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"Always working on something..."

What is a "Nintendo fan"?

950d ago ... I'm not the one to indulge myself in the matters of fanboyism or console favoritism, but a comment on a particular news article yesterday challenged my identity and made me reconsider what I stand for. What that comment was, you may ask? "ZombiU was never going to be successful being exclusive to Wii U because many Nintendo fans aren't into those kind of games" This blog is not only a res...

Is the quality of games declining?

1026d ago ... I recently finished Bioshock Infinite and I can honestly say it disappointed me. It just didn't feel like the game Levine was making it out to be. Sure, the story and atmosphere are amazing, but there was one very important element that left a sour taste in my mouth. What's that, you ask? The actual gameplay... I figured I was perhaps the only one to feel like this, so I discussed it with a...

The Fanboy explained!

2656d ago ... Fanboys explained in a short, but I hope entertaining way!
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