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Pokemon.... Could It Get Any Better?

Pokemon is a handheld legend. But what about a system? Think: a game like Pokemon Rumble Blast, except on PS3. Even better, a game of weapon combat. Like my other blog, Why Not Go Bigger?, this is another game idea. It explores whole new sides of a story, with just Pokemon, no trainers. Enjoy!

First, you would start out with the Kanto region. You could choose from one of the three starters.

Squirtle uses a ShellShield (which is basically a shield with the design of Squirtle's shell), and a ShellMace(a ShellMace is basically a stick with what looks like four shells surrounding the end in a shape like a point-tip oval).

Charmander uses two CharredSwords(CharredSwords are just like a handle with a curved crossguard and the blade is like a fire in a blade form but the flames were captured in a red glass-like blade).

Bulbasaur uses on each side of the bulb two VineWhips(which is just the move VineWhip except the tip is sharp and instead of going back in, they just stay there).

They all still have levels and they still evolve at 16 and then at 36. But when the Pokemon evolve, so does their weapons. And as a heads-up, a longsword is a full-sized one-handed weapon(usually ranging from three to four feet long, so lets just say three-and-a-half feet) and a claymore is a huge two-handed weapon(lets just say five-and-a-half feet long), and a dagger is just like a long knife used usually to protect one in combat(lets just say about a foot long). And the reason the change from second to last evolution is so big is because the Pokemon change is so big in the last evolution.

Squirtle's ShellShield will grow bigger each time evolution occurs. In the first evolution, the ShellMace will grow small spikes in the middle of each fourth of the end of the ShellMace on the end of its solid bar(which is the same color tan as the shell on Squirtle's back) called the stick, and the ShellMace will cause minor water damage. In the last evolution, the ShellMace will contain four large spikes running across the middle of each shell piece from bottom to top, a large spike at the tip, and on every shell piece, on bothe sides of the large line of spikes are eight small spikes running along from bottom to the top. It now causes major water damage.

Charmander's CharredSwords grow from dagger to longsword in the first evolution. The new CharredSwords have four small spread-out spikes on the cutting side and cause minor fire damage. Then, the final evolution causes the CharredSwords become claymores, and they have eight large spikes on the cutting side. They now cause major fire damage.

Bulbasaur's first evolution causes the tips of the VineWhips to become maces like the ShellMace, but this mace is green and doesn't have segments(the maces still have sticks, just shorter, like one foot), and it causes minor poison damage. The third evolution makes the tip an axe(the axe is like a line out and slightly curves down, its basically an iron war axe in Skyrim, except with no stick and its bigger) and it causes major poison damage.

Blastoise can swim in water. Charizard can swim in lava. Venusaur can swim in poison.

The basic idea is to ascape an island that is being destroyed by the element of the Pokemon you choose. But the other Pokemon on the island are turned evil. So now you fight Pokemon that get stronger farther in. The first Pokemon you face are Pidgey, Rattata, Weedle, Carerpie, Farfech'd, Spearow, Magikarp, and Bellsprout. Then, Kakuna and Metapod. Then Beedrill and Butterfree. Then Pidgeotto and Weepinbell. Then Raticate and Ponyta. Then Onix, Diglet, Grimer, Koffing, Horsea, Ekans, Krabby, Tentacool, Slowpoke, and Dratini. Then Dragonair, Pidgeot, Dugtrio, Muk, Arbok, Rapidash, and Seadra. Then Kingler, Slowbro, Weezing, and Tentacruel. Then Fearow, Gyarados, and Rhyhorn. Then Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.

After the legendary Pokemon, you beat the level and escape the island. Then, you can redo the level but with the ability to CREATE a pokemon to use, or just go to the Johto region.

If you want to know more, ask in a comment. And please tell if you would buy it if you like this. If so, I'll tell about the Johto region part of the game.

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Blastoise2255d ago

Im confused man
so let me get this straight, you choose a starter(which now has a weapon..) fight your way through apparently evil pokemon in missions(?)and eventually escape the island. I dont get it, why are you trying to escape the island?
Why are the pokemon evil?
why are pokemon now using weapons & what do you actually DO in the game? Bare in mind I haven't played pokemon rumble blast...

SteamFrostedEgg2255d ago

"Squirtle's ShellShield will grow bigger each time evolution occurs"
"Charmander's CharredSwords grow from dagger to longsword in the first evolution"

I couldn't stop laughing!

SteamFrostedEgg2255d ago

Why would it be on the 360/PS3, it's one of Nintendo's biggest games.

If I wanted a new Pokemon game, it would have to be full 3D on the Wii U. Colosseum was the closest we have got to, we need pocket monsters on the big screen!

Hopefully the Wii U will give us the full Pokemon RPG fans have been dying for.

theEx1Le2254d ago

Gale of Darkness > all pokemon games. Hard to get a hold of now but worth it for a fan.

TopDudeMan2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

They need to let you keep 5 different attacks. 4 isn't enough anymore. They also should let you customise your character's clothes (You're gonna be playing as them for around 100 hours, so why not?). And do away with HMs and replace them with items so I don't need to teach my pokemon pointless moves to progress with the game. I know that's what everyone asks for in the next pokemon game, but the games badly need them.

PS; your idea is stupid and for that reason, I'm out. (Mind you, I hope you were joking the entire way through, though)

bwazy2254d ago

Well this tops the amount of stupidity I can take it one day, I better go back to bed.

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The story is too old to be commented.