that OLED is the wave of the future for 2D & 3D displays alike. And if you design your portable gaming device to have a 10 year life span, then you need a screen that will stay relevant in 2021. Wow!

Ladies and gentlemen the OLED screen is there for a lot of practical, logical & sensible reasons. Its not just for display.

Oh by the way you can touch it too. :)

OLED ties up many of the features that make the PS Vita one of the most S.E.E. (Safe, Efficient & Economical) piece of gaming hardware I have ever known & seen.

On the software side it has the potential to be the most balanced gaming platform of all time!!!

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Pandamobile2462d ago

My phone has a first generation AMOLED screen, and if the PSV's screen is anything like that it'll be quite beautiful.

miyamoto2460d ago

yeah that will be awesome!