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What's with the broken games? (Petition)

1441d ago ... I've been enjoying gaming for a very long time, since 1996 to be exact, that's the year I first played my Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the first game I played on it? Super Metroid, god how I still love that game, and even though I've came through many glitches on the games I've played, I still enjoyed them, but then we have the game-breakers, read on to understand my prospective....

Please DELETE!


My opinion on this PSN downtime and what I've realized during it.

1679d ago ... Hey guys. Now, during this PSN downtime I've come to realise something, people are too reliant upon gaming and multiplayer in general, you shouldn't have to jump on a game and talk to people on it to socialise, you should be outside enjoying the nice day you might have (That is assuming it's not cold) and be enjoying kicking a ball around with mates and just having an all around good time, i...

Months on... Has Move or Kinect made an Impact?

1744d ago ... Frankly, I'd say No. I myself own both Move and Kinect, and from what I've experienced, it cannot make much of an impact when developers aren't using it in their games, but why aren't they using it? Simple, People can't afford to fork out another $200 Dollars for Kinect or Move (Yes, I realize the price isn't exact..), but I'd assume everyone has realized that by now, so the question on e...

Gaming and the direction it's going..

1787d ago ... Hey guys, this is my first blog post, so don't be mad if I make a few mistakes =D I've noticed that gaming appears to be going in the direction a lot of things have been going in lately, the way of Copying.. In the beginning gaming was about ideas and innovation, well.. Not anymore, gaming is becoming more about quantity and less about quality, Money is all that appeals to people these da...
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