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Getting past the fanboy and back to the fan

I've been a member of this site for almost 3 years now and, at one time, it was a pretty cool place to go and share excitement for a game or console or developer. Gradually, it's dwindled to stories like:

Kinect: It sucks?
Move: It sucks?
MS: Killed Michael Jackson
Sony: We eat American babies
Nintendo: *cricket chirps*
Kinect: Gave birth to Jesus
Move: Innovation the likes of the the wheel

Now, this isn't necessarily an N4G problem. It's a community problem. I've played my part. I've trolled. I've let comments piss me off and reply for the sake of being a dick. To summarize, I've been part of the problem. For as long as I've played games, that should be all that matters. Not the corporation behind game or platform. We are all doing the same thing, playing games. I'll start by not being a dick. Now let's discuss the new motion stuff, the new announcements, the rumors, etc and keep this ridiculous "war" out of it. Let's have fun, remember what that was like?

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Nihilism2862d ago

Bubbles, I'm glad your blog wasn't a pseudo-intellectual post like so many others try to be. Too true about the B.S, fun is all that matters, it's sad that people verbally abuse other people for buying different brand $#!+, people just don't behave like that in real life, it's sad that the internet has provided a soap box for the only children of the world to take it out on everyone else.

Good to see gamertags from 3 platforms, I think you are in the minority on this site though, as you said, everyone else has chosen a 'team' to barrack for...

WildArmed2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Yes, it's sad.. but it's also funny.
just like 99% of the comedy in the world =/

And like u said, no1 behaves like this IRL.
They hide behind the annoyonousmity (wtf is that a word?) that internet offers.

And it's obviously that the people that post comments here (well most, not all) don't have any intentions of changing their views.. so no matter how logical or persuasive your reply may be. it'll fall on deaf ears.

Though it's funny time to time..
It's hard to accept that 99% of the N4G population is that ignorant.

And for the record, I'm looking forward to motion gaming (surprisingly considering 6months ago I hated it)

Jinxstar2861d ago

I'm starting to warm more to motion games. Some of them really do look fun. I just hope it's not short lived like wii sports was for me.

Back to being a gamer. So Game On Action Bastard.

Convas2861d ago

More power to you AB. People are so caught up in this stupid War, that they've forgotten what the hell we're doing here in the first place. At the beginning of the day, we come here because we're gamers, because we play games, on every platform. And at the end of the day, we're all still gamers.

But it's as you said, the internet has provided a means for all the little Men-Children and Boys to come out and behave badly, in ways that they wouldn't DARE to in people's faces.

Keep on Truckin' bro. When it comes down to it, you're having fun gaming, and their having fruitless arguments about what has the "best graphics EVAR".

XBL: Convas

will_c_752861d ago

This battle over products isn't being fought by the consumer, but by the recipients of said product. It seems that the self pride of working hard for something has been lost and replaced by jealousy, because you are stuck with the card dealt to you. I don't understand the reasoning for the straight out hatred between them though. When I was that age and was given a car, I didn't shout down the street at the other kids saying that their car sucks. I was just happy to have wheels, and a way to the beach for my friends and I.

Convas2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

You'd rather not have fun actually gaming? GTFO then?

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