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Microsoft's E3 Conference

Modern Warfare 3 demo looked great, but I’m not a huge fan of Modern Warfare or similar games (I like FPS just not the Modern Warfare games), but I must admit this one has me interested. The game looks much better than any game in the franchise thus far, and the scale in the game is on a grander scale. I was impressed.

Tomb Raider looked great, and I love the new survival direction they’re going with. The game looks beautiful, and Lara has a Batman like detective vision. Really impressed with Tomb Raider, although she was screaming too much. Fall 2012 :(

EA came up. A few sports games have Kinect capabilities now, and more to come. The Mass Effect 3 demo was looked great, and you can use Kinect to replace speech and give orders, but it looked weird.

Ghost Recon Future Solider had a in-game trailer, which was nice. They demoed using Kinect to assemble and disassemble weapons using motions or voice commands. It works great, and looks great. They used Kinect to shoot, and while it works, it looks horrible.

Youtube is now on XBL, Bing is now on XBL (you can search, but it’s no web browser whatsoever), TV comes to XBL the demo trailer was ok, but you have to say “Xbox ______” to do everything. Not very convenient, but it works. DVR and On demand available.

Ice-T WTF. Gears 3 looks great, but it’s more Gears, great, but not mind blowing anymore.

Crytech’s Project Kingdom, is now called Ryse, and it looked good. The main characters grunts sound like Kratos, and it’s set in Rome, and it’s a first person hack and slash action’s the Xbox’s attempt at getting a God of War on their console, but it looks interesting I must say. 2012 Release date.

Halo Reamke, looks good a mix between Halo 3 and Halo Reach, has multiplayer, should be a good buy, 2011.

Forza 4 looks beautiful, but there doesn’t seem to be anything really new to the series, but the game does look gorgeous.

Fable The Journey had a great looking trailer, but when it came to the actual game I was completely underwhelm, but it did look good, better than any other Fable game.

The Sesame Street and Disneyland games were good........for a 6 year old, moving on along.

The Star Wars game looked absolutely horrible, graphically it looked good, but the gameplay was awful, and crawlingly slow.

Fun Labs was a really cool tech demo for Kinect, that’s become an actual game, and it shows Kinect off in it’s best light thus far (excluding Dance Central)

Kinect Sports Season 2 looks nice for anyone with Kinect. Dance Central 2 looks great for rookie dancers, to try and learn some moves, but again Kienct not my cup of team.

Halo 4 trailer. It was easily the highlight of the entire conference. It looked great, it looked like 343 Studios is going to make Halo more action packed than any of the previous titles, and it went all Dead Space with Zero-G. Release date 2012.

Microsoft’s Conference grade: C

There was some impressive stuff there, but it was stuff we all knew about with the exception of 1 or 2 games. MW3 we knew about although the showing was good, Tomb Raider had a great showing IMO, Mass Effect 3 looked great, Ghost Recon’s trailer was good, but the problem is ALL of these games are coming to PS3 as well. Youtube, Bing, TV are already on PS3 and have been on there since Sony has a web browser (although TV is debatable). Gears 3 had a good showing, but this is the second time seeing it at E3, and a lot of us have played the beta already. Project Kingdom now called Ryse was shown (FINALLY) and it looked good. The main characters grunts sound like Kratos, and it’s set in Rome, and it’s a first person hack and slash action’s the Xbox’s attempt at getting a God of War on their console, but it looks interesting I must say. Most of the exclusive Kinect stuff was for the casual audience which is fine for them. The only big reveal was Halo HD remake which looked good, but this is like getting excited for a HD Collection, they’re nice and you’ll pick them up but nothing mind blowing. Oh yeah and a Halo 4 trailer was shown which was the highlight of the show, but nothing was really shown in the trailer (A-holes where’s my gameplay). Overall there was nothing really there, MS is surviving off of the 3rd parties and Kinect this year, which makes me believe even more that we will be seeing the Xbox 720 in 2012 along with Halo 4 as a launch title, so 360 fans get ready to say goodbye to your console, and get ready to buy a new one, because this is now Kinect aka Casual territory. Pretty much everything was about Kinect and how it’s going to be used with core games to get gamers to buy the device, but there was nothing there that sold Kinect to me, there was impressive uses for Kinect, but nothing that made me want to go out and get it right now. The thing that brought them down from getting a C+ was the awful acting, just stop it, it’s cheesy and makes things completely uncomfortable for gamers and the presenters.

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DoubleVeez2355d ago

Spot on bro... that was one of the most embarrassing displays ever... smdh.. lets hope nintendo makes up for it

ABizzel12354d ago

It wasn't a bad presentation, but the content was a big WTF, where are my 360 games. The show ran smoothly minus the bad acting, but the games were a big disappointment. The third party stuff all looked really good, but I can get all of that on my PS3 as well.

Sony and Nintendo did great to me, but even they could have done more.

PS3 was missing demos form Twisted Metal, Last Guardian (TGS), Journey, and they could have shown Santa Monica's and Guerrilla Games new games.

Nintendo should have shown games that showed the true power of Wii U at the conference. They said they have all this 3rd party support, then why didn't they show it, I wanted to see Batman, Darksiders, Battlefield, Ghost Recon, Assassin's Creed, Ninja Gaiden, and Tekken all running on the console. It was crazy that they didn't show anything, but Mii games especially considering the fact that the Wii had no kind of press there (or the DS for that matter). Then they announced new games for the Wii at the end, but didn't show any of them.

This E3 was a bit of a letdown overall, but Sony, Nintendo, and EA had solid performances.