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What exactly is a fanboy?

-X- | 1430d ago
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On N4G their have been SO much trash talk about who is a fanboy, and whose console is better. Not only on N4G, but pretty much every gaming website. (Although N4G is the best example of fanboyism, because its glaringly obvious). I thought I knew what the meaning of fanboy meant, but I have seen so many comments that use the word fanboy that I barley know what it means anymore.

When I first found N4G I thought the meaning of fanboy meant someone who is loyal to a franchise, and I still think that. With that definition in mind I think I am a PlayStation (or SCE) fanboy. The reason I didn't say Sony fanboy is because I don't think I'm loyal enough. I only have 2 Sony products, and those are the PS3, and the PSP. I consider myself a PlayStation fanboy, because I trust the games they make, and I defend the company when somebody says something bad about them. If they have some opinions that they can back up i'll except it. If they have facts about it I will except that. I DON'T REPLY WITH AN IGNORANT RESPONSE. Which brings me to my next point.

Some people here think a that the meaning of fanboy is someone who spouts ignorant nonsense, and backs up their company by any means necessary. Personally I don't agree with this meaning. I will say it again that I think that I am a PlayStation fanboy, and when I see people bashing on a person's comment, because it was ignorant, and calls him/her a fanboy I think "Whoa hold on not all PlayStation fanboys are like that."

Some people just think that being a fanboy means just taking agreeing or defending a company. Like when someone says "I don't think Halo: Reach deserved a 10/10" that person gets labeled as a "Sony fanboy". Same thing when someone says "Uncharted 2 isn't the best game this generation" that person gets labled as a "Microsoft fanboy". Seriously not everybody thinks the same, and have the same preferences.

What I'm trying to say is that I think that nowadays the term fanboy is used way to loosely. So loosely that i'm staring to forget the meaning of it. People call each other fanboys left and right like how they eat, and sleep. They don't like Gears Of War...FANBOY! They don't like Killzone...FANBOY! He doesn't like Mario...FANBOY. Well thats what i'm trying to say is STOP BEING SO DEFENSIVE, AND CALM DOWN. JUST BECAUSE THEY DON'T AGREE WITH YOU DOESN'T MEAN THEIR A FANBOY! IN FACT YOUR A FANBOY, BECAUSE YOUR ACCUSING THEM OF BEING A FANBOY.

P.S. If you comment answer the title. What exactly is a fanboy?

Jinxstar  +   1430d ago
It's just rivalry. Thats all that being a fanboy is because you believe so strongly in something that you find people who don't share your opinion to be ignorant and lame...


Arsenal vs Man U
Star Wars vs Star Trek
Marvel vs DC
Ravens vs Steelers
Ford vs Chevy
MS vs Sony
Bud vs Coors

Some people take it very extreme and will argue to the death about things. Take religion for example. We as gamers have an outlet unlike many others though because as the 1st rule of the internet states

A Normal person who is given annonimity + Audience = Total Flaming Douche Bag....

Truth is I disagree with many people on here regularly but I bet if I met them in real life I might give them a little crap for liking X or Y console but would gladly sit down with them and play some Super Street Fighter 4 and have a few beers before going mini golfing or something eh?

Fanboys are just that. Some take it "too far" some just like getting to others and some still don't know when to quit. Enjoy your games and pity those who are lesser beings for liking the other side even when their arguments are all dried out ;)
WildArmed  +   1430d ago
"Truth is I disagree with many people on here regularly but I bet if I met them in real life I might give them a little crap for liking X or Y console but would gladly sit down with them and play some Super Street Fighter 4 and have a few beers before going mini golfing or something eh? "

Haha, excatly.
I'm quite eager to disagree while I'm on N4G.
But IRL, most of us are quite different people.
I mean, who the hell wants to dwell on who did what to whom IRL. Rather go and play something or just have a beer and chill.
i'd hardly dwell on the fact that my bud here thinks Wii is the bestest gaming platform in the world.
I'll be like.. cool. Now lets chill, i'm fine w/ w/e ur opinoin is.

I think that the internet alienates us ENOUGH to treat people you meet online quite differently.

The odds are if you met the same person IRL you were just bashing on a minute ago, you'd react to him quite differently even though he repeated what he said in his comment on N4G
(assuming you dont know who he is).
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dirtydbz  +   1429d ago
I don't think one fanboy read this article but I will put it mor simply than these other poster's have put it
fanboys will support what ever they are fanboy's about to a fault honestly I am a geek but life is too dam short to suporrt anything that miniscule that way
games and entertainment are about fun and so what if it aint fun for you someone likes it otherwise it wouldn't be popular
live and let live
and have fun
WLPowell  +   1429d ago
If hearing "too many" positive things about a certain console upsets you, you're a fanboy.
darkpower  +   1428d ago

Because we all KNOW "too many positive things" are always "LEGIT positive things", and they are never giving anyone the proverbial "free pass"!

BillOreilly  +   1428d ago
its ok too support a console or defend one but if you cant fathom that people might enjoy something else your not a fanboy your an idiot. I defend the 360 all the time because i love alot of the games. It has alot of games like divinity 2, magna carta 2, lost odessey exc that get no love. I think it gets hated on for no reason but i also love the playstation and many of its games. I dont worship any corperation becasuse they are after one thing, profits. Its easy to disagree or get into it with people here but i bet we would all get along great if we had a n4g online day to pawn each other. Whatever you play were all here because we like to play.
deanm  +   1428d ago
I prefer to be platform agnostic.. isn't it about the gameplay? and not the gear?
TheBalloMan  +   1428d ago
I always get called a fanboy because I hate the xbox... but I don't think that makes me a fanboy, does it? I don't like them because of the way they play the market, and they have disappointed me a lot in the past. I have a PS3 and a Wii,m and I play my Wii more than my PS3 most days - so am I a PS3 fanboy because I dislike Xbox? Something needs to be done about this slant view on the term "fanboy" lol
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jaamim  +   1424d ago
yeah well ps3 is really cool i have one
i think the only reason xbox360 got popular was becouse of halo i mean dude in the xbox comercials dont they always say it comes with halo i mean dude cmon really dats retarded and xbox ppl say its becouse of call of duty or modern warfare NOOOO that dosent count becouse ps3 HAS those games soooooooooooooo freaken xbox SUCKS!!! and you have to pay for LIVE or internet uhhh like $20 a month or something guess how much ps cost ZIP FREE NADA dude PLAYSTATION3 if freaken better than XBOX360 and XBOX ppl now that to so i dont evev have to explain my self becouse ima ps3 dude
jaamim  +   1424d ago
sorry they do always have halo in da xbox commercials

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