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"being black..."

XBOX 360 Users who want a PS3 PART 2

2494d ago ... Part 2, people who were intrigued by the method I wrote down in my last blog. Well if you are not sure of it, I'll be doing this myself to show you just how good this method is. Tired of error codes? limited space or ring of deaths and want a PS3? Well read this blog Fanboys are not welcome and please only comment if you have a question about this method.

Xbox 360 users who wants a PS3

2505d ago ... For users who currently own an Xbox 360 and want a PS3, however they can't afford it. Demon Soul, KillZone 2, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Flower etc All these greats games you want to try out. I've written this to explain how to get a PS3 now and get a 360 later. The 360 is pure CHEAP, 160gb only cost 160 pound at, yet I paid 230 pound for a 20gb version.
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