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"That's it... good... no need for you to go just yet"

The great resolution-gate hypocrisy

591d ago ... Disclaimer: Before I say my piece and get torn by either side, I come from a neutral gaming background owning every system I could coax from my parents/afford by myself. There always have been and there always will be small but vocal groups of fanbases who will mercilessly defend their favoured platform even when it's neither in their intetests as a consumer or backed by any sense or logic....

My Eurogamer Expo 2013 Experience

737d ago ... I've never been to London, I've never been to an expo before and next gen is right around the corner... so i thought, what better time to kill 2 birds with 1 stone? I took a flight from sunny old Glasgow down to London, spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday there, played a whole bunch of games, took myself to the brink of bankruptcy on merchandise and had a great time doing so. This is my...

What truly defines "Next Gen" and why it may not be what people expect it to be.

944d ago ... With a fairly in depth reveal of Sony's Playstation 4 console recently, and the all but certain reveal of Microsoft's rival next gen console due to be shown in April, the topic of "next generation" gaming is well and truly at a head. With gamers and tech geeks alike climbing the walls in anticipation for full reveals at E3 and inevitable Christmas launch windows when we can finally get our hand...

Why are we creating a "Doom and Gloom" gaming culture for ourselves?

1024d ago ... I've been a member here at N4G for more than 2 years now and been a visitor before that too. But never in my time here have i seen such pessimism, knee jerk criticism of games and of the industry in general as i have in the past few years. Gaming is an escape from our often boring normal lives, they are windows into other worlds that put us into the shoes of adventurers and sports stars and...

Why graphics SHOULDN'T be the "be all and end all" of Next Gen consoles.

1026d ago ... With all the build up and hype around how plausible "leaked" next gen tech plans, X amount of RAM, using X GPU etc. Discussions and comment sections almost always recede into resolution comparisons and how many FPS a game runs at. Strictly speaking, "Next Gen" graphics are already here on beast gaming PC's of $1000 and above, and those specs increase at will, there are no gens in terms of PC...
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