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'True Next-Gen' Is a Farce

925d ago ... Before I begin this blog, should I preface with "inb4 rabid fanboys disregard blog content and only read title?" And also with "inb4 OP can't inb4?" Thankfully, now that I've gotten that out of the way, I feel the need to speak my mind on this matter in a place where I cannot be given 200 disagrees by rabid fanboys and bubbled down into oblivion with my opinion being hidden due to the hive-m...

"No Name" Reviewers: More Credible than "Big Name" Sites

1027d ago ... There, I said it. The no-name little reviewers that people only hear about when they give big games bad scores are much more credible than the big review sites out there. I'm sure many of you are reading that title and that first sentence and you must be thinking I am insane, or a crazy fan boy that has an agenda against so called "Triple A Exclusives". But in light of the recent Halo 4 review...

The End of an Era

1102d ago ... December 2012, a date the Mayans have forseen. The impending destruction of the world? No, the end of Nintendo Power. The end of an era. Nintendo Power has been loyally sending out their monthly subscriptions since July 1988, and though the quality of the magazine has diminished in recent years (not to mention the thickness of it), it will still leave such a stinging pain in my chest to know th...
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