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Modnation Racers demo is... fun

I was as suprised as I could have been at replaying the modnation racers demo over and over today and last night... Not only do I not like racing games, but I most definitely do not like playing racing games alone. How shocked was I as I sped and drifted about that I was actually enjoying myself, more or less from the get go?

Drifting is very manageable, I mean you can really drift with ease, in fact, it makes cornering even easier if you land a drift at the right time. What a novel approach I thought (perhaps other kart racers have done it, I wouldn't know), to render drifitng a navigational aid rather than a chore in order to gain precious boost energy!

I think this is the first time since killzone 2 that a demo has convinced me to buy a game. The level editor is just icing on the cake, you can actually go reasonably high with your tracks... the first thing I thought when I heard about the level editor was "edit, sure, but can I get a spiral to go straight up, round and round?" Well, the short of it is, yes, but it stops you after about three full circles... fair enough I thought, anymore and it might get idiotic ('twas my aim, I admit!).

This is the first time I've gotten excited about what an online community's reaction to editing features would be, and let me tell you, I think it's going to be great. What I was able to do in ten minutes got me pretty hot about what someone with talent could do in twenty, which means there are going to be alot of sweet tracks in no time when this game comes out.

Check out the demo if you haven't already, friends.

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Dannehkins2742d ago

I think I'll share your enthusiasm!

KozmoOchez2742d ago

to think about how awesome the tracks that people create will be. I just love how customizable the game is, every single detail of everything that goes into the mods and the cars, add to that ridiculous amounts of track stuff...although, i think there is a limit to how much you can put on there, but who wants a track that takes an hour to finish?

i didnt even like creating stuff in LBP but i feel like me and my nephews will have fun making tracks since its so easy

thor2742d ago

I am still not sold on ModNation Racers. I mean, the racing is fun, but is it as fun as CTR? Not for me. A key component of kart racers is battle mode. That's where half the fun is - and just imagine creating your own battle arenas! But battle mode is missing in MNR.

Also from what I have seen every track is effectively the same, gameplay-wise. It's nothing like the marvellous TrackMania, for instance, where you find all sorts of ingenious trick-jumping tracks, and where there are a variety of game modes from the default "multiplayer time-trial" (try to set the best time out of everyone playing within 10 minutes) to the regular 10-lap race.

The track-making tools in MNR are nothing like the level-creating tools in LBP and it is an insult to LBP to even make the comparison. In LBP you can make a variety of gameplay, utilizing vehicles, objects and machinery to make your level's gameplay unique. You can create puzzles, boss characters, and a huge variety of platforming gameplay. In MNR you are very restricted - you need to specify the track layout (e.g. unlike TrackMania, you can't just throw a bit of track and a bunch of obstacles into a track and let the player work out how to get to the end; you need to specify any branches or alternate routes). Your track needs to be a circuit and the gameplay mechanics need to be exactly the same for every race.

ArchangelMike2742d ago

I was abit gutted when the demo had restrictions such as racing the track that I had created, or not being able to use the mod character I had created to race; but one thing I noticed was the "due to popular demand..." notices which basically said it will be included in the full version due to popular demand.

I'm willing to bet that UFG has DLC planned, and also that things like battle mode will be in the pipeline. Shame it'll be sold as DLC instead of being packaged with the game!

Milky2742d ago

It is fun. The track editing is very good for the fact that it is simple and so making a good track is quick and easy.

ArchangelMike2742d ago

I was in two minds about getting this (especially as RedDead is also out), but I have to say, after playing the demo, I'm sold. Not had this much fun from a kart racer since mario kart. IMO the editor elevates it to the best kart racer bar none. My 4 year old son made a complete track in like 2 minutes. Fair enough he just drove the tractor in random directions, but once he understood how to connect the track, he was off creating his own tracks and test racing them. I was amazed how easy and how well I was able to made a pretty good track. We had so much fun from just the demo, and just for that factor alone I'm getting this game!