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Games Are Awesome

1660d ago ... That is all...

A small statement.....

1665d ago ... I love video games.... that is all.

The Most Revolutionary Gameplay Aspects to Fighting Games

1665d ago ... The most basic form of any fighting game ever made is the concept of two fighters pitted against each other, using similar tools at their disposal, battling for victory. This basic concept can be compared to another game like chess, where the skill of the players, not the tools, decides who is the victor and who suffers defeat. Over the course of time, the different abilities and moves that are...

A Look At RPGs : The Ever Changing Role Playing Game

1665d ago ... Role-playing games, or RPGs, are games that have us, the players, take on a particular part of a story and it’s events. Most of the time, many of us want to become the hero that saves a world from it’s dark possible future. And yet, at the same time, there are some of us who would guise ourselves into a form who’s goal is to see a world’s destruction. No matter the type of persona we take, the...

On Gaming Consoles....

1674d ago ... Buying consoles is extremely expensive. But we love games a lot, so its a small price to pay.
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