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"I don't mean to impose, but I am the ocean."

Why the world needs an MMO like Dark Souls

1171d ago ... MMOARPOWG, or, Massively Multiplayer Online Action Role-Playing Open World Game for short, could be a breath of fresh air the MMO community needs. Technical aspects aside, imagine an MMO where the idea of killing each individual monster and/or player requires skill. A semi-ruthless world where instead of mapping abilities to an action bar, your knowledge and commitment would determine to what...

Hay guise, what's trending?

1647d ago ... N4G article trends. Love them, hate them, you're rear end is still being stuck up in the air. If you're wondering who the beautiful gent is accompanying this blog, it's Gucci Mane, and Gucci being trendy (or not, I'm not a woman or metrosexual) is a sort of reference to the motif. I digress, I'm here to offer my 2 cents on what's trending and the idea of trending articles. Let's start wit...

Flaming fanboy (f)hypocrites

1946d ago ... One thing that is most obvious while calling the opposite a fanboy is how obvious it becomes that they are just a fanboy of the opposite side. Things like, "you're a stupid sony fanboy," or "you're a stupid M$ fanboy" are so transparent you can see that the attacking side has taken a shine to the opposite of what they are attacking to begin with. All the petty arguments from side to side ha...
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