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Microsoft should have went first

Highlights and reactions

MS new console will be officially known as “Xbox One”

Multi-Media: Great multi-media services, and nice Kinect controls (I called the gestures and voice control last year), but I could care less. Guess the former MS rep who quit wasn’t lying.

Xbox One specs: 8-Core CPU, 8GB of RAM (no confirmation of DD3 / DDR5), 500GB HDD, Blu Ray, HDMI, USB 3.0.

Xbox One has 3 OS. An updated Xbox 360 OS, Windows Kernel OS, and a OS to combine the two.

Achievement System: Now helps find your perfect match in the multiplayer games you play (huge potential for finding friends of similar skill level).

“300,000 servers for XBL, larger than the entirety of the internet during 1999.” Best quote of the show LMAO.

Smart Glass will allow you to use multiple devices as a second screen to function with your TV and Xbox One. No confirmation of whether this works with games.


EA Games: New engine for EA Sports. Looks Meh. Exclusive DLC for Xbox One for Fifa.

Forza 5: No gameplay CG Video. WTF MS.

Remedy (Alan Wake): Quantum Break. Finally not just another CG trailer. Live Action + CG :(. Looks heavily inspired by Beyond: Two Souls.

MS plans to have 15 exclusives in the first year, 8 of which are new IP’s. Sounds good, and the best news thus far.

More media stuff. The Xbox One focus is on being a media box first, gaming second. MS has new partnerships to bring exclusive TV content to Xbox One. Halo series.

NFL on Xbox One.

I’m pleased to announce Xbox One will be launching...........later this year. LMFAO biggest [email protected]%#ing troll EVA’.

Call of Duty Ghost: Exclusive DLC for Xbox One for Call of Duty Ghost. Made by Infinity Ward. A dog as your BFF (Fable). Mocap dog. Graphically looks on par with Battlefield 3 on mid settings. Customization & Dynamic maps for the new COD. 60fps confirmed. Side by Side COD: Ghost vs COD: Modern Warfare 3, dog model is a big jump (simply because now it’s a main character), character models have more details, but not quite as noticeable, jungles look better but not WOW. PS none of it was side-by-side.

Overall the presentation was Meh! There were a lot of details and confirmation, but nothing that wow'ed. MS needs to bring it hard at E3 to make up the lackluster presentation, because Sony is now leading the competition by FAR.

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dedicatedtogamers1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

It's clear Microsoft is focusing on being a media box. The only thing that could have disappointed me more is if they confirmed always online. I mean, they kinda did.

MS said "the console is not always online, but it will require an internet connection." No backwards compatibility is confirmed. No used games is semi-confirmed (they said that once a game disc is installed for the first time, subsequent users will have to pay a fee to install the disc on their console).

But hey, instead of playing games, at least you can watch Halo Live-Action TV Show and ESPN with a Skype chat window in the corner....

Christopher1797d ago

Yeah, you might be able to "de-authorize" a console for a game, so I'm not jumping on the 'no used games sales' bandwagon here.

dedicatedtogamers1797d ago

Hi, I'm bro-dude. I just finished up with Call of Duty Ghost. I'm selling it back to Gamestop (assuming Gamestop takes trades of Xbox One games). Please explain it to me why I would take the time to de-authorize a game (if Microsoft even offers that option) instead of just leaving it on my hard drive and playing it without the disc, because that's one of the features of the Xbox One.

Christopher1797d ago

GameStop and others might start making sure games are "de-authorized" if this is true. I'm not saying this is smart, I'm just explaining one possibility on how it could work so that it wouldn't actually affect used game sales.

rainslacker1797d ago

That's very wishful thinking. There is no denying the calls for cutting out 2nd hand sales. This is just a way to achieve that without actually making the disc unusable. This is what the publishers want, and even Sony has said it will be left up to the publisher, so a similar system may be in place for them.

To me, a used game includes the license to use and sell that game. This way of doing things is just separating the two, and the disc is simply a storage medium with no real value other than not having to download a big ISO.

Christopher1796d ago

To bring this up, it looks like based on the recent Eurogamer interview that this is not wishful thinking. They don't have the exact details, but they are going to allow selling back to a retailer but not transferring to others.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx1797d ago

Yes, going first would have been better for them, I feel going second and giving a bad show compared to the ps4 was a bad idea.

a08andan1797d ago

Nice read, just a minor thing. The title should be "Microsoft should have gone first". :)

Z5011797d ago

When asked about the lack of games in a post-event interview with GameTrailer TV’s Geoff Keighley, Microsoft’s Don Mattrick said: “Look, Xbox is created by gamers for gamers, so that’s our core. That’s our DNA. That’s what we do. We decided that we were going to do an unveil, tell people the name, let them see the box, let them see our vision. And we’re going to show such amazing content at E3. Be planned to be blown away.” - Yet they STILL showed games. If thier purpose of the unveil was the name, box, etc. Why show ANY games? They're full of it. This post is for all the 'wait til E3' & 'E3 is for the games' people.