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Why Best Buy is the best game retailer

So I'm sure many of you have heard of @gamer magazine aka Best Buy's answer to Game Informer. Well it is no only and answer, but a flat out stomp. Content-wise Game Informer has the edge, but @gamer magazine is a magazine for gamers, written by gamers. It reads like a mix between gaming website and your techy / gamer friend. But that's not why it's better.

Once upon a time Game Informer included coupons and discounts for Gamestop such as Buy 2 Get 1 free, extra 50% trade-in, or 30% off any game (limit 3) in addition to your standard 10% off. Those were the good old days, and those deals are long gone, and only issued when Gamestop feels the need. However, each issue of @gamer magazine offers $135 in savings on various gaming products, and today was the first time I realized just how useful this magazine is.

I walked into Best Buy with a plan. Buy Batman AC, Rage, Bulletstorm, and Mass Effect 2. Had I bought them all day 1 it would have been $240 out of my pocket. But heading in today I was looking at a more reasonable $90 (Batman $60 marked down to $30, and the others $20) All brand new. In comparison Gamestop would have cost $120 for all 4 games new, and even at a used price they're $106 or $95.60 with 10% off. WTF Gamestop. But thanks to @gamer magazine and their awesome coupons I save $20 on Batman, and $15 on the others, bringing the total price down to $27.92. Can you say amazing deal.

I also got a $10 off coupon in store, and used my $10 off any pre-played game and got Left 4 Dead 2 (another copy) for free.

5 games for $27.92. I'm done with Gamestop.

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megaworm252300d ago

I wish we had a best buy here is australia :(

ABizzel12300d ago

I'm so sorry for you. What's even better is that you're buying new and that profit goes to the developer. The only thing Gamestop has over Best Buy is used game selection.

In-store Best Buy Used games are so sketchy you'll be hard pressed to find anything brand new or over a year old in your city, especially if they have Buy 2 Get 1 or Buy 2 get 2 free. They need to get their used games collection up in-stores.

But @gamer magazine is wonderful.

KozmoOchez2299d ago

Yeah dood gaming in Best Buy is dope. I work at BBY, and I just signed up for their gamer club unlocked so I can get the free magazine every month. BBY has only had a game department(we sold games but it has never been its own department) for less than a year, but they are doing well and I feel like often times it has much better deals than Gamestop and the employees are much better than Gamestop(and I've worked at gamestop before).

The used game selection is going to be like that for a while since we just started doing it and we don't just take our trade ins and put them on the wall like Gamestop does, they get sent out for verification and such.

Also, I'm happy that you may have stumbled upon a "good" Best Buy because there are some terrible ones - but more power to you and I'll relay the good word to my friends that work there when I go in tomorrow to work/pick up ME3.

FrankDrebin2296d ago

Amazon is the best. Get over it!

YamiHoshi2300d ago

In my country, there are game shops, but most of them are either only online, or in just 1-4 cities.
Something like Best Buy, GameStop, etc., which operates anywhere, would be nice.
Oh well, we have a Free Record Shop, which is still not exclusive to games.
Or ePlaza, which is no dedicated games store (just a part of some toys shop).

aDDicteD2300d ago

i always buy my games at best buy because of the great deals

Fairchild Channel F2300d ago

I used to buy my games at Best Buy pretty much exclusively but I have to say lately I've been using Amazon. There has been so many $20 dollar gift card deals that I just roll into the next game that I haven't paid more than $40 bucks for a day one release since November. There is no tax and they ship for free if you pre-order. And you get the game the day it comes out. With gas being so high it's nice not to drive to the store and just have it delivered.

Plus, sometimes they screw up and send you two gift card codes. This has happened to me (luckily) three times and seems to occur when there is a pre-order DLC code being sent to you. I'll get an email launch day with the DLC code and the gift card code and a day later I'll get another email with just the gift card code (different code number). I pre-ordered Racoon City for $20.98 lol. For that cheap I'll risk it sucking.

akiraburn2299d ago

I wish I had your positive customer experiences there ABizzle, because honestly I've lost most of my interest in shopping at Best Buy due to their atrocious customer service both in-store and online/over-the-phone. During the general "holiday season" I had placed an order online which they actually changed several parts of it after I had placed it, including one item that they marked down as having been "returned" by myself, and then added the same item over again onto my purchase when the sales were over and it was at triple the price.

Their customer service for this issue was a total mess as well. No one seemed to have any idea what had happened at all. They "fixed the errors" (which actually still left me without two of the items I ordered), and I was told several times that someone would be contacting me to compensate these issues, only no one ever called. After several weeks of this I ended up seeing that they finally refunded the monetary portion, but still no one had called or emailed me about what happened. Even later I got a generic customer-service email offering me an $8 gift card, for a different issue then the main problem on that order, and which was laughable for the amount of problems this all caused, but I figured I'd brush it off.

Having resolved the problems (at least sort-of) through their over-the-phone customer service, I just assumed that it could've been just a small error on their system's end and later I tried ordering several other items online, and then had a couple experiences in-store with them. All of these experiences were on-par with the others, including one point where I brought in a deal to my local store that I printed from their website for a game that was on sale but was marked down as in-store only, and two women at the customer service desk proceeded with throwing me indirect insults, including calling me a liar and insisting that the sale was preposterous and was blatantly not real (basically calling me a liar). Then when I proved them wrong, they didn't apologize, they still wouldn't honor the deal, and I left pretty pissed off.

So now I almost exclusively use Amazon and Gamefly for all my purchases. Gamefly almost consistently has the cheapest used game prices, and they ensure that you will be getting the original box, sleeves, and manual when you buy the game, which usually also means that any "new-game" DLC or online passes actually come with the game (I don't know if they remove it for certain games but I know any that I've ordered had it inside the game, and if it wasn't there, their customer service helped me get a new code and/or offered me a free month of service due to the problem). And Amazon tends to have the best pre-order deals for new games and many great sales for other recent titles. And the best part of these two services is that their customer service support is hands-down some of the best that I've ever used. Anyway, that's my thoughts on the topic.

ABizzel12299d ago

I'm sorry to here that. Their over the phone service sucks.

But other than that I've had no problems with Best Buy.

akiraburn2298d ago

Thanks for the response Bizzel. Like I said, it is a shame that it turned out that way, but you live and learn. I've lived in four different states over the past seven years and I can't really say I've had a very positive Best Buy experience at any point, and so this was essentially the breaking point for me. Consistently the employees have been unhelpful, didn't know anything about the products I was looking for/interested in (including if they even had them in-stock sometimes), or they were otherwise just unhappy to be there.

But everyone has different experiences, and I'm sure there's some good Best Buys with wonderful employees out there, including your local one from the sound of it. But for me I'll probably not be shopping there unless I see a very impressive deal that I feel confident I won't have any hassles getting it. As I mentioned, my personal best experiences have been with Amazon and Gamefly. If you haven't checked out Gamefly's used games on their site, I highly recommend taking a look, especially during sales.

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