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3DS and PSP2 spec. guess

ABizzel1 | 1593d ago
User blog

Well the 3DS specs. are rumored to have been released, and until an official word from Nintendo we'll have to take it with a grain of salt, but I'm pretty sure the specs are spot on. In case you haven't seen them here's the link.


Now I personally had already formed my opinion on what I felt each handheld was going to be pushing spec wise, and here's what I came up with.

3DS thoughts

CPU: 400 - 800 MHz processor for top screen (480 Mhz) Gamecube
100 - 200 MHz processor for bottom screen (120 Mhz) Nintendo 64

Since Nintendo is known for recycling tech I wouldn’t be surprised if the bottom screen is the former top screen for the original DS and only uses a 64 MHz processor. But I think Nintendo's going to try harder this go round, but they're still going to be left behind.

RAM: 128 - 512MB (256MB) More than any Nintendo system

First off I never split up V RAM, and D Ram which is why there's only one figure. The Wii is their most powerful system and it only has 88MB. The 3DS games look on par with the Wii some a little better (whether it’s the tech or small screen?) and with a lower end processor, the web browser, 3D, and other features it needs the RAM update. I'm being generous here, but I think they'll go with 128MB.

GPU: 256 MHz GPU for top screen
64 MHz GPU for bottom screen

Again Nintendo is known for not pushing tech, and if we look at everything the 3DS is doing, it’s not really pushing anything, only catching up. Its games look better than their PSP counterparts, but it doesn’t blow the PSP out of the water. No doubt about it the 3DS is going to improve over time as all consoles do, but I don’t see it reaching XBox 360 level graphics. 480p, 30fps (Max 3D) or 480p, 60fps (2D)

So as you can see I gave the 3DS too much love, and if the rumored specs. are right, then the 3DS is practically on par with the PSP. That's what makes me doubt these rumored specs., but we'll have to wait and see.

PSP2 thoughts

CPU: 1 GHz - 3.2 GHz (1 GHz) Current king of mobile devices

Sony is known to make their consoles 8 - 10x as powerful as the last, and I think the handheld would be no exception, if it weren’t for battery life, and burning our hands due to having some insane tech in it, we would have a 3.2 Ghz Cell mini in the PSP2.

RAM: 512MB - 1GB (1GB) Has to make up for CPU

Since they can’t get the CPU to reach the level of the PS3 they’re going to do it with RAM. Expect the PSP2 to be using 1GB of RAM which is twice as much in the PS3, meaning we should see some near PS3 quality graphics on the handheld.

GPU: 512 MHz GPU

This is the other area where the PSP2 has to improve to hold it’s title as a portable console. The PS3 has a standard GPU in it, which was great at the time, but fast forward at least 5 years later and you have new and better GPU’s available, but mobile GPU’s like CPU’s aren’t up to par with the bigger electronics, so my guess is the GPU will be on par with the PS3’s. 720p, 60fps

So I guess we'll have to wait for the final specs. for both. Until then I'm hoping I'm right.

jidery  +   1593d ago
I think your estimated specs for the PSP2 are close to what they will be. Honestly it would not suprise me to see a 1ghz dual core cpu in it with loads of ram.
TheLastGuardian  +   1592d ago
Uh huh, well, that's all real pretty but...what the hells it mean in english?
awesomeperson  +   1592d ago
It means the PSP2 will be BEAST :D

I don't care much about the stats of the 3DS though :/
firefoxprime  +   1592d ago
yeah...a Beast that eats yo wallet.

Pertaining to the blog about 30fps (max 3D) and 60fps(2D), I believe your a lil wrong there.

We have official confirmation atleast one of the 3DS titles(DeadOAlive:Dmns) will play at exactly 30fps in 3D, and 60fps in 2D.

So if one dev team can do it, then hopefully more will too.
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ABizzel1  +   1591d ago

That's exactly what I said. As a matter of fact Dead or Alive was the reason I used that example.
awesomeperson  +   1591d ago
I meant I don't care about the stats because I'm not likely to buy it D:
StbI990  +   1592d ago
You sure are the lastguardian xD...no one would put you on the front with such a low knowledge of these basis stuff.
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TheLastGuardian  +   1592d ago
Jeez, have none of you seen the Uncharted 3 trailer?

I can't believe your questioning my level of intelligence when you can't even form a basis sentence. XD
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KillingAllFanboys  +   1592d ago
I think your underestimating 3DS come on we haven't even seen the console yet and your calling it recycled garbage. Also, Nintendo only recycled tech for only Wii and DS gosh just because one gen they did this everyone say Nintendo does it all the time. Look at N64 then look at Gamecube tell me if that is recycled tech, the only reason they recycled tech because Gamecube sold so bad like 21 million compare to PS2 100 million+ so of course Nintendo had no money to make an HD console or a amazing handheld. But with the many DS and Wii, Nintendo can finally release an powerful handheld so I think the 3DS will be powerful handheld.
StbI990  +   1592d ago
Only for wii and DS? how old are you dud? nintendo has been doing that since the first game boy recycling tech from the very NES to the GB/GBC then SNES to the GBA, n64 to the DS/3DS xD and so on dude.
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KillingAllFanboys  +   1592d ago
ok then so the N64 looks just like gamecube graphics and no they haven't.
StbI990  +   1592d ago
Ok put it this way then xD.

n64/GC for DS/3DS, happy?, nevertheless, still recycling.
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ABizzel1  +   1591d ago
Stbl990 is right. All of their handhelds are based on the previous version of their hardware.

Wii and DS are the same gen and the DS is a portable N64

GC and GBA are the same gen and the GBA is a portable SNES

N64 and GBC are the same gen and the GBC is a portable NES.

Sony's doing the same thing with the PSP, but there's is the previous gen unlike Nintendo who is 2 gens behind.

PS3 and PSP are the same gen and the PSP is a portable PS2

PS4 and PSP2 will be the dame gen and the PSP2 will be a portable PS3.
firefoxprime  +   1591d ago
woah...kid. The 3DS does "not" tote n64 graphics. Might wanna check those spectacles...
NoctisCaeli1  +   1592d ago
good expectations everyone but...
PSP2.. well what about the price of the psp2 if it is close generally to the ps3 then it would cost closely likewise.
ABizzel1  +   1591d ago
I know I hope it's $299. But I'll be waiting for the PSP2 2000 anyway.
Spitfire_Riggz  +   1591d ago
It would be so sick if the PSP2 had a stellar price and at the same time they announced a PS3 price drop
Hitman0769  +   1589d ago
Who cares what PSP2 will cost, if you are a real gamer you will buy it.
NoctisCaeli1  +   1592d ago
oh and by the way... nobody is underestimating N3DS..
but we all look forward too watch psp2 to be great..
Jaws007  +   1592d ago

Otheros00  +   1591d ago
Nobody is underestimating N3DS.
Everybody is overestimating the 3ds. Like what you are doing.
KillingAllFanboys  +   1591d ago
no I am trying to prove this guy wrong on his thought of the 3ds, I know the 3ds wont be 360 graphics or better graphics than PSP2 but at least something that is good, not just recycled tech.I already know is nothing to be amazed by but just dont call it recycled trash until we see it in our hands.
ABizzel1  +   1591d ago
Your making it a bigger deal than it needs to be. The 3DS, more thank likely (again my opinion/hypothesis formed off of observations and previous hardware), will have Gamecube tech for the top screen and N64 tech for the bottom screen (The DS had 2 processors as well.) What makes it better than those 2 is the display is much smaller, and it'll have much more RAM which is why games will look better, and they can get away with a lot less texture details since the screen is so small compared to a 32" TV.

No ones saying the 3DS is recycled trash, those are your words, but based off Nintendo's history with their handhelds, the 3DS is going to be a portable 3D Gamecube or at the most a 3D portable Wii.
ThanatosDMC  +   1591d ago
Ummm... im pretty sure you left out a skin cell Chuck Norris from the PSP2. Oh wait, nvm you did mention it.
digitaledge  +   1591d ago
Is there any point in having such a small screen displaying a 720p picture? I'm pretty sure that on a screen of that size, the eyes wouldn't be able to notice much difference.
ABizzel1  +   1591d ago
The reason I listed it was because the PSP 2000 and later models could connect to TV's and you could play your game on your TV.

So with the PSP2 I'm sure they'll take it further, and since HD TV's are becoming the norm. it'd be best to play your game in HD, as well as look at your pictures (since it's rumored to have 2 cameras), movies, and music all on your HDTV and Surround system.
digitaledge  +   1591d ago
I wouldn't play a handheld game on my TV - I'd rather play my home console on it - that's the point isn't it?

But still, that doesn't mean that there is any point in having an HD handheld screen. Sure, the processor/GPU may be capable of displaying HD when connected to the TV, but in terms of playing on a small screen, there is no real justification in having an HD screen, other than to inflate the cost. I don't see the reason that Sony would put an 720p screen on a handheld.

My Android records video in 720p, but the screen isn't HD, yet it's pretty much unnoticeable when you watch HD video on a non HD small screen.
lastboss  +   1587d ago
LOL ! another Nsex ? expecting 256 MB of RAm ??? In case you don't know, a 3DS has been recently stole from a chinese firm and the RAM is : 96 MB only. "Though an accompanying video shows Super Mario 64 DS being added to the cartridge slot, it seems that the unit is unable to run any retail games, only booting a black screen with the SDK version and memory information (96 steaming hot megabytes of RAM, for those wondering)."
Moreover the CPU you re expecting (485 Mhz) is a dream. Only 2 ARM11 : 266 Mhz. So...

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