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League of Legends: Game?

A game should be something that is fun and has a main overall plot. A goal. But does League of Legends fit the bill?

League of Legends is(in my opinion) good in the 'fun' factor. But the only goal is to destroy the enemy nexus. But does it have an end? Why do we play? To get higher in level? But again, what is the overall goal? WHY do we need to get higher in level? Is the overall goal to get to PvP? What's after that? Yet even though it may seem stupid, playing League of Legends is very repetitive but fun. Someone might play lets say a classic game. League of Legends has a way of making everytime you play that same game type over and over and over still fun. Why is that?

League of Legends keeps things interesting. You could play classic games ALL DAY and you won't get bored. This is due to the fact that variety does NOT go unused. Your team, your enemy's team, and even YOu will have a different choice. But even if everything is the same, the actions of both teams will be different. League of Legends is very fun and even has a funny acronym, LoL.

Overall, League of Legends may not have an overall goal, but thats what makes it fun. It's endless! So in my books, League of Legends is truly fun. Play today! If you need more reasons to play, read on...

First of all, League of Legends is FREE! And we all know how appealing THAT is. Second, League of Legends offers variety. A new champion is made like I think once every 2 weeks. Plus if you don't have that many champs, they always have a set of 10 champs that are free to play, and they change them every week. And if you think that just doing beginner and intermediate games is not challenging enough, they have PvP, or Player versus Player, to keep you challenged.

They have two game types: Dominion and Classic. There are also two types of 'money': IP(Influence Points) and RP(Riot Points). To get RP, you must buy an RP Card, or pay other ways, but you also get 400 FREE RP when you reach a certain level, but until that level, you can't buy Champs or other stuff. They have a large variety of champions, but they also have Skins for the champions. So let's say you bought a champ and you REALLY like them, you can buy a Skin for them with RP. Skins alter the champion's look and sometimes their walking animation, their voice, their phrases, and with a theme, sometimes everything about them(but the only Theme is for Ezreal). To learn more, just learn it yourself by downloading it and playing it!

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Vettur2038d ago

Well, if you look at old board games, they didn't really have that much story. They were still games. A video game is by definition an eletrical game, and as i've allready said, board games didn't have any story, and was just about having fun and winning. I think this is pretty much what league of legends is about too ;)

A7XfangoDeathbat2037d ago

I see what your saying. Very agreeable. And I DID say game, not video game, so yes, your right.

Vettur2037d ago

But I still see your point. Games have evolved into something more than it was before, and league of legends have gone back to the original way, but it's still a lot of fun ;)

carlyanie2033d ago

After a game of league of legends, My game completely shuts down and I have to re log in without receiving my scoreboard.