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Hopefully More Surprises For Tales

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Pretty much everyone has probably gotten wind of Tales of Xillia, Namco Bandai's newest addition to its beloved Tales of Series RPGs.

At first, I have to be honest, I thought I would be indifferent about this game. With the recent barrage of new Tales games coming our way, I have to admit that I've become a bit tired of it all. Tales of Graces F gave me the hype, for sure, but that was mainly because I was looking forward to conclusions regarding some parts in the main ToG story that I demanded answers to (and thank the Heavens, Namdai was able to deliver this quite gracefully). But with regards to the other new games, like Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3, the hype just wasn't there.

Right now, however, the hype for both RM3 and ToX is back in full swing, but all for the wrong reasons, I'm afraid.

My hype for RM3 was lit up mainly due to the opening theme, which, upon hearing just a few seconds of it, made me love it instantly. The fan service of including so many Tales characters didn't really excite me as much as I thought it would. The recent news that it will be the last game of the Radiant Mythology series? Maybe, but not at a substantial amount.

I'm looking forward to ToX mainly because of the two main characters' back story. Jude, aspiring to be a doctor, intrigued me because that's what my life is currently about right now. Mira fascinated me with her cool atmosphere, an unapparent cute side (she's a natural airhead, as some info say) and her claiming to be the spirit Maxwell herself. The feature of choosing a protagonist's story to go with at the game's beginning sounded fun, but definitely not "new". Aside from that, having Ayumi Hamasaki sing the main theme made me very, very ecstatic... All those plus the fact Mira is much older and taller than Jude, which I find somewhat adorable.

But when it comes to all the other elements of the game? I was just "meh". The graphics, though there is an improvement, just reminded me of ToV's or ToG's. Though the characters now show better facial expressions, it was something Namdai has been hoping for anyway, as stated in a previous interview.

Long story short, I wish Namdai would think up of more surprises for its loyal fans of the Tales of Series. It just goes to show that no matter how much you love a particular game series, if it does not develop, if it does not "evolve", then its fans will also feel a sense of stagnancy. This is the same for localizations. Right now, most Tales fans have already lost all hope of ever seeing a Tales game reach the west, and it's not their fault. I, too, have lost all hope for it to happen. So right now, Namdai, announcing a localization would be a big slap in the face, and I mean that in a good way.

Namdai, isn't it about time you surprised us all? Just saying.

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xXxSeTTriPxXx2644d ago

"Long story short, I wish Namdai would think up of more surprises for its loyal fans of the Tales of Series"

yeah, like releasing them in the states lmao.until then, i don't care.