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Gaming: Its Like Crack

1920d ago ... If you are like me and you've always got your game news I.V. hooked to N4G then im sure you got a whiff of the news from the UK that a study claims 2 hours of playing video games is the same as doing a line of cocaine. So i read the article off CVG: http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=248273 One of my favorite quotes is counsellor and therapist Steve Pope telling a UK (thats...

Red "Dead" Multiplayer

1923d ago ... What is up with Red Dead Redemptions multiplayer and why isnt there a larger outcry for a fix of it? I know Rockstar claims they have put a patch out to fix it and yes some things have been fixed (so ive heard)... i say so ive heard because i cant even play the multiplayer right now because all that happens is i get booted out. It is incredibly frustrating to see that fricking "Being sent back...

RRoD: Its that time of the month again!

2652d ago ... I got the RRoD... uhhh... thats about it. Read on if you wish... no axe that. Read on at your own risk!

A Gamer's Daily Struggle

2656d ago ... I work to buy games, but i cant play the games as much as id like cause im working.

The Growing Importance of Demo's

2662d ago ... Demos are quickly changing the way we the people see games and the way that companies market them.

Why I love Xbox

2663d ago ... xTHRASHx, an Xbox fanboy, talks about why he loves Xbox 360.
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