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Help in Skyrim

This is a way I feel that I can help fellow Skyrim players in a way I would have liked to have been helped. So I'm here to unlock the seccrets of Skyrim that I feel are hidden to some. And I would like to unlock those secrets to you, the reader.

First, I will start with how to join the Dark Brotherhood. In Oblivion, all you had to do was kill someone and then sleep. But in Skyrim, it's much different, and there are different orders of the mission, but I'll give you the basic. First, go to Windhelm where Jarl Ulfric is. Then, wander around until you either find the Arentino Residence or you hear the rumor that Aventus Arentino trying to contact the Dark Brotherhood. Once you get the mission to go talk to Aventus Arentino, you must go to his house and speak to him.

He will think you are a member of the Dark Brotherhood who has come to do his contract. Once you get the mission to go and kill "Grelod the Kind", you must travel to Riften, find Honorhall Orphanage, enter the orphanage, and then you can either kill Grelod while she is talking to the kids, or wait until she is alone. I would advise killing her when she is alone, that way you most likely won't get caught, but also because after you hear her talk to the kids, you really will start to hate and despise her, making the kill all the more guiltless and satisfying.(But when you kill Grelod, the other women, Constance I think, will start running around saying things like "Mercy, mercy!" and "I give up, I yield, I yield!", but she's not an enemy, she's just a wierdo.)

Once Grelod is dead, you must go back to Windhelm and talk to Aventus Arentino. Tell him that Grelod is dead and he will give you his Family Heirloom. But at some point, a courior should have come by and given you a note that has a handprint and the words "We Know" on it. After Aventus just says things and you can't have a conversation with him, then you must go to sleep in a bed, wether it be the one in Aventus Aretino's house, one from an Inn, or your own, it doesn't matter. When you wake up, you'll see Astrid on top of a shelf.

Basiccally, you have three people behind you who are all on their knees with their hands tied up behind their backs with an execution hood on. You are asked by Astrid to choose which one has a contract for their death. I chose the woman and the Kahjiit because they both threatened me and were both mean to me. The other guy I left alive. I came back to the Abandoned Shck and he was still there, tied up the way I last left him. So it would probably be best to kill all 3 of them. Then Astrid invites you to join her "Family"(the Dark Brotherhood) and tells you the location. It's near Falkreath if I'm not mistaken, but I'm pretty sure you can get the rest.

Next, I'll tell you how to get married. But first, you don't need a house of your own to get married. Anyways, to get married you must travel to Riften and look in either the Bee and Barb or the Temple of Mara. Look for a guy named Maramel. Talk to him and select the question at the top of the list of things to say. You don't have to listen to him speak if you don't want to.

Then, it will pop up a thing saying something related to marriage. Choose it and then he will offer you an Amulet of Mara for 200 gold. Buy it and then equip it. But in order to be able to marry someone, you first need to do a nice deed for them. I'll do an example with Ysolda in Whiterun, which is also the same person I married. For Ysolda, all you gotta do if talk to her, and in one of the conversation choices, she will say that she needs a Mammoth Tusk.

When you have one, give it to her, she'll teach you some things in Speachcraft, and a new question will be there when your talking to her. It says "Intersted in me, are you?". (But this will only be there if you are wearing the Amulet of Mara, which symbolizes that you are single and ready to mingle!) She will reply say yes and then ask you if your intersted in her, then if you say "Yes. Yes I am." then she will say it's settled and that basically you guys are getting married. Then you'll have a quest to go to Maramel to arrange the wedding.

So you travel to Riften, talk to Maramel and say "I would like to have a wedding." and then he'll tell you when it is and what time. I just waited there until the wedding started. Then he'll say some things and ask you if you will love her for now and forever, then Ysolda will say yes, then it's up to you to either rejct and cancel or say yes and be married. You can really marry anyone you want that you can ask if their interested in you. If you require more information, just go on and look up "How to get married in Skyrim" or something lke that.

If you have questions for how to do anything else I'll gladly try my hardest to figure it out and tell you. If I don't already know how, that is. I also give out tips on beating things in Skyrim like missions or creatures. Have fun with your new Dark Brotherhood membership and new wife or husband. Of course that is if you choose to do this stuff. And I would like to thank and makers of the videos that show you how to get married. But I have no one to think for how to join the Dark Brotherhood because I figured out how to do that on my own. But I'm nowhere near being the best, I just feel that I may have a few ounces of skill in this game. I hoped you liked this and I hoped it helped.

P.S. I already wrote this but people liked it. It just was left pending too long.

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UnagiMaster2033d ago

People since the whole "Bethesda hates PS3 gamers" thing have lost interest. This game has slowly but surely left the from pages. I like how you brought it all back, (for me at least). It's nice to see someone is still interested in the side quest/story(s) of the game. Personally i've done them all, and this is all explained very well.

A7XfangoDeathbat2033d ago

Why thank you. But Bethesda doesn't HATE PS3, they just simpathize for XBOX360 players because of all the money they spend. Online costs money, the controllers use batteries, so they try to give them something to be happy about. At least that's the way I see it.

thorstein2032d ago

I joined the Dark Brotherhood thinking that I could get Astrid as a wife. I earned the platinum, but thought that the spouse mechanic should have been more open.

A7XfangoDeathbat2032d ago

Yah I agree.... The range of spouses was pretty low... and btw you do know that Astrid is married to the werewolf guy right?

madjedi2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

Not to be a total ass but the dark brotherhood, i have done 3 characters and still see no point in either the thieve's guild or dark brotherhood quests.

Not a fan of murdering innocent people in video games. I do like the paltry 20,000 gold for finishing the db quests. At high lvls of crafting that is maybe 5-10 minutes if that long with the ingredients on hand.

Maybe it is useful the getting 1000/1000 or the platinum, sounds like more hassle than it's worth to me. If you have 100 enchanting, smithing and alchemy you should be to destroy any enemy you come across.

A7XfangoDeathbat2031d ago

Well sometime people just make you angry, like Nazeem in Whiterun, and you just want to kill them. Being in the Dark Brotherhood allows you to, I don't know, feel professional about it. With the Thieves Guild, you have the ability to pay off you bounty. They ae both there just to make the game more interesting.