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Next gen, Are we ready yet ?

With speculations about Nintendo releasing their new console next year a very important question forces itself at us,Are We Ready yet ?!Well there are two answers for that: No & Yes. You probably wondering now( is this guy an idiot or what ) let me explain to you first why it is yes,For Nintendo fans it's absolutely necessary to release a new console as soon as possible.Let's face it the Wii became outdated and practically dying,And as we all know by now there are massive rumors about a new console might appear in less than a month from now on E3 that will be slightly powerful than the current Playstation & Xbox ( slightly is a very disappointing word as it was the same case for the Wii to the PS2 – Xbox and it got outdated very fast than PS3 – Xbox360, and this will happen again with it's successor ) with 6 inch screen integrated in the controller, those to be considered the main features up till now,So it's a big YES,We Are Ready for Nintendo.

But that's not the case when it comes to Playstation and Xbox next consoles,We still haven't had full of the current gen. yet, A lot of great games yet to come,the current services are great,online multi-player is great.And graphic wise the PS3 hasn't reached it's maximum yet. And we still yet to see big titles which will be released no sooner than Q3 2012 like: The last Guardian – Hitman 5 – MGS:Rising and others, Do we want this games to be the last good thing this gen? of course not. That was regarding the gamers,but what about the developers? Are they ready yet? NO they are not, they are not ready more than the gamers,Why?! Let's see, this current gen started in 2005-2006 but when did we really start to see good looking games with minor or almost not noticeable bugs-glitches? Games that made us drop our jaws when we first saw it and said WOW, it was in late 2009, 3-4 years after the start of this gen. and with games like: Uncharted 2 – Arkham Asylum , And then followed by some other brilliant games such as: BF:BC2 – Mass Effect 2 - Heavy Rain, and more, I know someone would ask: What about GTA4 – Modern Warfare – MGS4 ? yes they are great games and so successful but the question is: Did they really show what the current gen. consoles are capable of? The answer is: Not as much as we thought at the time, Not even half of the potentials this gen. capable of.

Every gen in my opinion walks through 3 phases: 1- The introduction phase 2- The Live phase 3- The dying phase. The introduction phase as i mentioned earlier took 3-4 years to appear, shouldn’t the Live phase which we currently on take at least 150% time more than that? Devs. have just started to master designing the games of this gen. let's give them some time to show us more incredible work and amaze us for a few more years,So I think a 2014 is a great date for next gen consoles to appear, that will give us more time to enjoy what we have and will give devs. more time to prepare for the next gen. and I assure you, We won't get bored of the current gen. before then.

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Fat Onion2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

I'm Ready!!! 2013/14 Xbox 720 and 2014/15 PS4!!! Is good timing anyway!!! Although the current 360 and PS3 could perhaps test out an "OnLive" type of service to see how people like it. I would imagine MOST Xbox owners have high speed internet anyway. Microsoft will buy OnLive one day and they are looking forward to it.

Active Reload2565d ago

I'm not ready yet. I'll be ready after I've purchased new releases for $30 for 2 years, after that I think I'll be ready to invest $60 once more. As it is right now, certain devs/pubs want to trick the consumer into hopping right into next gen paying $60 for games that, imo, won't be significant enough to differenitate themselves from current games.

Abdou232566d ago

OnLive will only work in USA and 2-3 other countries,Because the rest of the world doesn't have super speed internet yet.
Forget about seeing OnLive like service or digital distribution from SONY - Microsoft any time soon.

Fylus2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

I am definitely not ready. We haven't even tapped into everthing the PS3 is capable of. As for the 360, I don't really have an opinion on it but I'm sure there are millions of Xbox players that aren't ready to give up their console just yet.

It would not be a smart move for either Sony or Microsoft to advance just yet. People who just bought a PS3 or Xbox360 yesterday aren't going to even want to hear about a new console already in the works.

cochise3132565d ago

I'm ready, but I'm not ready to pay $400+.

Godmars2902565d ago

"We" or rather the industry, wasn't ready for the current console gen, so I have serious doubts that it will be ready for the next. That if anything it will be a refinement of the current gen.

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