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Sanzaru Games is needed to give MediEvil a new Resurrection

I'm a seasoned gamer who's actively watched the many shifts in the gaming industry over the years, and several of those shifts have been beloved series being handed off to different developers. It's always hard seeing one of your favorite gaming franchises get into the hands of another studio, we fear what changes they have in mind as they envision the installment they're making or just if it will be a quality game in general. We all know how the story goes; new developers are given a long running series to continue and most the time it ends up in disappointment. Sly Cooper's story of getting another development studio has a happy ending though, and it's all thanks to Sanzaru Games.

For those who are unfamiliar with who Sanzaru Games is, they are a development team who took it upon themselves to create a Sly 4 after Sucker Punch flat-out told them they were too busy with the inFamous series to make one. They got the money together for a PS3 devkit and created a Sly 4 prototype that was later pitched to Sony who along with Sucker Punch were so impressed by it that they gave an enthusiastic "Ok" for them to make their very own Sly Cooper game. Fast forward to February of this year with Sly Cooper: Thieves of Time finally releasing, it's safe to say that Sanzaru Games not only delivered but made the series better than ever before.

Being passionate about a gaming series is one thing, but being a talented developer studio that can take someone else's series and not only stay true to it while making it even better is something you rarely see happen with video games. Sanzaru Games are in fact huge Sly fans, there wouldn't be a Sly 4 if they weren't, but the job they did with creating Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time showed what quality developers they are. Their work before the latest Sly game ranged from small, quirky Wii/DS titles to ports of Sony titles to other PlayStation platforms and it was clear those projects were too minor to let them show the kind of games they are capable of making. Given the opportunity to make a full PS3 game that took advantage of the console’s power, they proved that it went beyond passion for Sly and they just could make a great game that impressed in all areas. If they were tasked by Sony to do what they did for MediEvil what they were able to do for Sly Cooper, then I have no doubt they'd be just as successful.

Why MediEvil though, you ask? Well Sly Cooper and MediEvil share that they are both charming, cartoony series that have fantastic universes you can't help but be immersed in. It's hard not to fall in love with MediEvil every time you start up the PSOne Classic and watch the opening movie that pulls you in with the amazing atmosphere it sets. It's wonderfully grim, Tim Burton-esque visuals and soundtrack are largely what made the MediEvil series so impacting and without staying true to those aspects a new MediEvil wouldn't work. When Sanzaru Games were making Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, they made sure to get the same composers who worked on the previous Sly games as well as the original voice actors. It's not that they'd just be able to capture the charm and humor of MediEvil, but they actually respect and understand gamers taking the proper measures to retain the essence of the series they are making a new installment for. I'm confident they'd contact artists who worked on the original MediEvil titles as well as the composers of the series' music while also getting Sony's Cambridge studio (now merged with Guerilla Games) involved ensuring we get a true new MediEvil game.

It's not entirely about just successfully recreating MediEvil's universe to the last detail though, I also trust Sanzaru Games to make their MediEvil game to play and control as fun and responsive as the made their Sly game. MediEvil has a lot of catching up to do in the gameplay department as it is a series from the PS1 era, and as spectacular as it is going through the story and seeing all the spooky settings and grotesque enemies there are in the game, it controls rather poorly. That's pretty excusable given how dated the game is while control precision has gotten only better as the years have went by and it's fully expected MediEvil will be up to the standards of today's games.

Delving further into gameplay, Sanzaru Games displayed that they are full of great ideas when it comes to making new play styles and game mechanics with all the additions they made in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Sucker Punch introduced the idea of disguises for Sly Cooper in Sly 3, but Sanzaru Games took it a step further giving each disguise its own abilities and gameplay styles that only made Sly's gameplay feel more expansive than ever. Sanzaru also made Sly's ancestor's playable in the game for the first time, playing like Sly but with unique powers and skills that made them different to each other. That alone was a great showing of all they can do with core gameplay and even take it up a notch with already implemented gameplay ideas. Given that MediEvil already has a wide variety of weapons for combat and different armors/forms that change up the abilities of Sir Daniel Fortesque, there are just so many possibilities of what Sanzaru Games would do as they evolve and expand upon each mechanic.

Sanzaru Games is simply the studio that's needed to finally bring MediEvil back and the perfect match for the series. As I played Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time it was hard not to picture Sir Dan walking through the levels, but imagined in a more Halloween-like setting, with how fitting the engine they created would be for a new MediEvil game. It seems like there is never the right time to bring back some cherished PlayStation series with how busy Sony's studios are, but Sanzaru Games can definitely be trusted with revitalizing another one with how impressive Sly: Thieves in Time was. I'd love for them to do a Sly 5, and given that they recently said though their Facebook they have a "flurry of announcements" to make later this year they may already be working on it. It just needs to be said that they should definitely consider working on the MediEvil series next.

No matter how many years go by since the MediEvil franchise went dormant there’s still fans clamoring for a new game in the series. With the exposure Sir Dan was given in PlayStation All-Stars and the launch of the PlayStation 4 this holiday season, now’s the right time to start planning the return of the series. PlayStation prides itself being a platform with lots of diversity when it comes to its game selection and a new MediEvil would only add to the PS4’s library. If the PS4 is truly hoping to be a “renaissance” with the level of diversity in game genres this gen that lives up to the PS1 era then let’s have Sanzaru Games work their magic and awaken Sir Daniel Fortesque for another adventure.

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majiebeast1739d ago

Good news they are working on a new title for Sony if job posts are anything to go by.

Abash1738d ago

Well they have several announcements planned, hopefully one is a game deal with Sony so they can do more Sly and give MediEvil a revival

SweetIvy1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Personally I hope Sanzaru will do another Sly :)!

Truly Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time isn't a good game, it's a gem! It's absolutely FUNtastic, varied, has great humor and there's no letdown moment. Is great from start to finish. It's really a must-play for PS3 owners in my opinion.

This was my first Sly Cooper game and totally fall in love with all the characters (I also really love Bentley :)) and the mood!!
Their attention to detail is great and really it seems they didn't leave any stone unturned, there was nothing out of place and the world was so rich and vivid. A great experience that I totally loved and I look forward to the next Sanzaru's project, whatever it's going to be because they've really shown to have what it takes to make a great, fun and polished game!

I agree though that it would be fun to see them tackle MediEvil!

Abash1738d ago

I'd love to see a new Sly Cooper on PS4, they made the art style look so nice on PS3 and I'm sure the next game would be amazing looking on PS4. But they just have to do a MediEvil game in the future, they'd be great with the series

SweetIvy1737d ago

They really did an amazing work graphics-wise! And yep, I think both their style and humor could work great for a new MediEvil installment!

Aclay1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Yeah, I remember ol' Sir Dan, I liked the MediEvil games too. There's a bunch of other games that fall into this particular game genre I'd like to see come back with new installments like: Tomba, Jersey Devil, and Blasto from Sony -- and titles like Gex and EarthWorm Jim from 3rd party's, just loved platformers like that back in the day.

Abash1738d ago

Jersey Devil should be given another shot, the game had it's share of problems but it had a very cool universe. A reboot/remake would be pretty interesting

Aclay1738d ago

Yeah, I agree about Jersey Devil and the universe it was set in. I'd love to see it get another shot.

On a side note, I was also thinking Sony Santa Monica would be a great candidate to maybe collaborate with on making a MediEvil game with Sanzaru Games given their Hack-and-Slash Combat experience with the God of War series.

Abash1737d ago

Thats a cool idea, I'd like deeper combat but I also love the destructible weapons in the series. I know Sanzaru Games would give each weapon a level of depth where its enough to be fun to use each weapons and shields as you pick them up throughout the levels.

SilentNegotiator1738d ago

Not making a new MediEvil game for so long is criminal.

Abash1737d ago

Tell me about it, MediEvil Resurrection on PSP did not do the series justice nor even show a faction of potential a new installment could have. We need a real new MediEvil game