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Can Bungie Make Anything Other Than Halo?

2087d ago ... Ever since the launch and success of Halo Bungie have been sitting on a gold mine. They made such a fantastic game they have been since living on the success of the original title. Each title after it has been a shadow of the original game and since the first game Bungie hasn't made anything non Halo. So the question is can Bungie make anything other than Halo? Probably.. So the real question i...

Popular Games & Are They Really That Good?

2115d ago ... The thing about games like COD MW2 that bugs me is most people don't buy it for the rave reviews they don't even buy it for the great graphics or storyline (hell since they sell so much on day of release you have no idea if the story-lines gonna be good). They buy for 1 main reason because they know fine well their friend is gonna buy it it's a rule of thumb if you stick with a series like Call...
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