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"Who would have thought friendship was such a strong weapon?"

What's a REAL Gamer?

938d ago ... The term “Gamer” has various definitions in the gaming community. These definitions usually have requirements. The term gamer as defined by Dictionary.com is “A person who plays computer games or participates in a role-playing game.” That’s it! It’s a person who plays games. So why is it that we gamers instill requirements onto people to consider them real gamers? “You only play are Madde...

Series Consistency and Fan Expectations

1025d ago ... This blog was brought about thanks to Resident Evil 6. I’m not going to talk about how bad or good the game is, but I’m going to talk about series consistency, fan expectations, and reactions from fans of a series. I’m a casual Resident Evil fan and I do agree with many RE fans that RE6 does not feel like a REAL RE game. A lot of people say that RE4 was where things started to go downhill. I d...

Cash Shops and MMOs and...Pokemon?

1029d ago ... Let me give you guys a quick back story on my experiences with Massively Multiplayer Online games (MMOS). I never had a powerful computer growing up (I’m a 90s kid, Go Go Power Rangers!). I wasn’t at all a PC gamer and grew up with consoles. My very first MMO experience came on the Sega Dreamcast with Phantasy Star Online. Using that 56k modem to log on and interact with other players was somet...
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