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My top 5 stupid lies about nintendo in the last days.

5-"Frostbite 2 didn’t run well on the Wii U"

Frostbite 2 supposedly didn’t run well on the Wii U… but Cry engine 3, which produced arguably the most graphically intensive experience to date for consoles with Crysis 3… was running on the Wii U… and running very well. But hey, that Frostbite 2… it can’t do it!

The fact is that the console contains the necessary requirements to play B2 (B2 Minimum requirements: (WII U technical aspects:

4-"WII U its less powerful than the Xbox 360"

The Wii U CPU is clocked slower than the CPU of the Xbox 360 (although the hacker who revealed the specs says the difference isn't as pronounced as it appears to be). And once again, the GPU is slightly faster. The big difference, of course, is the amount of memory, with Nintendo's console having 1 whole gigabyte available for games, more than double the RAM that 360 games have to work with.


Wii U vs. Xbox 360
CPU - slower
GPU - faster
RAM - more

(you can see the technical aspects here:

3-"Nintendo is doomed."

I'm sorry, but to be honest, I do not think anything bad will happen to nintendo. If sales of nintendo wii u are not increased, then the life support will be the 3DS (a little longer than a year of launch, already sold better than sega genesis, the atari 2600 and the first xbox. Http://

2-"Nintendo has no new franchises"

This has to be the stupidest lie of all lies.

This is the new IP of the last 10 years (the most significant) (from the newest to the oldest):
-Pandora's Tower (2011)
-The Last Story (2011)
-Xenoblade Chronicles (2010)
-Mario vs. Donkey Kong (2004)
-Baten Kaitos (2003)
-WarioWare (2003)
-Eternal Darkness (2002)
-Pikmin (2001)
-Advance Wars (2001)
-Golden Sun (2001)
(And in fact there are more, but for certain reasons I think it would be best not to mention., But you can see them here:

1-"Nintendo does not have companies support it with their games"

Is disappointing how people do pay more attention to companies that do not want to support "nintendo", but pay no attention to those who are doing it. the fact that "sega" give great support confirmed nintendo, did not cause much stir and commotion as happened with "EA". And that is the problem. The problem that even if relevant companies do not want to support "nintendo", does not mean they have not been.

-Headstrong Games
-Platinum Games
-Square Enix
-Camelot Software
-Monster Games
-TT Games

There are lots of company that should be/want/can and will support nintendo.

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SilentNegotiator2031d ago

Between a slower CPU and slower RAM, you have a system that functionally won't as easily accomplish what many developers can do with a 360.

You can't fault developers for calling that "weaker"

Codey472031d ago

5: We're not really at liberty to say whether Crysis 3 or Frostbite 2
ran well or what the visual fidelity was....only on what's been said.
But I can say technically(not graphically) Frostbite 2 engine has Dynamic destructible environments. High Dynamic Range Audio.

Normally in a PC Environment... minimum recommendations are just that. My advice for anyone into enthusiast settings is to double or even quadruple the recommended settings for optimum performance and visual fidelity.

Theoretical Memory Bandwidth

Wii U = 12.8gb/s (+ edram)

360 = 22.4gb/s (+ edram)

PS3 = 22.6gb/s

Even though the WiiU has more it's almost half the "Power"