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Preparing for the next generation!

Do you think you just have to buy a PS4 or Xbox 720 to enjoy the next generation of gaming to its fullest? Well that might not be so simple.

Lets start out with the HDMI. HDMI is the connector that the next generation consoles will have. It is very common today and all HD tv:s and most graphics cards has this port. The problem is however, if you bought a Full HD-TV (1920x1080 resolution) a few years ago it might not be fully ready for the next generation. And here’s why.

The HDMI standards change relatively often. Now there aren’t many 4K tv:s on the market yet, so I don’t see that as something that a lot of people will have at the time of the launch of the next gen consoles. But your normal HDMI cables (1.3, 1.3a etc.) does not support a 4K resolution. Why should you care then? Well if your TV has a HDMI 1.4 standard enabled then you can have 3D and 4K video. You will also be able to connect to internet through your HDMI cable, however make sure that your TV supports that feature if you plan on buying a new TV for the next gen consoles, and we don’t know if the next gen consoles supports it either, but we will get more info on that as time goes.

One other thing, except for having an HD TV, is crucial to get the best experience from these upcoming beasts. How many of you out there connect wirelessly with your ps3 or Xbox 360 to your home network? Well if you do, here is what you need to know.

The Xbox 360 and PS3 operates on the “b” or “g” standard of wireless communications. To simplify, these standards stands for how high the data-transfer rates can get meaning how fast you can download games etc. Not that complicated huh?

But, and this is a HUGE BUT (its only one t here mind you), did you also know that if you connect to a wireless network with a b/g enabled device and then with a b/g/n enabled device, the speeds of the network will adapt to the fastest common standard, in this case the “g” standard. Click the link below for more info on the standards.

If you plan on using your current-gen console wirelessly, or any other ”older” wireless device together with one or both of the next-gen consoles, then keep this in mind. You may want to invest money in a wireless router with so called “dual-band” technology which means that you can connect your older wireless devices to a separate channel so that they don’t interfere with the newer ones.

These are actually the only concerns I could find that many people may not know about, especially the wireless part. Please fill in with your own comments below! Cheers!

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you do know the xbox slim comes with (n)wifi..