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The TRUE Resolution of Call of Duty Ghosts on Xbox One

This is just for the sake of discussion and my opinion means nothing in the grand scheme of things as it is purely spculation and I am not treating it as fact. I am getting both machines and I am trying to keep this as balanced as possible.

So as many of you know Microsoft and Activision have not confirmed the resolution of the game for the xbox one (unless we use the eurogamer article from 5 months ago) but given the recent delays and downgrades/upgrades to games I'd say its safe to assume there is a possibility things may have changed especially with other games like battlefield 4 suggesting similar rumors.

This of course raises a great many questions. Why is it that if they confirmed it in a eurogamer article months ago that they refuse to do it now? Why are both Activision AND Microsoft both tight liped on the whole thing? Why does COD ghosts look like shit with next gen hardware? (Ok that one was a joke...but it looks about as ugly as I can think of for a next gen much so that I will almost say its the same game as on ps3/360 only at 1080p). So how did I go about answering these questions?

Here are some of the rational possibilities I came up with.

1) The game is exactly the same on both consoles. I am considering this. While many of you would argue that if it was the same they would have said something (don't worry ill take that into account later) can't we just accept the possibility (even though it seems a bit stacked against them) that it IS actually the same and that they decided not to comment? I mean what's wrong with that? A company can disclose any information they see fit at any time they wish. Just because one company reveals something doesn't mean the other has to do the same. Granted it can hurt public relations, but again its the company's choice no matter how dumb it may be in my opinion. Remember we lived in a generation of "the new coke" companies can be dumb.

2) The game WILL run at 1080p....just not yet. I would like to point out that COD ghosts has not yet gone gold for next gen systems. Isnt there a looming possibility that maybe they are still trying to get it at that resolution? Making it so they are in a position that they do not want to announce until they are sure? I personally feel this is what may be happening. It explains the ps4 only gameplay footage so far meaning that with this option there is still a possibility that they are the same or it is sub 1080. I honestly think that while albert has made some terrible misteps, half truths, and mistakes this might be the only time he genuinely has nothing to say that is beyond his control. He can't help being out of the loop (even if he should be in it in the first place).

3) The game runs sub 1080p. This possibility I am tempted to believe due to microsoft and activision being silent and some insiders like CBOAT claiming 720p, BUT we have to keep in mind these are heavy rumors and while CBOAT has some credibility....he has been wrong before lets not forget. Plus this is a BIG thing...and could potentially sway buyers. Maybe microsoft know its sub 1080 and do not want to share due to backlash when recent games went sub 1080. They might feel like they need every advantage they can get. A rumor without confirmation of this magnitude is less dangerous to them than a confirmed rumor of this magnitude. Personally if we go off of these "ps4 being 50% more powerful" which I believe to actually be in the relm of about 30%, going from 1080p 60fps to 720p 60fps is a MUCH larger performance gap. I could imagine the possibility of 900p if it turns out to be lower as that is in the realm of a 50% difference as far as numbers go. 50% more powerful does not mean 50% better looking games. Its like a fast car. At a certain speed the air becomes so thick that to gain even a few more mph you need 100 more horsepower.

Anyways that's my speculation let me know if you guys agree, disagree and share your thoughts! Which of mine do you agree with? Why or why not? None of them? All of them? But please try to be as true to the facts as possible and keep from trolling (have a rational arguement devoid of fanboyism). Remember we ARE dealing with rumors. Just because the evidence in your opinion points to something doesn't make it true or confirmed.

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lex-10201671d ago

Bit of a misleading title but I am glad that you provided multiple answers and supported them with logical reasoning.

Statix1671d ago

It's not just CBOAT, but multiple insiders, reporting that the game currently runs at 720p on the Xbone. For instance, famousmortimor on Twitter started off saying he didn't completely believe this rumor at first, but now more and more people who have played the game are confirming to him that Ghosts is indeed 720p on the Xbone.

He does mention, however, that there is a possibility that the resolution could be raised in a future patch.

Angels37851671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Thats why I said "some insiders like CBOAT" implying there are a few but I only provided one example :)

I read his twitter feed as well and it seems like my second option is the most relevant.

buynit1671d ago

Yea Im leaning towards number 2.. they probably just don't want ppl to know its a lil behind, i highly doubt xb1 can't handle cod at 1080p 60fps..

OrangePowerz1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

With the game coming out on the 15th and 22nd it must be gone gold by now for next gen accounting for manufacturing and shipping those discs must be manufactured by now to have enough stock on launch.

As for if it runs 1080p native or not. I wasn`t impressed graphically with the videos they have shown so that game should run without issues in 1080p. If it doesn`t than the developers are doing a bad job or the console isn`t as to develop for as people hoped for.

In case it runs below 1080p that would be something MS wouldn`t want the public to know because CoD is one of their selling points with it`s timed exclusive DLC and they wouldn`t want to let others know that the game looks better on another console if it would indeed run below 1080p.