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Overall E3 Review

MS- Where were the exclusive games for the core? 90% of the games for the core were 3rd party titles that are also coming to PS3 and now Wii U.

Sony- Use your time more wisely. The flow of the show was probably the best it’s ever been since Sony always has to have 2+ hours per show. But presenters need to get to the point more quickly and get things shows so we can see everything. There too much time spent on the Resistance 3 bundles (Move Bundle, and 3DTV bundle which should have been a 32” for a no brainer sell like with the PSV). Those could have been cut down to simple announcements with a quick picture of them. That could have made time for The Last Guardian, Twisted Metal, Journey, Payday: The Heist. Four good games that didn’t get any kind of attention.

Nintendo- The 3DS and Wii U had good showings, but where does that leave Wii and DS. Answer DEAD. That’s a huge mistake seeing how they are the only things still here left for Nintendo fans to play since 3DS sales haven’t shot through the roof just yet. There could have at least been something shown for the DS, and the Wii has been given a few bones and Zelda to die with. The 3DS seems to be getting a bunch of N64 ports which is kind of weird since the console is as powerful as a Gamecube, if not more so. The Wii U looks impressive from the demonstration, but Nintendo decided to focus on Wii U Party games, instead of things like the Zelda demo or the tons of 3rd party games that developers are putting on their new console. Nintendo hasn’t had true 3rd party support since the SNES compared to their rivals, and now they finally do, and they show it off in a video. It would have been so much better if they showed Battlefield 3, showed Darksiders 2, showed Ghost Recon single player, showed Assassin’s Creed, showed Arkham City, that would have put NIntendo’s conference over the top.

Overall E3 Conference Grade: B

Overall I think Nintendo still won, but not like they should have won. Sony was right there with them, and that shouldn’t have been the case, and IMO Sony could have won had they shown off the games I mentioned as well as talked about or had a teaser trailer of SOny Santa Monica’s new game and Guerilla Games new game (They showed a Sly 4 teaser, and InFamous just came out during the conference so there’s no excuse for Guerilla). MS had a great presentation, but the content was utterly lackluster it was 50% Kinect, 45% Multiplatform, and 4% exclusive core games, 1% new apps. EA had a better conference than MS, and Ubisoft’s awful conference was almost as good as MS, and that should never happen for a console manufacturer. Overall this E3 was just OK. There was nothing huge, but everything shown was really impressive. Wii U and PSV stole the show, but not in the way previous E3’s. The best games shown IMO were Sony’s exclusives, the 3rd party games (Batman Arkham City, Elder Scrolls 5, Rage, Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3, Tomb Raider, Mass Effect 3, Need For Speed: The Run, SSX, ), and PSV and 3DS games. The Wii should have had a better showing, but if it’s coming out in March 2012 like I expect then I guess we’ll see more of it at TGS. Nintendo, Sony, EA, and the big Third Party games kept this E3 afloat.

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DeadIIIRed2537d ago

I thought it was somewhat sad that a game publisher did better than the big three. They all spent way too much time on peripherals IMO

Derekvinyard132536d ago

E3 wasent that bad this year but i wanted more hitman

rob60212536d ago

Twisted Metal wasn't shown because it's hard to show off a 60fps game at 30fps - you gotta see it in motion.
Sony just showed its cards early: Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, PayDay, and Starhawk were all uncovered before the show. Yet they still reviled 2 new core exclusives.

The Wii U versions of those 3rd party games aren't even close to ready to be shown - what they have right now probably looks worse than the PS3/360 versions. I don't see how Nintendo wins, they basically told us they're going to have a crappy launch lineup - since they want to encourage 3rd parties to develop on their console. Will that fancy tablet controller really be worth $100 over the other systems?