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I regret buying a 3DS…

So i bought my 3DS only days after it’s release hoping to jump into the amazing world of Mario and his family in 3D, but soon enough i had my dreams crushed, i bought the device along with Street Fighter 4 and although i’m not a big fan of fighting games and as i never played any previous parts of the series before i had to go with it because it was the only decent launch title and it was very successful, so i said what the hell i can get this one now just to try the 3D effects and later i can buy others, but that later is still going on and i haven’t found any other good game i can buy yet.Who’s fault it’s you say?! well it surely isn’t mine, i have the money and the willing but there is nothing in the market for me to buy.When the first announced the 3DS there was some amazing games along wit hit, Mario Kart,Luigi’s Mansion,Mario 3D. but up to this moment all we see is exactly 6-7 game which all are remakes except for maybe 1 or 2,Nintendo failed big time at presenting a decent launch titles for this device, not only that by they also failed to bring any originality to it, some NES remakes and couple retail remakes is just a load of crap,This is not why i bought a 3DS for and i don’t even think this is what anyone bought the device for.There are some people who got excited when Nintendo announced the free SNE games and i actually petty these people, did they go spend 250$ to play more that 20 years old games?

And now the talking about introducing the extra analog stick of course with extra cost and extra wight and dimensions for the device.So we were okay buying this device with just one analog stick because we were looking for an experience different from what we have when playing on consoles, games like Mario,Luigi’s Mansion,Mario Kart and others can be played fine without the right analog stick and those types of games can be only found on a nintendo system,I don’t buy a Nintendo handheld system to play FPS games, i buy it to play other unique games that i can’t play on my PS3/360 now it looks like the device is loosing it’s uniqueness by aiming to compete with Playstation Vita in running these action games in a very dated graphics.

What made the Wii so successful is because it offered something new and unique to the market despite it’s HD lacking and low graphics capabilities comparing with PS3/360, the 3DS had the potentials but Nintendo just destroyed it.and now i winded up with a 250$ device that i nearly touched since the day i bought it, thank god for the case i bought it with otherwise it would have been full of dust by now.Nintendo really needs to fire some people.

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zeal0us2391d ago

It would probably been better to just wait and buy the device, when the game you wanted came/come out.

SilentNegotiator2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

3DS is probably going to be the sort of system that I buy at the end of its generation. While buying it early on or even midway would probably bore me, there would at least be a lot of great games by the end.

Instead of waiting for some more decent games to release, I would be digging into a satisfying back-catalog of games.

Besides, in this well, century, I'm not exactly thrilled about a game system that excludes things like a second control stick/nub. I'm not going to bother with a lot of my favorite genres using the touchscreen or lock-on or whatever.

And I really don't want to re-buy the classics just to be 3D and portable. I'm by no means AGAINST remasters and re-releases (I've purchased many), but I only want to play the ones of games that I haven't played yet.

Not even the known future titles entice me. The Super Mario title looks incredibly mild compared to the likes of 64 and Galaxy. They put Luigi's Mansion 2 on the worst possible system for it in terms of controls, when the best possible system for it (the Wii) did not get it. I've already played Monster Hunter with poor camera controls on the PSP, I'll wait it out for a Vita title with the dual sticks (built in)...

I'm not trying to be too harsh on the 3DS, but it just isn't looking like a system for me. From the fundamental issues like there being only one control stick, to the games, the best of which have been remasters so far.

Pozzle2389d ago

I'm surprised anyone would buy a console before games they're interested in are released, tbh. Not only do consoles get cheaper as time passes, but what's the point in buying a console if none of the games you're interested in are released yet? There's always the possibility they will get pushed back (or even canceled alltogether) and then you might end up with a console and no games.

-Alpha2390d ago

Shoulda waited, but I'm excited to pick one up. Love Nintendo exclusives

soundslike2390d ago

I'm a fan of supporting the protection of endangered species too.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2390d ago

Im waiting for the Vita, that's not to say the 3ds is not good it's just the lineup of the Vita grabbed me.

plmkoh2390d ago

Fair enough that you're annoyed at the lack of software, but in under two months time Mario games should be out.

ABizzel12390d ago

I'm disappointed and I got my 3DS after the $169 price drop, and on top of that dropped down to $100 thanks to trading in my original 3DS lite.

It's a nice handheld, but:

1. There's nothing good/new to play still.
2. The battery really is as bad as the reports claim.
3. It doesn't always charge on the dock, you have to unplug and wait.
4. It seems like a DS, with a graphical upgrade to gamecube graphics with 3D.
5. There's talk of a new model coming out with the 2nd nub.

The 3DS had potential, but Nintendo's execution was horrible.

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The story is too old to be commented.