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PSVita - Sony have got it so wrong

1091d ago ... First of all, I own a Vita and I see immense potential in it but currently the Vita has been a disaster - let's just get that out in the open now. A disaster refers to the ongoing support shown to Vita and a significant amount of poor foresight in how the Vita should operate. I am NOT a Vita hater. Again, I own one and it COULD be a big fixture in gaming and I really want to see that pot...

PS Welcome Back Package & Early Adopters - Incompatible?

1538d ago ... So we have the welcome back page to look forward to. 5 PS3 games that have received critical acclaim and we get to choose 2 of them! We should be happy right? Well if you're an early adopter, no. Dead Nation the only game being offered that is less than 12 months old, whereas the other 4 games are at least 2 years old. The Welcome back package shows very little risk on Sony's part but als...

Digital Distribution - Why physical media should stick around

1563d ago ... So firstly I'm a fan of digital distribution, it is a great concept. Buy the product, download it then enjoy it. I'm set up just fine to use it, decent internet speed, reasonable storage etc. So the question is why would I want discs? The answer is not for me for for a number of reasons that affect more people than we imagine. 1. Internet Access: Whilst I have unlimited internet access,...

The iPhone is dominant despite not being a good "phone".

2218d ago ... A look into how the competition must feel while trying to chase the iPhone

The death of HD-DVD - Who is responsible?

2695d ago ... A theory of the demise of HD-DVD

The blocking of Manhunt 2 is proof of ignorance

2956d ago ... This is a discourse on the the flawed logic behind the blocking and negative publicity of Manhunt 2
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