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"Peace has cost you your strength. Victory had defeated you."


1037d ago ... So I just beat Arkham City, am currently working through the remainder of the Riddler challenges and I have been on a hard Batman kick since mid March. Picked up Dark Knight Rises and thought it was awesome I gotta re-watch Dark Knight because I don't want to unfairly judge the Joker but the Bane voice was really cool. And I've been watching all the Batman stuff I can on netflix. I starting wat...

Top 5 Franchises of the Gen

1043d ago ... We all know by now that the PS4 is coming next holiday season and the next XBOX is probably going to be announced at the upcoming E3. That and I have no idea what gen the WIIU is in if any of you do fill me in. So with the end of this gen fast approaching I propose to you the reader what I think were the five most important gaming franchises that really made the gen. I use the word important no...
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