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Dear Sony: greedy isn't cool

627d ago ... My beef today is with my favorite console manufacturer. Or at least they were my favorite during the PS3 era. I feel let down. I feel like I bought a Porsche... but its not a well-made Porsche. That's not cool. My DS4 controller thumbstick rubber is wearing thin. It's even beginning to tear on the left stick. The battery runs dry after what seems like about 2 nights of play. The but...

Game Development truths (interpreting next gen rumors correctly)

983d ago ... Some truths about game development, that should help discern facts from fiction, in "next gen might be this!" stories here on N4G: --- Game development requires debugging, which entails the use of a debugger -- a program which "watches" a program as it executes, and allows a developer (engineer) to observe issues. Debuggers often require very large amounts of memory, to do their work, and...

Next gen consoles: 3rd party economics Fight!

1184d ago ... It is indisputable that the current console generation has been dominated, at least in terms of hardware numbers, by the Nintendo Wii. Industry analysts have gone over the "why" of the rise of the Wii many times over, but to re-iterate here, for clarity: * The Nintendo Wii has been the lowest price console, by a significant margin, for the entire generation, and appeals directly to parents...

Ulf's Make-A-NextGen-Console-From-PC-parts survey

1565d ago ... Ulf blog Rule #1) No whining allowed. Just post your rig, and have fun making it. Tell us why you chose the components you did, and why your console beats the socks off everybody elses. Ulf blog Rule #2) Follow the rig-making rules. The rules are as follows ======================== CPU + GPU, Power usage: Under 180W (don't include other components, assume the rest of the power supp...
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