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Happy Holiday Shopping

Holiday Buyer’s Guide

Attention all holiday shoppers, here are the best deals for gamers this holiday. I know some of you are looking for PS4 and XBO deals, but they don't exist. However, many stores are claiming to have a small amount of the brand new consoles in stores for Black Friday, so be sure to check.

Best Deals on Wii U

Wii U deals are far and few between, but there are some ok deals if you look.

$160 Deluxe ($200 + 20% off)
$259.99 Skylanders Bundle
$279.99 Bundle + New Super Luigi U and New Super Mario Bros. U

I know you’re scrambling to find this deal; however, this is a local store in Kansas City. I was shocked when I saw this, and I have no excuse not to buy a Wii U. The console on sale at Cargo Largo for $200, and for their Black Friday sale you can take an extra 20% off everything in the store dropping the price of a brand new Wii U down to an all time low of $160. The one possible shinning light in this deal for everyone in the US is that Cargo Largo has an ebay store, so there’s a slim chance that you might be able to purchase this incredible deal off of their ebay store. Best of Luck.

Toys’r’Us has the lowest price with their Skylanders bundle for $259.99, but you can get a similar bundle from GameStop for $299.99 + a Backpack and a $25 GameStop gift Card.

Last but not least is probably the more likely bundle older Wii U gamers will want. The New Super Luigi U and New Super Mario Bros. Bundle.

Meijer: $279.99 + a $30 off coupon towards your next purchase.
Wal-Mart: $299.96
Toys’r’Us: $299.99

Best Deals on Vita

As with the Wii U the PlayStation Vita doesn’t have many deals, so I’ll just list the 3 of them.

$149.99 eBay
$169.99 Wi-Fi Meyer
$179.99 3G GameStop

PS+ and XBL

$29.99 1-year of PS+ (GameStop)
$10 3-month XBL (Target aka $40 1-year XBL)

Best Deals on 3DS / 2DS

$99 2DS (Wal-Mart only)
$149 3DS XL (Target only)
$129.00 3DS Luigi’s Mansion Bundle + 2GB Memory Card (comes with all I think)
$149.99 3DS Paper Mario Sticker Star Bundle (Kohl’s only)
$219.99 3DS XL Special Edition Legend of Zelda A Link Between World’s Bundle

The cheapest way to get a 3DS is well, a Wal-Mart 2DS.

The best 3DS deal is the Target 3DS XL for $149.99 and will have the best deals on the original 3DS ($129.00 and $129.99). However, the same deal can be found at Best Buy for $149.99, and most other retailers for $169.99.

5. Not really a huge deal, but you same $20 and get an exclusive Gold Zelda 3DS XL.

Best Deals on a PS3

$199 250GB PS3 SS + The Last of Us + Batman Arkham Origins
$149 12GB PS3 SS
$199 12GB PS3 SS Move Bundle + Sports Champion 2

This bundle is everywhere, and I do mean EVERYWHERE, so you can go to just about any retails that sales consoles and pick up this deal. If you’re one of those “Super Savers” then the following stores are the ones you want to visit:

Target: $199.00 + a 20% off coupon towards your next purchase (25% + Red Card)
Meijer: $199.99 + a $20 off coupon towards your next purchase.
Fry’s Electronics: $187.77
Amazon: $199.00
Wal-Mart: $199.00
Sam’s Club: $199.98

Wal-Mart is the only retailer with this sale and it’s the next best thing for a PS3.

If you really want PS Move then go to RadioShack for the PS3 Move Bundle.

Best Deals on Wii

GameStop $49.99 Used, $39.99 Used for PowerUp Rewards Members.
Ebay or Craislist has them for as low as $20.

Best Deals on a Xbox 360

$99.00 4GB Xbox 360 (Wal-Mart Only)
$189.99 250GB Xbox 360 Bundle + Halo 4, Tomb Raider, Batman Arkham City, Darksiders 2, and a Mono Headset (looks like the free one).
$199.99 4GB Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle + Kinect Sports, and Kinect Adventures

1. This Xbox 360 is a Wal-Mart exclusive, however, Kohl’s is the second runner up offering the same basic console for $139.99 if you fail to get one at Wal-Mart (your chances should be better at Kohl’s)

2. This Bundle is a Best Buy exclusive, however, the same deal can be found at for $149.99 but without Batman and Darksiders, and most retailers for $199.99. However, t

3. If you’re looking for a Kinect Bundle then this is pretty much everywhere along with the 250GB bundle, but here are the places to go first.

Target: $189.99 + a 20% off coupon towards your next purchase (25% + Red Card)
Meijer: $199.99 + a $20 off coupon towards your next purchase.
Dell: $189.99
Sam’s Club: $244.00 + Extra Controller and a Media Remote

Game Deals for PC gamers

1. Newegg GPU blowout. I'm a little biased nowadays and for PC gaming it's all about the GPU IMO (CPU and RAM tie for second), and these GPU deals are just too amazing to pass up.

HD 6750: $15 after rebate (XFX 1GB)
HD 6950: $120 after rebate (PowerColor 2GB)
HD 7790: $70 after rebate (PowerColor 1GB)
HD 7850: $100 after rebate (MSI 2GB) / $110 after rebate (ASUS 2GB)
HD 7870 GHz: $130 after rebate (MSI 2GB) / $140 after rebate (Asus 2GB)

GTX 640: $60 (EVGA 2GB)
GTX 650: $100 (EVGA 2GB)
GTX 650 Ti: $100 (EVGA 1GB)
GTX 660: $145 after rebate (Gigabyte 2GB) + Assassin’s Creed 4 & Splinter Cell
GTX 670: $200 after rebate (Asus 2GB) + Assassin’s Creed 4 & Splinter Cell
GTX 680: $280 after rebate (ASUS 2GB) + Assassin’s Creed 4 & Splinter Cell
GTX 760: $200 (Zotac 2GB) + Assassin’s Creed 4 & Splinter Cell

Can I get a wow. Thank you. There are also some great deals on those looking for HDD's for their PC, Console, etc...

2. $499 CyberPower PC. While not a powerhouse PC it has everything it needs to rip through games if you sell the HD 7750 for say $50, and buy a real GPU like the HD 7790 and higher or the GTX 660 and higher, and you're good.

Best Deals on Games

I’m sure you already know which games you want to buy, and there are too many to list individually, but if you’re into Used games these are the best deals.

Gamefly $5 off all Used and Keep it games.
GameStop Buy 2 Get 1 free on all games, accessories, and consoles

The Gamefly sale gets top ranking, because Gamefly naturally prices its games SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than GameStop to being with, and en extra $5 off just seals the deal. I added 9 games into my order and compared it to the price I would pay at GameStop. With GameStop’s B2G1 and 10% off RewardZone card all 9 games came up to $150 which is a great deal, but with Gamefly the same games came up to a mindblowing $60. That’s 9 fairly recent games for $60, the price of 1 new game. The games consist of DmC, Gears of War: Judgement, Tomb Raider, Bioshock: Infinite, Halo 4, and more. If you don’t have a Gamefly membership you won’t get the 10% and you may have to pay for shipping and handling, but if you are a Gamefly member do not miss this sale.
Next-gen consoles
My biggest advice is to wait until next year to get your next-gen console. I know how tempting it is to get that Day one console (I bought my PS4), but it’s much more beneficial to just wait.

If you don’t mind used consoles then GameStop will have the best console deal next year when used PS4’s and XBO’s start hitting store shelves. GameStop usually has a Buy 2 Get 1 Free on anything used sale in the store at least once a year, but guaranteed to happen on Black Friday. The sale even applies to consoles, and if you can wait for one of those sales you can snag a PS4, XBO, and Wii U all for $800 compared to $1,200 New ($400 savings). That’s an unbeatable deal, and by then an enjoyable game library should be playable on all 3 next-gen consoles.

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"$199 250GB PS3 SS + The Last of Us + Batman Arkham Origins"

That seriously seems too good to be true, but i wont question it!

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It's very true. :D

I've added a PC section if you're interested, unbelievable deals.

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Wow, thanks, my cousin's a PC gamer, so this info will come in handy! Thanks again!